green jewels


Makeup Mondays:

Cool jewel tone makeup looks by makeup artist Aya Fujita photographed by Christian Kettiger.

You can’t tell me that Pansy/Hermione don’t have to listen every day to Draco and Harry ranting about each other and how annoyingly great the other is.

Slytherin common room

Draco: Everyone thinks potter is so great. Always staring at him like he is the best thing in the world. Just because his eyes are the perfect shade of green like jewels shinning and his hair is a sexy unruly mess like he just woke up from the best sleep and—

Pansy: We get it, darling. You want to shag him. Go bother Blaise.

Gryffindor common room

Harry: Why does he always have to be so snobby? Malfoy acts as if he is a king. I mean, he may seem perfect in every way possible, but still! He thinks he can control everyone with those eye that are like diamonds in the light. That stupid kissable flushed face after flying—

Hermione: right. I’m going to the library and maybe I can get you a book on sexual tension.

Wolverine challenges Squirrel Girl to a sparring match. He tells her, “Show me what you got.” Squirrel Girl proceeds to kick his ass. From “Mighty Avengers” (2010-2012) #15.

Book 1 - The Gods - Fourth Chapter

Fourth Chapter, which telleth of the god named Tlaloc, the provider.

Tlaloc, the provider. To him was attributed the rain; for he created, brought down, showered down the rain and the hail. He caused the trees, the grasses, the maize to blossom, to sprout, to leaf out, to bloom, to grow. And also attributed to him the drowning of people, the thunderbolts.

And he was thus arrayed: his face was covered with soot; his face was painted with liquid rubber; it was anointed with black; his face was [spotted] with [a paste of] amaranth seed dough. He had a sleeveless cloud-jacket of netted fabric; he had a sleeveless dew-jacket of netted fabric; he had a crown of heron feathers; he had a necklace of green stone jewels. He had foam sandals, and also bells. He had a green and white plaited reed banner.

Jnjc nauj capitulo, ytechpa tlatoaia yn teutl, ynjtoca tlaloc, tlamacazquj.

Tlaloc, tlamacazquj: ynjn ipan machoia, in qujiaujtl: ca iehoatl quiiocoaia, qujtemoujaia, qujpixoaia, in quijaujtl, yoan in teciujtl: quxotlaltiaja, qujtzmolinaltiaja, qujxoxuvialtiaja, quicueponaltiaja, quzcaltiaia in quaujtl, in  çacatl, in tonacaiotl. Yoan no itech tlamjloia, in teilaqujliztli, in tlaujtequjliztli.

Auh ynjc muchichioaia, tlaixtlilpopotzalli, tlaixolhujlli, motliloçac, ixmjchioave, ixmichioauhio, auachxicole, aiauhxicole, aztatzone, chalchiuhcozque, poçulcaque, no tzitzile, aztapilpane.

Codex, Florentine. “General History of the Things of New Spain, Book 1: The Gods.” (1970). pp. 7