green lantern cops


Ion falls: from Green Lantern Corps #18

My favorite issue of the Sinestro Corps War arc.  Ion and Superboy Prime’s fight has got to be one of the most brutal things I have ever seen in comics.  Patrick Gleason, I would marry you.


done in a flash….not really ,

taking longer than lantern


The Green Lantern ring is the most infinitely dynamic and amazing weapon/power in all of comics because it can create ANYTHING you envision.  Imagine such a thing on the hand of a wildly creative and inventive person.  I don’t think it’s being used to its full potential by “space cops” who are just enforcing laws.  Instead, I always imagined some kind of ultimate GL who had no connection to the Corps who was less a space cop and more like a space warlock.  He or she could alter the shape of time, rearrange the fabric of reality itself and create, destroy, and re-create entire universes out of thin air.  Instead, we get Hal punching an alien with a giant green boxing glove.  I feel cheated.