green lantern secret origin

My favorite stories

Sinestro Corps War
Green Lantern Rebirth
Green Lantern secret files & origins Flight.
Green Lantern vol4 29~35 secret origin
Wonder Woman Spirit of truth
Identity Crisis
Kingdom Come
Forever Evil
Convergence Parallax-Green Lantern
War of the Green Lanterns
Green Lantern vol3 100~106 emerald knights
Flashpoint Hal Jordan
Superman secret identity
New52 Green Lantern 20
Green Lantern vol3 Story about yellow ring and Nero including the power of Ion
JLA 47~54 divided we fall
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth 1
Blackest Night
Justice League Darkseid War Green Lantern
All-Star Superman
New52 Action Comics write by Grant Morrison part
Superman American Alien

For now.


A while ago, I picked up this giant sized “JLA: Secret Origins” by Alex Ross and Paul Dini book in Tucson. The art is exquisitely done by the great Alex Ross and it really captures the lore and imagination of the Justice League that I loved as a kid. As far as secret origins are concerned, I feel like DC does a new one every couple of years. But that’s okay. The reimagining of timeless archetypes is a good way to remind us of the beauty of these stories. After all, we are standing on the shoulders of giants.