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Summer Solstice Celebration!

Hello my lovelies! 
Only one week left until the Summer Solstice and I am just beaming for the upcoming celebration! I decided to make another post like my Spring Equinox celebration one since you all seemed to like it so much. I do plan on having a bit more of a ‘proper’ ritual and celebration of the day since that Monday I have off from work, but here are some other low-key ways that I am going to celebrate the day. I’ve split it into two sections of day activities and night ones because the Summer Solstice can go all night long and I plan on doing a whole cycle’s worth of things. 

During the Day:

  • Greet the sun! I know it’s going to be an early sunrise, but if you’re there to greet the sun, you’ll be starting the day off on the right foot! You can either just lay in bed and watch the sun rise from your window or head outside and do a sun salutation, both will give you energy!
  • Wear your favourite summer clothes! Shorts, tanks tops, t-shirts, sun dresses- even flip flops if you can get away with it! The colours associated with Liltha are reds, oranges, yellows/golds, blues, greens and white! 
  • I’m going to be setting my citrine, clear quartz and peridot stones absorb the sunlight throughout the day- other gems that would love to be out on the Summer Solstice would be fluorite, sunstone, agate, carnelian, and any stone that is green or yellow in colour! But you best check to see if it’ll fade in colour before you set it out all day. If that might happen, then the moon light will work just as well. 
  • For lunch, enjoy a summer salad filled with summer berries like strawberries and blueberries, apples, leafy greens and a sweeter dressing! The berries are a great way of celebrating what the summer will bring for you. 
  • Get outside! I don’t care if it’s for five minutes at your lunch break or an hour long hike like I plan on doing, but get outside and live in nature! Breath in the fresh summer breeze, feel the sun on your skin, meditate and be with nature. 
  • There are so many ways to drink summer in- literally! Lemonade, iced tea, fruit juices, herbal teas like chamomile, rose or lavender will be such a great way to get just that little bit of summer in you. 
  • Today is also a great day to try and interact with the faeries and fae folk. Leave a small offering of milk and honey (or a honey cake!) outside in your garden, in a park, on the outside window ledge, and the fae will appreciate the gesture! Who knows- that could be the start of a relationship between you and them. 

At Night:

  • Have friends over or go out to dinner! If nothing else, the summer solstice is about celebrating with friends and family! It’s about being thankful for what you have and getting excited for the summer, so get together and discuss your upcoming summer plans! Who knows what might come out of it?
  • Listen to music- your favourite music, and sing your heart out! The god Apollo (the Greek god of Light, Sun, music and poetry) is one of the many gods who will be thriving off the activities of today and you can honour them by just enjoying music and art. 
  • Light candles- or your barbecue! Traditionally, this sabbat is celebrated with a balefire (outside campfire), but if you’re like me and lack an outside fire pit, then lighting up the bbq and cooking up some veggie or meat kebabs will be a good way of making a feast and substituting the ‘real thing’. No BBQ? No stress- light up some candles and watch it glow. Bonus points if they are coloured or scented to match the holiday. 
  • Make a craft for the summer- a flower crown, a bird house, a sun catcher. I know I plan on making a flower crown and perhaps painting that day, but so long as you create something, spell or not, it can honour the day’s celebrations.
  • Watch the sunset- like watching the sunrise, watching the longest day of the year come to a close will be an amazing way to celebrate the whole of the Summer Solstice. 
  • Are you of legal age? Have a drink of summer wines or berry ciders- just remember to give either the first or last sip to nature, the faeries will find it! 
  • Decorate your home for summer and for the summer solstice by incorporating some common symbols as decor- seashells, fresh flowers like sunflowers, daisies, carnations, and peonies, little statues of birds, deer, faeries, feathers from birds, and shining crystals. The summer decor, beach house look is always a popular one during June and July so you’ll bled right in.

So this is the rough outline of what I plan on doing during the Summer Solstice! I am going to do a spell that day I think, but I haven’t decided what just yet. I’m thinking a motivation spell or a creativity spell, so I can charge up my summer and all the writing I plan on doing. All I know is that it’s going to be a great day! I hope that I have inspired you to celebrate, regardless of how busy you may be that Monday. 

I hope you have an amazing week and a fantastic Summer Solstice! Love you all and sending all my good vibes out to you for this summer.

-Faye xx

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Can I get McCree, Lucio, Genji, Hanzo and Reinhardt with an S/O with long hair, but it unintentionally gets cut super short in the middle of a really rough fight? Like, someone accidentally cut it in the fray and crossfire, or their s/o had to cut it themselves to get free from an enemy's hold?

Went with headcanons for this one


  • More heartbroken than you.

  • He loved playing with your long hair, raking his hands through it, even brushing and braiding it when the mood struck him

  • He’s gotten used to carrying a spare hair tie around with him and will probably keep doing it for a while until the realisation sinks in that you’re not going to need it for a while

  • Lends you his hat when your hair starts getting into your eyes but is still too short to properly tie it back

  • If you want to keep it short you’ll probably break this man’s heart for good

  • May or may not keep one of your locks in a pendant


  • Can’t stop petting the short fuzz

  • Seriously, his hands are on you constantly for weeks. You’re eating cereal, he’s petting your head. You’re maintaining your weapons, he’s literally in your hair, you wake up at 3am to him still brushing through it

  • He says the short hair makes you look innocent and gets a little kick out of pretending to be the strong protector for a while

  • Comes up with a book’s worth of new hairstyles for you to try out. He absolutely has a favourite barber and will introduce you to him. Your head is now a canvas for modern art.

  • Depending on how disappointed you are over the loss he may or may not cut his own hair in solidarity. For weeks his twitter is full of pictures of you both captioned in one way or another with “twinsies! <3 <3 <3”

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Both Lee and Ed are going through similar struggles. They are both heading down the path of self destruction

Sojiro: but why do you guys want to talk to me? I’m not really part of this…

[While Coffee Dad might be confused as to why he was voted for because you’re awesome Coffee Dad he will make his appearance on July 23rd at 5pm EST! Questions will be accepted for an hour or two, and as many as possible will be answered during that time. (Some may end up on queue though, depending on how many questions are received. I was overwhelmed with Akechi wow) I hope you all look forward to it!]


I added a green octopus necklace to my shop and that other picture is just the same old moon jellyfish earrings but I thought they looked neat, like little toadstools.

sorry for the lack of painting and art lately, I’m working hard to stock up on these things and I have a few projects I’m working on that I can’t quite show yet. I will have things to show you one day, but today is not that day.

The Other Odinson |Part 1|

Requested by @dontstoptime 

Where the reader is a princess of a small area on some realm. And there’s an arranged marriage to unite her kingdom with Asgard. And she’s arranged with Thor (this was before he met Jane) But she wants nothing to do with it, and she ends up falling for Loki instead?

Thanks so much for requesting Love, I had so much fun writing this.


Part 2 should be soon :)

“Father, I am not going. I absolutely refuse to line myself with that barbarian!” Y/n says, loudly so that her father, who was expertly ignoring her protests to hear. Honestly, who in all of the Nine Realms invented the term: ’Arranged Marriage’?
From the moment that arrangement is made, the child’s future goes out the metaphorical window. With no choice but to marry to man or woman the parents decided on, because, no, what you want does not matter to them. Why do they ever not stop and think about what their child might think, what she might want.. no. They don’t.
For years, there has been nothing but peace in between the Nine Realms. Why must one marry another to untie the kingdoms? It is pointless. And out of all the men, it had to be Thor.
No disrespect of course, she just does not like the idea of marrying a man she does not know because of a political agreement that her father made.
If Only mother was here, Y/n thinks.
This arrangement was made when Y/n was but a child, it was her father’s idea of a back up plan in case something went wrong in any way. And much to Y/n’s disappointed, Odin had agreed to set her up with Thor. And her being a royal made it okay. Though she doesn’t want to, she knows her father has the best of intentions. Their small kingdom is running short on gold, and marring Thor is in the best interest of her people. Whether she likes it or not.
“You know why we are doing this Y/n, it is to save the people of our kingdom.” Her father says, his azure eyes boring into hers, daring her to say a word against him. With a silent curse, she swiftly turns away, walking angrily to her chambers.

She knows she has to pack her things, just for the trip to the high realm, Asgard. She does so slowly, hoping to delay the inevitable, as she moves sluggishly around her room, a soft knock comes to her door.
A girl, no older than she is looks around the opened door. And Y/n sighs, seeing that it was only her hand maiden, Akaela. She was a very close friend of Y/n’s, and someone who listens.
At the sight of her, Y/n could almost break into tears. “I do not want to go.” Y/n says and immediately, Akaela walks in and hugs her.
“I know, but it’s what must be done.” Akaela says, pulling away to give her a sad smile, “But, Do not fear Princess. I am coming with you,” she smiles brightly and Y/n laughs. Akaela’s silver eyes were gleaming with a certain sadness, knowing that Y/n doesn’t want this. Hell, no girl would want this. To know that you aren’t given a chance to find love on your own, in your own time.

The trip to Asgard was quick, too quick for Y/n’s liking. She grumbled to herself most of the way, causing her father to give her disapproving glances.
They were accompanied by guards from the Rainbow bridge to the palace, they brought them horses, not wanting them to walk the entire way. And Y/n was too busy brooding to be bothered with the beauty of the place.
Akaela rode slightly to the back of Y/n and her father, keeping a watchful eye.
“Y/n… ” Her father calls softly, noticing the downcast look on her face. Y/n sighs, “I know Father, It is in the best interest.”
When they entered the palace, they were greeted by Thor himself. Clad in armor and all, with a long crimson cape blowing behind him in the soft wind.
Unlike Y/n he wore a bright smile, and a happy glow was set in his baby blue eyes. “Lord Alistair, father told me you would be arriving today. Welcome to Asgard,”
Y/n forces a smile as he turns to look at her, the smile still on his face. “To you as well Lady Y/n,”

While her father was busy talking to Odin, and Akaela was getting settled, Thor took Y/n on a little tour.
And she must admit, she’s having a bit of a good time. He sure knows how to make a girl laugh, they have been past the gardens, and most of the rooms. Thor had been telling her stories of his childhood with his friends and brother, they are quite funny.
“What’s in there?” Y/n asks curiously, pointing at a door that was just at the others there: large and gold. Thor chuckles, scratching his cheek, “That’s the library, Not much of a story there.”

Guess he’s not a man for the books.

She almost wants to leave him and see what other worlds the room beholds. But that would be rude, and unlike her.
So they walk on, and a small moment into their silence. Thor clears his throat, looking down at her. “So, Y/n as you know… um.. Our fathers arranged for us to be wed.” He begins awkwardly. Y/n sighs closing her eyes for a brief moment.

Just when she thought she could avoid that.

“Yes, I know…” She says, hoping that her voice did not betray the sadness she was desperately trying to hide.
Thor looks at her, he didn’t want to do this as much as she did. But Odin explained, it’s necessary. He is going to be King soon, and what’s a King without a Queen?
“I am sorry, Lady Y/n. I know you don’t want to do this. But our fathers has the best intentions in mind.”
Later on, Thor leads Y/n to her chambers. He stood at the door, he bowed, kissed her hand and bid her goodnight. She steps inside, and closes the door with a sigh, she wasn’t surprised to see Akaela waiting for her.
The room was large, with a bed that looked like it could swallow her in the center against the wall. Covered in plain white sheets, and four pillows she hoped felt as soft as they looked.
Gold double doors laid closed was on its left, another set of doors that seemed to be a walk in closet. And a large dresser with a mirror, to Y/n’s right.


“He’s…. nice?” Y/n says, shrugging before heaving another sigh. Akaela chuckles, shaking her head, “Tell me about it then.”
Y/n pushes off the door, pacing in the large space between her bed and the door. “Okay, I take back what I said about him earlier, he’s not a barbarian. But, it’s just… Ugh. I don’t know. ”
Y/n nibbled on the nail on her thumb, taking a breath. Akaela pats the spot next to her on the bed, Y/n walks over and sits. “ I know this is for the best a-and, I know he’ll be a good husband. I just….I want to be happy about this–I am trying to be happy about this…”
Y/n flops back onto her bed, covering her eyes with her arm. Akaela sighs, “But, I’ll go through with it anyway, because it’s what’s right.”
“Y/n do you remember what your mother used to say?”

“‘Though you live for you people, do what makes you happy,’”

Though Y/n could do with anything but dinner at the moment, she couldn’t just not go. After being requested by the All-father himself, that’ll look bad. And she didn’t want to disappoint her father.
So, thirty minutes to the hour of supper, Y/n’s was looking for a gown that would suit her taste. There were a lot in the closet, all of the finest silk and brilliant shades of colour. She picks up one that’s deep red, it was simply beautiful. The silk between her fingers was soft, the sleeves were silver lace, and so were the trimmings. The neck was low, but modest enough not to show her off.
“Have you found something you like?” Akaela’s voice calls from outside the closet, Y/n walks up, holding the dress up for her hand maiden to see. A smile spreads across her lips, “Oh, that’s just lovely. I thought you always liked the colour green…”
“First impressions does the trick, it’s best I go with Thor’s colours,”

When Y/n Enters the dining hall, she was seated to the left of Thor, the right of her father. On Thor’s right was the Queen, Frigga and Odin, and on Odin’s left sat who she presumed to be Thor’s Brother Loki.
Not long after dinner was served and everyone engaged in quiet chatter. Until Odin cleared his throat, and immediately everyone stops to listen.
“Good word comes to Asgard on this day. Thor, my eldest son.” Odin motions to Thor, taking a pause, either for dramatic effect or to let the suspense and nerves eat away at Y/n. Because he is going to say exactly what she thinks he’s going to say.

“Is to be wed,”

At this, everyone rejoices: clapping and hollering at the Prince. He, with a wide smile on his lips, and Y/n smiles too, praying to Valhalla that it looks convincing.
Now that everyone here knew, it’s likely that the whole of Asgard will know by morning. Y/n eats her dinner silently, trying to block out the noise around her. She picks up her glass to take a sip of the drink that was definitely alcoholic, meed she thinks.
It was stronger than wine, and not something she was used too. She almost coughs when the liquid burns it’s way down her throat.
She looks around her, feeling someone’s eyes on her, but everyone was too busy minding their own business. When her eyes finally found the one’s of the person who was apparently just begging for a staring contest, she was surprised when her c/e met emerald.
Loki was staring at her, quite intently. Feeling unnerved by his gaze, Y/n looks away, going back to drinking and actually holding a small conversation with Thor.

A few days later, Y/n was to meet the Queen Frigga for tea. So there she was, walking into the Garden, wringing her hands nervously.

Oh Norns, what if I trip on my dress and make a fool of myself? Or…what if I spill my tea on her? What if I trip on my dress and spill my tea on her?!

Y/n takes a breath, running a hand through her hair. She looks down at the dress she chose for the evening, a sky blue dress that stopped just below her knees.

Okay Y/n, come on.

She walks through the garden, finding the Queen, sitting on a stone bench reading a book. Her long blonde hair was in a braid, laying over her shoulder, Y/n walks calmly over. Frigga smiles upon seeing the young woman, “Y/n, I’m glad you’re taking the time to come here,” she greets, getting up to hug her, “Of course, My Queen,”
“Just Frigga, please.” Frigga chuckles, pulling away from her. “Please, sit.”
Y/n sits on the bench, looking around at the different assortment of flowers. The sun was warm against her skin, Small butterflies flew around them, landing on the flowers. “Thor is treating you well I hope,” Frigga questions, a tray with tea and biscuits appears seemingly out of no where, slightly startling Y/n. She nods, with a smile, “Oh Yes, he’s very energetic,”
She has been getting used to Thor being her betrothed. He’s incredibly sweet and makes this whole thing easier, Y/n thinks she might just be happy in the end.

Later that day, Y/n had just managed to escape her father. He wanted to talk about her progress with the Prince, but she was still crossed with him about the whole 'marry the boy I think is right’ thing. So she sneaked to the library, to perhaps escape for now.
The library was as big as she thought it was, a lot of books on shelves all over the room. A place with scrolls, and a few tables scattered about.
Y/n moves around the shelves, the books that looked like they hadn’t been touched in years. It was all dusty, and–
“Oh, Hello… ” Y/n throws an awkward wave to Loki, who had just stepped out from behind the shelve in front of her, a book in hand. He nods before going back to his business, He walks over to a table covered in books.
For the past few days, she has seen Loki around, he mostly stuck to himself so she never had time to talk to him. Though he doesn’t look like the type to hold a conversation anyway.

 Y/n makes her way over to a table far from where Loki himself sat.
But then she feels something, it was almost suffocating, weighing so heavily on her chest. Y/n had always had a gift, reading people’s emotions had come easily to her, and it was so easy to drown in them. Someone’s emotions can be so strong, it feels like her own, she had done her best to tune it out, and not get lost in them. But this? The sadness and the rage she felt, was too strong to just ignore.
She walks over to where Loki sat, pulling out the empty chair opposite him, she  sits down and  watches him until he sighs and puts the book he was reading down.
“What?” he questions, annoyance etched into his features. Y/n tilts her head slightly, “Why are you sad Loki?”
The raven haired male furrows his eyebrows at her, before going back to his book, refusing to answer her question. “That is not any of your concern.” he says after a while, his emerald eyes meeting hers for a brief moment. 

“I can feel it and it’s bothering me." 

"Must you be so annoying woman?" 

Y/n snaps her mouth shut, she expected him to he a little more welcoming. Or at least try to talk to her, not be blatantly rude. She watches as he closes his book and takes his leave.

She is so not letting this go. Not until she finds out what that was.

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estelle and spectra refs!! all of this info is talking about estelle bc she’s more important, check the tags for spectra

- she just loves all her robots so much?? even though some of them go rogue and try to rip her apart. they all get sold off to randos, apart from the defective ones like spectra, which are usually destroyed as per the boss’ orders . it makes her very sad

- she’s always coming up with new ideas for stuff, and she draws/writes them down on any old random scraps she can find

- she never tells anyone anything about herself, she’s infuriatingly secretive about even trivial things. she does this partially because she’ll be arrested if anyone finds out about her murder robots and snitches on her, and partially because bants

- the scar across from the top of her thigh to her stomach is from another one of her robots. she made it a bit too aggressive and it turned on another employee, vaporising him and badly injuring her. she has since been told to tone down the lasers

I played around with the colours of the lights. Half of this staff is red the other half is green. This is a sample of the two lights I will have the different colours for the two buttons still. My dad helped me as best as he could with the green to find the right colour for the pale green quarts. Let me know what you think of the colours.

I can’t wait to show this to James Marsters at the Calgary Comic Expo next week.


megane tooru (⌐■∀■)