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Richey Edwards and James Dean Bradfield Belga Beach Festival (1992)

Green is the Colour


Clara Velvet Collar Check Dress ℅ Joanie Clothing ✶ Tabbisocks Snowflakes Textile Knee Socks ✶ Vintage Velvet Beret via Fabgabs on EtsyBrit Stitch Half Pint Leather Satchel ASOS Suede Clogs

I’d been admiring all the cute and elegant offerings from Joanie Clothing for the past few months, ever since I saw their pieces on Em of Terrible Tumbles but this is the first time I tried on anything by them. I might be a little bit in love! Vintage clothing has forever been my jam, but plus size vintage clothes are hard to get hold of, especially from the pre-80s era. Which is why I always appreciate it when contemporary pieces somehow capture the feel of vintage without going overboard - like this green plaid dress from Joanie Clothing. I mean, look, it has a velvet collar and pockets! 

While plus size fashion is a lot more diverse now in terms of aesthetic than it was even 3 or 4 years ago, I still find that there’s a lack of cute, classic pieces. Stuff that’s simply cut with attention to detail and a general air of vintage. The Clara velvet collar dress ticks all those boxes. I sized upto the 20 as I wanted it to hang a little loosely on me, but it’s not necessary! The dress is quite roomy and the fabric is the stretchy, woolly, flannelly (not a real word) kind. 

I completed the outfit with a vintage velvet beret to offset the velvet collar, my favourite new pair of knee socks from Tabbisocks, low heel leather clogs, and my Brit Stitch satchel to match the red on my ankles. (Sticking quite doggedly to the fifth item rule, apparently!)

All photos by Shutter Diaries, Bangalore.

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  • Ed: yeah my last relationship ended pretty badly
  • Jon: -grunts in acknowledgment-
  • Ed: turns out, she only loved me for my socks
  • Jon: ...
  • Jon: what
  • Ed: -puts his foot on the table and rolls up his pant leg, revealing a plain, green, knee high sock-
  • Jon: okay...?
  • Ed: -smirks, neon green question marks alight on the socks-
  • Jon: lord grant me the strength...
Hot Leather

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Chronologically follows “Bug Out,” which I posted earlier this evening.  It can stand on its own, but if you want to read in order, catch that one first.

Marinette smiled as she finished the last little bit of embroidery on the chestplate.  Striking green on black for her Kitty.

“How’s it coming, Marinette?” Tikki asked, floating over to see.  "Ooooh.  How much do you think he’s going to blush?“

"Blushing isn’t the goal, Tikki.”  She giggled a little.

“Oh really?” the little red being asked.  "What is?“

"Rendering him speechless,” Marinette said as she clipped the last thread.  "Ready to see the whole thing?“  She double-checked for pins before pulling on the green fluffy peasant shirt she’d made.  She pulled on the little leather shorts, tucking in the shirt and getting the crossed shoulder straps right, focusing on how the outfit felt, more than it looked just now.  She’d taken advantage of the slight stretch in this particular leather, and so far it felt like she’d done it right.  Nothing uncomfortably tight, but nothing baggy.  She stepped in front of the mirror and grinned at her reflection.  If she was going to leave him incapable of talking, she needed to up her game, and this was perfect.  Plus, it added one more very different item to her portfolio.

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