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Ravaged by war, the Green Lantern Corps works to rebuild itself following its battle against Krona. Hal remains under careful watch of the Guardians, the beings now declaring him the most dangerous Green Lantern. Simply because the war has ended and Krona has been dispatched, though, doesn’t mean the lives of the Lanterns take on a semblance of normalcy. As lost Lanterns begin reappearing while others are disappearing, it becomes apparent that the war may in fact be far from over.

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Diana Prince is a Goddamn Dork™ headcanons

1. When she’s going from the top of a building to the ground floor, she never takes the stairs, or the elevator. No, she jumps, and lands with a MASSIVE smile on her face.

2. Will occasionally use her lasso to swing from things and pretend to be Batman.

3. Switches languages mid-sentence whenever she’s talking to Billy, just to see if he can keep up. He always can.

4. Whenever a group of children starts playing near her, she automatically and without fail joins the game. Parents have stories of the time they met Wonder Woman patiently listening to their children explain the rules of freeze tag.

5. Is well aware that she is the only woman that Hal Jordan finds too intimidating to flirt with, so she aggressively flirts with him instead just to watch him get flustered.

6. Worst puns in the Justice League. In 600 languages.

7. Makes frequent “when I was your age” jokes that refer to ancient historical events that she could not possibly have been there for.

8. Curates multiple fandom blogs on subjects as diverse as Greek tragedy, Star Wars, anime, and board games. Spends her monitor duty updating those blogs instead of working because “Athena will tell me if anything happens.”

9. Anytime a mythological figure is mentioned, no matter from what mythology or whether they’re real or not, responds, “oh yeah, they owe me money.”

10. Keeps stealing Bruce’s planes, because they all have cloaking technology that renders them near-invisible and she claims she “couldn’t tell the difference.”

I’m going to be collaborating with @chromapulse on some of these from now on, so if you’re enjoying this you should watch their blog too.