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The Color Red - Steve Rogers x Reader - Soulmate!AU

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Summary: Everyone is born colorblind, that meaning you live a black and white life. The main 6 colors in a persons life are the classics. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each time you live a significant moment of your life, a new color comes into play.

Red: Your Soulmate
Orange: Worst Enemy
Yellow: First Heartbreak
Green: Biggest Role-Model
Blue- Best Friend
Purple: Self-Acceptance

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word count: 3.2k

Warning: Brock Rumlow is his typical asshole self in this one-shot, otherwise I think it’s fine besides cursing and such.

A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask, message or comment (:

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Pairings: Robb Stark x Fem!Reader

Summary: Colors highlight significant points in your relationship with Robb

Warnings: None. PS: (Y/F/N) = your father’s name

Word Count: 2,085

Author’s Note: So I’ve seen some people do imagines where they do one significant color and how it has been a part of a ship’s relationship over its duration. But I didn’t want to just do one color, so I thought I would do several colors and their significance. Ps, sorry if the timing of winters/summers is off cuz idk when the seasons were/how long they lasted in the past. Also, I made up a holiday because lol I needed one for the feast.

***Gifs are not mine***

White. White was all you could see for miles as you and your father rode to Winterfell. It was your first time seeing snow, as you had been born during the summer. Plus, your home was hundreds of miles from the Stark keep.

Your father and Lord Eddard had fought together during Robert’s rebellion. Unbeknownst to your parents, they had conceived you right before your father left to fight. By the time your mother knew, he had been gone for weeks. Safe to say, your father was overjoyed (although very surprised) when he came home to find his first child, a beautiful baby girl, had been born.

At the time you and your father visited Winterfell, you were seven years old. Whispers of a betrothal had been exchanged, but both parties wanted to give you two a chance to meet before any plans were made. You knew you were to be gracious and ladylike as you had been raised. But for the time, you just stared at the snow in wonder.

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@mechengmama‘s request: Drarry babysits Teddy?

I am 100% for this. Also this is so so long bc I loved writing it sorrryyy

My Writing

“Draco come on, we have to go.”

Draco glared at his boyfriend.

“I don’t see why we have to go. If I recall correctly, you were asked to babysit, not me.”

Harry rolled his eyes.

You are coming because you love me. And because Teddy is your cousin and I think it would be nice if the two of you got to know each other.”

Draco let out a long, dramatic sigh, but got up so they could leave.

Harry grinned and took his arm so they could apparate to Andromeda’s.

Before they knocked on the door, Harry turned to Draco.

“Andromeda is your aunt, so please just be nice for the five minutes you have to see her before she leaves.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Draco grumbled and knocked on the door.

They were met with a woman who at first glance, looked shockingly similar to Bellatrix. Draco was taken aback for a moment, but then after looking closer, realized this woman was much prettier, and had a very kind look to her, unlike Bellatrix’s crazy look.

“Hello, Andromeda,” Harry greeted and then stepped forward to give her a hug.

Draco stood back awkwardly.

“This is Draco. He’s my, uh, boyfriend. I hope it’s okay that he came along. I just thought that since he and Teddy are cousins-”

But Harry was cut off by Andromeda immediately taking Draco into her arms. Draco was stiff at first, but then relaxed into the hug, slowly hugging her back. He still looked uncomfortable, though, when she released him. Harry smiled at his effort.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, Draco. Well why don’t you two come in, then. Teddy has been going on all week about how excited he is to see you, Harry. I’m sure he will be pleased to have a second person to play with as well.” She smiled at Draco who hesitantly smiled back.

They walked through the house and up the stairs to what Draco assumed to be Teddy’s room. He stood a few feet behind the others. He felt like he was intruding. But Harry grabbed his hand and pulled him forward so he was standing at his side.

Andromeda opened the door and there was a boy around the age of five, with bright aqua hair that was turning purple slightly at the tips, sitting on his bed.

“Teddy, Harry is here! And he brought someone with him. I have to go now though, be good for them, okay?” She leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead and turned to Harry and Draco to thank them again for babysitting before disapparating.

“Hey Teddy!” Harry greeted the small boy.

Teddy immediately jumped up from the bed and launched himself at Harry to give him a hug that reached no higher than Harry’s waist.

Harry chuckled and bent down so they were at eye level to give him a proper hug.

Teddy then turned to Draco and looked at him skeptically.

“Teddy, this is Draco. He’s my boyfriend and he also happens to be your cousin! I thought you might like hanging out with him as well.”

Teddy continued to stare for a moment, but then must have decided that Draco was okay, because he then shot towards Draco to hug him, too. Draco was shocked at this and just stared down with wide eyes at the little boy.

“Hi Draco! Your name reminds me of dragons! I really like dragons, do you? They’re some of my favorites!” Teddy babbled while staring up in awe at Draco.

Draco looked at Harry, who had a smile on his face.

“I, um, yeah, dragons are alright,” he said.

Teddy then let go of Draco, much to his relief, and turned to Harry.

“Is that why you like him, Harry? Because his name sounds like dragons?”

Harry laughed.

“Yeah, that’s the only reason I can put up with him,” he joked.

Draco shot him a glare.

“I have some toy dragons! Do you want to see, Draco?”

“N-” Draco stopped what he was originally going to say when Harry shot him a look. “Yeah, okay, let’s see.”

Teddy grinned and grabbed Draco’s hand in his small one and pulled him over to the toy box that was in his room. Harry sat on Teddy’s bed and watched them.

Teddy pulled on Draco’s hand for him to sit down on the floor. With a sigh, he did, and watched as Teddy rummaged through his toys. He then pulled out four toy dragons. They were small and harmless, but moved as though they were real.

“Harry! You can come play too!”

Harry grinned and joined them on the floor.

“These look like the dragons we chose for the Triwizard Tournament,” Harry told Draco.

“Draco, you can choose which one you want first!”

“Wow, Draco. Teddy never let’s me choose first. He must really like you.” Harry smiled at the blond.

Draco reached forward and immediately went for the emerald green dragon with silver spikes. Harry snorted out a laugh at Draco’s obvious reasoning for his choice. Teddy, however made a face.

Draco glared at the little boy.

“Is there something wrong with this one?” He asked, a little too harshly for Harry’s liking, who elbowed him in the side for his tone.

“No. It’s just…that one is my favorite,” Teddy said with a slight pout.

Draco was not going to listen to the kid scream and throw a fit for not getting the one he wanted, so he quickly offered it to him.

“Well you can have it, then,” he said kindly and held the toy out to him.

“No, it’s okay,” Teddy smiled at him. “I like this one, too.” He grabbed one that was an icy blue color and then leaned over to whisper in Draco’s ear, “This one is Harry’s favorite. He always gets mad when I take it.”

Draco gave the little boy a real smile at this.

“Teddy! You know that one is my favorite!”

Teddy just smiled and held the toy up mockingly.

Harry finally chose his dragon, and they played for half an hour. Draco had to admit that it wasn’t a terrible time.

“I’m hungry,” Teddy said and threw his toy down.

“Alright, let’s go down to the kitchen and see what we can get you to eat,” Harry told him.

The three of them stood up, and Teddy immediately grabbed Draco’s hand and tugged on it to get his attention. Draco looked down at him.

“Can you give me a piggy-back ride?”

Draco looked incredulously at Harry, who just laughed and watched with amusement.

“Fine,” Draco grumbled and bent down so Teddy could jump on his back.

Draco looped his arms around Teddy’s legs, and then they made their way down to the kitchen.

Harry opened the fridge to see what there was to eat, and Draco set Teddy down and then lifted him back up to sit on the counter.

Harry then began rummaging through cabinets and pulled out a box of mac and cheese to make. Teddy sat on the counter, swinging his legs, and looked at Draco.

“Draco, were you and Harry friends in school?”

Draco glanced at Harry, who just gave a small nod.

“Yeah, well um, we weren’t in the same house, so we didn’t see much of each other, but I guess you could say we were friends.”

Harry fought to stifle his laughter.

“Harry was in the red house, right?” 

Teddy clearly didn’t remember the names of the houses yet, or couldn’t pronounce them. Draco nodded in response.

“What house were you in, Draco?”

Draco smiled at him.


“Um…let’s see. There’s yellow, blue, and, and…oh yeah, green! Oh, I bet you were in the green house! That’s why you chose the green dragon!”

Draco actually grinned at the little boy.

“That’s right. The green house is the best one, by the way. Don’t let Harry tell you otherwise. Green also happens to be my favorite color, but that might just be because it was my house.”

“Don’t corrupt him at such an early age, Draco!” Harry said, but was laughing as well.

When Draco looked back at Teddy, he noticed that the tips of his hair had changed from purple to dark green, and the color was spreading even more through his hair.

“Might be too late for that, Harry.” Draco said, chuckling.

Harry turned to look and saw Teddy’s change in hair color. He rolled his eyes but gave Teddy a wide smile.

“That’s a good color on you, Ted.”

Teddy giggled and turned the rest of his hair green.

“I kind of like the yellow house…I like yellow,” Teddy said.

Harry looked over to Draco, knowing how much he used to hate Hufflepuff, but Draco wasn’t paying any attention to him.

“Hmm…that house is nice. I believe that was the house your mum was in.”

He turned to look at Harry, as if for confirmation, and Harry nodded and grinned at Draco.

“Really?! Do you know what house my dad was in?”

“Red, he was with Harry’s mum and dad.”

“Wow,” Teddy said.

Harry finished making the mac and cheese and put some onto three plates that he set on the table.

Harry lifted Teddy down from the counter and they all sat at the table to eat.

“Draco, did you play quidditch?” Teddy asked with a mouthful of food.

“Teddy,” Harry sighed. “You know you’re not supposed to eat with your mouth full.”

Teddy just rolled his eyes and waved Harry off.

“Yeah, I was seeker. Way better than Harry,” Draco said with a smirk.


Harry shook his head.

“Quit filling his head with lies,” he joked.

When they finished eating they went into the living room to watch a movie.

Draco sat on the couch while Harry put the movie in, and Teddy plopped himself onto Draco’s lap. Draco would have preferred that he didn’t, but he didn’t have the heart to tell the little boy no.

“And where do you suppose I should sit?” Harry asked with a quirked eyebrow when he turned and saw the two were taking up the whole couch.

“On the floor,” Draco told him, to which Teddy responded with a fit of giggles. 

Both Draco and Harry smiled at this, and Harry reluctantly sat on the floor.

“Y’know Teddy, I’m not sure how I feel about how much you like Draco. I’m starting to think you like him more than me,” Harry said while smiling at the pair of them.

Teddy shifted so he could wrap his arms around Draco’s middle and rest his head against him.

“No…I like you both the same! But Draco is more comfy than you, Harry!”

Draco stuck his tongue out at Harry, who just laughed and turned back to watch the movie.

Teddy was asleep after only 15 minutes of the movie. Draco smiled softly down at him. He decided that maybe this wasn’t so bad. He gently wrapped an arm around Teddy to make sure he didn’t fall off or anything.

When the movie was over, Harry realized that he was the only one of the three that was still awake. He stood up and stretched and then smiled down at his boyfriend and godson. He gently pushed some hair out of Draco’s face, waking him up.

“Draco,” he whispered so he wouldn’t wake Teddy up. “Andromeda will be home soon.”

Draco mumbled something incoherently, but made no move to get up.

A moment later, Andromeda walked through the door. Harry greeted her and then she looked over at Draco and Teddy.

“They fell asleep while we were watching the movie. It just finished,” Harry chuckled and then woke both of them up so Teddy could go to his bed.

“Hi Teddy, did you have a good time?” Andromeda asked.

Teddy nodded sleepily.

“Grandma, can Draco tuck me into bed?” He asked her.

She smiled.

“Of course.”

Draco picked Teddy up and walked up the stairs with him. Harry and Andromeda followed behind quietly and watched from the doorway as Draco tucked him in.

Draco covered Teddy up with his blankets and was about to turn to walk away when Teddy grabbed his hand.

“Draco, will you come visit again?”

Draco sat down on the corner of the bed and smiled at the little boy.

“Sure, whenever you want.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise. You can even come over to me and Harry’s if your grandmother will allow it.”

Teddy’s tired face lit up at this.

“Can I really? She’ll let me Draco, I know she will!”

Draco chuckled.

“Of course. Maybe you can even sleep over. But for now you have to go to sleep, okay?”

“M’kay,” Teddy said, but then leaned up to give Draco a hug. 

Draco hugged him back and then laid him back down.

“Goodnight, Teddy.”

“G’night, Draco.”

Draco smiled and then turned to the door.

There he saw Andromeda and Harry watching him, he didn’t know they had followed him up. They were both smiling.

Andromeda saw them to the door.

“Thank you, again, for watching him. And I think he really enjoyed your company, Draco, so thank you for tagging along.”

Draco gave a small smile, then they said their goodbyes and Harry apparated them home.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Draco admitted once they were in their own bed.

“Mm, I’d go so far as to say you even had a good time,” Harry told him before he wrapped an arm around Draco to pull him into his chest.


Harry smiled and gave Draco a sweet but short kiss on the lips.

“Thank you. Teddy loves you. Probably more than me,” he laughed.

“Can you blame him?” Draco teased.

Harry smiled and kissed Draco’s forehead.

“Not at all, love.”

Hazel Eyes

Sam Drabble

646 Words

A/N: @idreamofhazel asked me last night to talk about Sam’s eyes, and here’s what I dreamed up in bed…

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

Hazel eyes. I never understood the meaning before. How could eyes be both brown and green at the same time? How could two colors exist together within the same tiny space? It never made sense to me. Not until I met him.

So maybe they weren’t the first thing I noticed about Sam Winchester. I mean, let’s be honest, the first thing anyone notices about Sam is his immense height. I’m tall myself, but standing next to Sam is almost frightening, especially when he is angry. His height, his powerful arms, and expressive face surely scare off anyone, or anything, that dare challenge him. But once you get past the initial shock of his long frame, you start to notice other things.

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Neighbors of the Night (Elijah Mikaelson x Reader) / Part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

Summary: Everyone knows about the Mikaelson’s superior vampirism. However, Esther created a secondary group of Original vampires at the same time to function as soulmates for each of her children. The pairs, when together, would have insurmountable power. Thus, when Esther aims to rid her children of their vampire ways, she targets the soulmates as well. When you find yourself the target of Esther’s wrath, you look for the Mikaelsons and stumble upon an unknown soulmate.

Word Count: 997

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Space Brat // Kylo Ren // Ch. 1

Summary: You didn’t lead what anyone would consider an “exciting” life. On the contrary, it was quite ordinary, and you liked it that way-thank you very much. All of that changes on the night a massive space pod crashes into your backyard which brings you face to face with the mysterious and annoyingly handsome Kylo Ren. Suddenly, your ordinary life is anything but.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2907

A/N: I’m finally posting my old stories again! I was able to edit this one, my personal favorite, and if it’s well received I’ll be posting the other chapters I have finished shortly. I hope you guys enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it. Prepare for lots of Awkward Kylo™ trying to adjust to his time on Earth. 

“What the fuck?” You sat upright in bed with a jolt, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you reached to turn on the lamp that was on your nightstand. The thunderous sound of snapping wood in your backyard had roused you from your sleep, and your heart was hammering against your rib cage in response. You threw back the comforter and let your feet hit the floor, eyes still stinging from the harsh light that now illuminated the entirety of your bedroom.

    You reached for your phone, tapping the home button to check the time and groaned. It was after three in the morning. Slowly, you rose, and as you did another snap of splintering wood had you whipping your head towards the windows that lined the far wall. You took careful steps towards them, and as you approached you noticed that there was a faint orange glow flickering against the panels of glass.

    “Aw, shit!” Something had struck one of the oak trees in your backyard, cutting it almost completely in half from the center of the trunk. Whatever it was-from your bedroom window on the the second floor it looked like a massive black oval-had ruptured into flames that licked across the path it had left in the grass upon its fall. You wasted no time, wrapping yourself in your cotton robe and skittering downstairs into your kitchen where you pulled out the fire extinguisher from beneath the sink. You unlocked the back door and shoved it open, rushing outside to douse the remaining fire with the extinguisher. When it had been reduced to smoldering embers you were able to inspect the unusual looking pod more closely.

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So, I'm about to rub my dirty little American hands all over a sport made up by a British woman, but hear me out: Hogwarts students getting fuckin' "Friday Night Football" levels of turnt for quidditch games. Especially since there's only SIX games every year!!! So, imagine that it's either sixth or seventh year, and Sid is comin' in HOT off of his Veela glo-up, and he's so self-conscious because of how people change when he nears them, and frustrated because, maybe a little part of him (1/5)

wishes that Geno would change when he got close, but Geno’s the same as he’s always been. Geno (being part-giant and immune to Sidney’s Veelaness) looks at Sidney the same way he always has because he’s been in love with Sidney this entire time, but also thinks that the random increase in people realizing how perfect Sidney is means that Sidney won’t need to – nor should he ever have to – settle for him. This whole situation blows Ovi’s mind, mostly because he asked Nicky, “Hey, I don’t (2/5)

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Can I get uhhhhhhh Eldrazi commander?

I wanted to unify the three main Eldrazi mechanics: token production, processing exiled cards, and huge fatties. The combat trigger both exiles cards for your processors to eat and generates Scions that can either be used to cast huge Eldrazi or to generate more Scions the next time you attack. The +1/+1 buff is mostly there so that Eldrazi Spawn will be able to deal combat damage and get you more triggers.

The best colored Eldrazi cards were clearly concentrated in Black, Blue, and Green. White literally only had one Eldrazi to offer and Red had only 4-5 cards that seemed especially good, so I didn’t feel too bad about excluding them from Ziraphon’s color identity.

Here’s a sample Eldrazi list built around this commander:

Sultai Eldrazi

you: lukas’ shirt in the last scene was ugly af

me, an intellectual: clothing is an important part of showing how a character feels and it’s incredibly important that how they look on the outside matches what they feel internally. lukas has finally accepted himself and is not afraid to show who he is. him wearing a shirt with an alarming color like that shows that he has changed, he is not the same anymore. the shirt is so unusual from what we’ve seen him wear before which i’m sure everyone noticed, meaning that we are not supposed to be used to this new version of him, we’re supposed to feel like he has changed a lot. lukas talking openly about kissing philip in front of everyone would not be as convincing if he wore one of his standard plaid shirts, as that would make us doubt that he actually means what he says. now, with this new unfamiliar look to him we believe him and we’re now understanding how much he’s changed.

the color of the shirt was done deliberately too. the color green resembles three very important things; growth, safety, and self love/self acceptance. lukas has grown so much and has finally reached the end of his arc, this version of him is the complete version. and he is finally safe now that ryan is dead and now that lukas has realized that no one would hate him for who he is. most importantly he has started accepting himself and is safe in his own skin. the shirt is almost looks yellow sometimes too, and with the stark blue colors on some parts of the shirt these three colors form together a feeling of hope, meaning that lukas has a bright future ahead of him. this is to emphasize the shot of them running off into the sunset together, which is a metaphor for moving onto a better life.

lastly, it matches the analogous color scheme of the scene perfectly. that same green color can be found on lukas’ bike and on the trees around them. green is clearly the dominant color of the scene, making everything green seem natural. this makes you feel like lukas belongs here. as i said earlier this is a color we never see lukas in, but making him blend in with the colors of the scene makes us think this is the right color for him, meaning this new lukas, this open and happy lukas, is the “right” version of him.

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Congrats! (DEH or Hamilton?) I'm 5'5, curvy, I have sea foam green wavy hair that reaches the top of my shoulder blades, eyes the same color as my hair, and perpetually black nails (to stop biting them). I like reading, writing, magic shit like tarot cards and crystals, musicals, older pop punk music, drawing, and I want to be an author or a photographer. I also really like nature, and spending time outside especially at night. Thank you 😊


usually connor isn’t drawn to any type of colorful thing, which is why he wasn’t impressed by the indigo streaks in zoe’s hair. but when he saw you for the first time, you flipped his views immediately. this boy loves your hair. adores it. he thinks it’s the best. when he first asked you out he couldn’t get himself to speak clearly because your eyes were almost the exact same color as your hair and god you looked so damn beautiful and he was terrified you’d reject him.

he likes to think of you as a mermaid, because you really do look like one. when you’re hanging out, he’ll toy with the sea green strands of your hair and one time you even taught him how to braid it. connor takes it super seriously too. “babe, sit still, i’m trying to get this perfect.” before you know it, he’s an expert.

the two of you will even have matching black nails, and you know he loves it no matter how many times jared will tease you two. you make him listen to your old punk music, and surprisingly, connor likes it a lot. whenever you read, your head will rest in his lap and he’ll play with your hair like he always does. comfortable silence with him is actually one of the best parts of your day. you have some crystals in your room that connor likes to look at when he comes over. he’ll scan over your tarot cards and ask you to explain some of them.

some nights, the two of you will sit on the murphys’ roof and just watch the sky and the stars and the ever changing moon above you. you’ll be holding each other’s hands and stealing kisses in the dark. you’ll talk about anything. school, family, dreams, hopes, and the future. even in the pitch black, connor can see the mesmerizing green of your eyes. you’ll take sappy polaroids too. connor loves you with all his being, and he knows you love him too.

The Perfect Gift

In which Oswald makes a gift for Edward.

Based on events in Gotham s03ep01.

Obligatory notice that this is fan-made fiction for a franchise owned by DC and Warner Brothers, and created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.


“It’s perfect.”

Nimble, delicate fingers idly stroke the ball of yarn. Alpaca/merino blend, the tag reads. Butter-soft to the touch, and it seems as though it would be light yet warm. He knows how cold and drafty the ancient facility gets at night.

Oswald picks up two of the skeins and holds them out to his henchman, who’s currently flipping through the pattern leaflets. “Which color do you think would look best? Deep Emerald or Viridian Forest?”

(Edward loves the color green.)

Butch looks up from the leaflet and shrugs. “They look the same to me.”

Oswald huffs. “They are not the same. Hello? These are clearly two different shades.”

Butch takes the scolding in stride as Oswald rolls his eyes and explains, in the tone one would use when explaining to a not particularly bright toddler that water is wet, that Deep Emerald is indeed a totally different shade of green than Viridian Forest. He tosses the leaflet on a table – they might as well be written in freakin’ hieroglyphics for all he knows. Fish Mooney and her merry band of mutant misfits were probably planning who knows what, and his boss is here, in a fancy boutique in the fancy part of Gotham, looking at fancy yarn.

“I should have brought Barbara instead.” Oswald turns back to the shelves to once more ponder the various brands of yarn, a rainbow of color neatly laid out in hanks, balls, and skeins.

“Mr. Peng–I mean, Cobblepot? I don’t mean to intrude, but what are you making?”

The proprietor of the shop is a kindly, silver-haired woman wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a lace shawl. The six other women in the shop, housewives attending a meeting of their knitting and book club, had frozen when they saw him walk into the shop, dropping projects and stitches, mouths agape. “It’s the Penguin,” they whisper. “What is he doing here?”

While he certainly enjoys the fear that his reputation inspires in people, today at least, he’s just another customer. Butch, standing behind him with a basket in hand, is fidgeting and looking at his watch, but business can wait just a little longer.

“Please, Penguin is fine.” He smiles, genuinely, and shakes her hand – he always had a soft spot for old ladies. “And it’s a sweater – my friend’s new place gets a bit chilly in the evenings. You know these decrepit old buildings.”

“May I suggest the DK weight in our cashmere merino blend, then?” she says, leading him to a shelf across the room. “It’s going to be a long, cold winter, you know. And we just got a new stock of superwash…”

Ten minutes of agonizing (and arguing with Butch over the essentials of color theory and fiber content) later, Oswald walks out of the shop, Butch carrying ten hanks of yarn in New England Spruce, two pairs of hand-carved rosewood knitting needles, and an invitation from the shop owner to come in any time for knitting classes or personal assistance, and a few pattern leaflets.

(Edward would surely appreciate the intricacy of the braided cables.)

“And Butch? I expect them all wound into balls within an hour.”

Butch just sighs and mutters “yes, boss.” This isn’t exactly the sort of thing covered in his job description.


Edward pulls on the sweater. He takes a long appraising look at himself, smooths it over his lean waist, enjoying the feel of the soft fabric and the raised texture of the artfully worked cables under his fingers. He shows off a little, twirling around and posing arms akimbo so Oswald can see his work from all angles.

“Did you get the biscuits I sent earlier? I know from experience, the food here is horrid.”

“I did. So, where’d you learn to knit?”

(Edward doesn’t tell Oswald about the “sweater curse.” He’s not one to believe in such superstitions.)

“Arkham,” Oswald says, giving his friend a minute smile and an apologetic tilt of his head. “Professor Strange instituted a new ‘art therapy’ program. Can you imagine? Letting lunatics have pointed sticks.”

Edward chuckles. “Oh, they don’t have that anymore. They cancelled it when someone got a knitting needle through the eye socket during an argument over a carton of cigarettes. But – I managed to make this.”

With the grace of a magician performing a handkerchief trick, Edward pulls a tiny crocheted penguin from the pocket of his striped uniform and presses it into Oswald’s hands.

Usually so eloquent, Oswald can only stammer. “Thank you so much. I don’t know how I could possibly repay you for everything you’ve done.”

(About a month later, the power supply at Arkham would go out, leaving the security systems disabled for about an hour before the backup generators could kick in. Edward would take advantage of the darkness and ensuing chaos to slip through the delivery and supply entrance, which had mysteriously been left unlocked, where one of Oswald’s men would introduce himself as Butch Gilzean and usher him into a waiting van.)

The allotted time for visits is almost up. Edward takes off the sweater and busies himself with folding it, laying it neatly inside the box.

(Neither of them are good at goodbyes.)

“I apologize in advance, if the sweater isn’t to your liking –”

Before Oswald could say anything else, Edward smiles, reaches across the table and gives Oswald’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“It’s perfect.”

holyhayle  asked:

Is it too early to ask for Rampion crew thanksgiving headcanons?

  • The first Thanksgiving after the Lunar Revolution was, in short, a sad affair. With the whole crew scattered and Thanksgiving only mere days after the events, it almost went unnoticed. In fact, Thorne only remembered it was Thanksgiving because they were making letumosis antidote deliveries in the American Republic and almost everything was closed. Thorne spent hours scouring the net to find a place that was serving Thanksgiving dinner and he, Cress, Scarlet, and Wolf settled an empty diner with a surly looking cook.
    • Scarlet was unimpressed with the cranberry sauce. “I think this is just red Jell-o.”
    • Cress had a hard time cutting through the turkey.
    • Wolf was only able to hold down a second helping.
    • And Thorne, well, he was inconsolable. “It is not Thanksgiving dinner without green bean casserole!” 
  • Needless to say, the next year, Thorne began planning Thanksgiving a month in advance. 
    • He sent out comm invitations with an animation of him dancing with a cartoon turkey and then chasing said cartoon turkey off the screen, only to emerge a second later with a piping hot roasted turkey on a platter. It was a bit disturbing.
    • He sent out constant reminders to the crew about RSVP’ing. 
      • “Cinder, I noticed you haven’t responded yet.” 
      • “Yes, I know you told me you were coming, but you need to put it in writing.” 
      • “No, I don’t think I’m being ridiculous.” 
    • When the day came, everyone showed up at Benoit Farms, but when they made it inside, there was no food in the kitchen and no Cress and Thorne or Rampion. Scarlet and Wolf had no information for them, but at 3:00 (exactly the time stated on the invitation), there was a rumble in the air and the Rampion came gliding down to land in the sugar beet field. 
      • Scarlet was not happy. 
    • When the ramp finally lowered, Thorne and Cress stood in the cargo bay with big grins on their faces.
      • The cargo bay was decorated with gold garland and colored leaves. There were acorns piled up in bowls and lots of construction paper turkeys that were clearly made by Thorne. 
      • And best of all, a large table that stretched the length of the cargo bay was piled full of steaming platters of mashed potatoes, not one but two kinds of sweet potato casserole (one with marshmallow topping, the other with candied pecan), cranberry sauce with real cranberries, roasted brussels sprouts, corn bread stuffing, and honest to goodness homemade green bean casserole. 
        • After everyone sat down, there was a solid fifteen minutes of eating where the only sound was appreciative groans. 
        • After a lot of prodding, Thorne finally admitted that they bought all of the food, but he did make the green bean casserole. It was always his favorite and Janette had taught him how to make it when he was a little boy. 
    • After all of that, well, how could Thanksgiving on the Rampion not be a tradition? 


More Voltron Season 2 Theories. Again from the Trailer.

So after thinking about it for a bit I decided to come back and have more theories on the next season of Voltron the Legendary Defender. Again this is all my postulating based on the images that I see, so if I’m right come next season, Yay for me. If I’m wrong, well then I’m wrong and we move forward, and all is well in the world.

So the first thing I want to cover is the connection between a monster the Red lion and the Black lion and where this might be going. Or at least what I’m suspecting about this episode.

First we have this monster here, he’s not much to look at, but if you pay attention to the background you many notice something interesting. The whole background is dark gray rocky terrain. This is rather interesting as the only two other characters that have that background are the shots we have of the black lion

And the Red lion

The difference though with Keith is that the lighting seems lighter, so I’m guessing the scenes take place at different times of day. In the case of Keith’s he’s managed to pull himself out of his lion and is wandering around looking for anyone and comes upon Shiro’s Black Lion.

We see him staring at either his own lion or the Black lion in this shot.

What’s also interesting is if the two lions are there, then which one lands the blow on the monster. We can clearly see the blue energy that is a signature mark of the lions vs the purple glows of the Galran energy in the monster. This could be where the whole line that Shiro says comes from. That Keith is going to have to pilot the black lion over him, which is why in this shot here

We don’t see any of the normal purple energy in the back. The Black Lion didn’t chose him it chose Shiro so that makes for an interesting situation and may be why Keith is struggling to control the lion in the scene that we have. If it’s Keith with the black lion knocking around the monster, we might be seeing a version of the larger sword that the Black Lion has on it show up. We’ll have to wait and see on that

Also if it’s true that this is a Keith and Shiro centric episode we may be getting some flash backs to understand their relationship better. There’s also the fact that we have the black lion pushing up the red lion and in that scene we can make out some steam rising up. Could they be in a volcano? This could very well be the connection between the volcanic eruption we see the red lion burst out of in the opening and the world we’re in. Remember Neither Keith, Shiro, nor Lance, got their lions in their elements. This might be a case of that happening here. We see the eyes of the Red lion now yellow, this could very well mean that the two lions fall into the lava, Shiro’s black Lion is pushing up the Red one and Keith’s gains power due to being in the vicinity of the element.

The flying ship is landing. As I said before there’s connections based on the colors of some of these scenes.

There’s certainly a type of gas or the like here. I’m not sure what world this is but the ship is landing down into the clouds. This could be Altea as it is now vs what it was then, or it’s a cover for the planet to protect it. Although it looks more like there’s something weird going on around this planet. More on that when we get to the shot of it.

The ship shooting at something. That energy beam is far more powerful and it looks like it’s firing into an explosion. Which has me worried somewhat. Given the size of it I think something very big blew up, resulting in a number of explosions, but that also means that it’s going to cause ripples in space. Not sure what to make of it yet, but I have to wonder exactly where this is placed in the story? It’s clear they’re moving fast, so they’re trying to get thorough something. The question is what and who is flying?

Now this is the picture that I have the most questions about. We see a giant open black hole in the middle of space. We know that the Red Lion is not scene in another sequence of events, so it’s clear it’s lost into this black hole. But then the question becomes when? Is this early in the series or later? What’s weird is that this isn’t connected to the ship landing, and I’m not sure if it’s connected to the ship firing either. So is this a later episode or an earlier one? What’s really interesting is the layers of rocks we see. This is clearly a hole created by something blowing up and then sucking in that energy. We can see the Red lion has some power left, as there’s a spot of blue on its back leg, but it also seems as if it’s not fighting the pull of the hole.

This has me wondering if Keith was taken by the Galran and they released the red lion so that it’s missing and thus Voltron can’t be formed, or it’s a case of the red and the black lion falling into where they end up on that bleak looking planet with the robeast. Whatever the case clearly the Red lion, and possibly it’s master, are going to be missing for a bit.

So the sword person. Important fact number one, they’re not Galran. Or at least not under Zarkon’s legion. In the show it’s expressly shown over and over that purple energy indicates Zarkon’s Galran empire, and that blue energy is the crystal that powers the ship of the Princess and Voltron’s forces. Now what I’d like to point out here is that the armor that the person is wearing has blue markings of energy, indicating that they are on the side of the Princess. While this doesn’t exactly mean glad tidings for the crew, it does mean, at the very least, that this person is not working for Zarkon.

We can also see that the energy is powering the room that they’re in and that got me thinking and wondering if this is some sort of area where the rebels are connecting, or is this something the Althen’s set up. Also are those the person’s hands or gloves?

I am surer/ less sure than ever that in this shot we are seeing a flash back and that it’s going to be Allura and Coran’s home. If it’s not a flash back then it’s at some point when all five of the lions are together and are landing near the castle. We can see the castle off in the distance in the trailer, so they’re going to that. Is this Altea? Is it not? It’s really hard to say as the only images we got were from Allura and her father in the holodeck room and even then that’s only made up of their memories. It’s hard to get the shot where we can see mountains from her memories.

After hunting it down, yes that is Altea, though what version that might be is up in the air.

This is another one that I’m wondering where it’s from. Is this part of a flash back or is this happening now. Given the feeling of the scene it seems like it’s part of a flash back moment. However this could be part of an invasion by the Galran forces on Altea. If that’s the case then Allura’s going to be losing a lot this season. However, I think this might be a flash back to the fall of Altea and how Zarkon started this whole mess.

Remember the ship landing? I think this might be the planet where it’s landing. However I’m not sure if those are enemy ships. Again they look like Galran but they seem to have the blue color to them. So might this be a group that’s defected from King Zarkon? If that’s the case then who are they? On top of that, there’s the strange yellow energy glowing in the center of the planet. That could be Quintessence or the heart of the planet. Again I’m not sure on this due to the glow of the planet and the lower rez version of the trailer and the shot I was able to take.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say this might be Altea and that a battle will be taking place here. Though I’m not sure who will win.

Okay so this one is the most interesting to me. Pidge’s green lion is clearly tied up in another shot and this is the same shot of said lion, only the ropes are glowing. That is cool, but not the best part of this. Nope, the best and more interesting part is the funny man sitting before the lion. That’s not Pidge, she doesn’t wear yellow. The color of the energy is blue, indicating at least an ally in this. So who is this guy and why is he possibly powering up or helping the green lion, and what part does Pidge play with him?

See same shot, only ropes around the green lion, so these two scenes are clearly from the same episodes.

Zarkon and Hagar talking. Or at least I presume it to be Hagar. That could also be another one of Zarkon’s men, we’ll have to see. What’s cool about this is that we have the same sort of yellow gas that we see in some other shots. This makes me think that all parties are converging around one space. But why? What’s important in there? I get the feeling that this is going to be a talking scene of some significance. Though what it’s about I can’t even begin to guess.

Hunk underground with his blaster. The ground in the background matches the ground we see by pidge and we also see by the ship blowing up the dirt. The thing is that there’s also that yellow green gas around him, so I’m wondering if the weird gas world, this scene and other scenes are related. It seems like there’s a fight going down, but without more context I’m going to have to leave this one be. 

Hunk again, only this time the light matches that of the scene with the five lions. I’m taking a huge guess here and slightly altering my first theory above. I said before I think it might be a flash back, however I’m also proposing that this might be the moment when the team has to save Shiro or go after the Galran. We can tell by the lighting that this is certainly very similar to the lighting in the mountain scene earlier. My guess here, Allura’s flying the Blue lion, at this moment Lance has the Red and Keith has the black. The fact that Hunk looks determined at least to me indicates that there’s something big happening and that they’re fighting back after being beaten down over something. Maybe losing Shiro? (as in kidnapped and not dead.)

Okay so this shot with Keith. He’s taking over the black lion. I’m sure of it now, he’s taking it over for some reason, I’m not sure why yet, but he’s in control of it. If you look at the stick you can see the red in it. This indicates that he has his Bayard in the Black Lion and it’s working with it. Now I’m wondering if he loses the red lion earlier. Hummmm….?

Same as above, you can see in this one he’s kind of struggling to control it.

And here’s the shot where I was thinking that he either is looking at his lion or the black one. You’ll notice the ground is the same as the ground around the Black lion and the monster. This to me tells me that all those parts are part of the same episode and probably the earliest one. Since we’re going to need to know what happens to those two right off the bat.  Also below shows Keith surveying things. So I think that the moment he’s looking up above is after he gets off the red lion.

Keith looking with the same grim face as Hunk. Makes me think that this might be the episode before the last two parts of the season. Keith’s face looks so determined that it’s clear that he and the others have made up their minds about something. And again the lighting at least says that they are in the same episode as the strange mountain place.

Water city with Hunk and Lance. As I said before and I will say it again, Hunk and Pidge have their elements basically. Lance, Keith and Shiro don’t. If Keith is dealing with Lava then Lance here is dealing with the blue lion’s water element. In this case again we have a city with blue energy, indicating at least that they’re not run by the Galran Empire. The design reminds me a bit of the gungan city in Star Wars, but it’s clear that this place is kinda big. Any bets Lance is going to hit on the mermaids that live there?

Hardest thing to tell in these two shots. After looking and relooking and double checking (and I really hate these two shots because of the fact that they tell me so little) these shots of lance come from the same episode where we only see four of the five lions. I’m not sure what’s going on there but it seems like Lance is carving into a war ship.

Shot of Lance and Shot of Pidge. It seems like, given the back grounds that they are on the same ship at the moment and probably are working together. Maybe they’re trying to rescue Shiro? I’m not sure, but is clear that Lance looks really ticked off.

Again like Hunk and Keith we have a really determined looking Lance here. I suspect this is the “Let’s save Shiro” moment.

Marching army out of the dust indicates to me that the laser blasting ship dropped these guys off and they are part of the same episode. Not sure exactly what’s happening but it might tie into Pidge’s due to the ground being the same color, and the scene with Hunk, but again, I’m not sure.

Crystal ice area. They’re warped in here, so someone is sending pidge out to this point. Unless this is where she was thrown. Although I think it’s going to connect to the crystals we see Voltron blow up later. I do find it odd that we have a sort of ship like thing frozen behind the green lion.

Pidge determined as well. The light is clearly the same for Hunk, Keith, and Lance. So these three shots are absolutely connected. I’m starting to think that they’re on Altea and are setting the course for how to save Shiro.

Something really weird is happening here. We see the wreckage of ships and a huge blue energy explosion that follows. Could that be the many explosions that we see the castle firing at? Again I’m not sure. The only thing I know that has that energy is the castle, so unless that’s the castle I don’t know what could send that sort of blast off.

Galran ship landing? Again, the color seems to be blue in certain shots not the pink purple. So I’m wondering if we’re meeting a new ally here and this is them landing?

Shiro walking into the light. I think this is connected to the sword wielder. The color indicates that this isn’t Galran again, so one may not have to worry about things. This could be a test for him as well.

Red coloring and so forth really have me thinking that this, the marching forces, and the ship blasting up dirt are all connected. This might be the case of Shiro failing on something or allowing himself to be captured, or finding out something about Matt and the Doctor. Or even worse would be that he’s the one that’s been leading the Galran to the group. Or at least he thinks he is. He clearly feels defeated by something, maybe a really bad memory coming back?

Thrace watching something. As you can see the color purple is clearly evident when on that sort of ship run by Zarkon. Not sure who he’s spying on, but he is spying on someone.

Underwater monster meets Hunk. I get the suspicious that Lance and Hunk are asked to beat this thing up but they find out that it’s really an ancient being that just needs to be cared for. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than it reminds me of an underwater lion turtle thing from Avatar, and that it seems to be a shell fish like creature that is huge!

Okay I just went through a few episodes of the first season and I can say that the person standing on a bridge is not on the main ship. So this is a new introduction to someone. We can see quiet clearly when zoomed in that their arms are crossed and that they are wearing boots. The background images show that they’re using the blue energy, but they’re in the crystal region that we see with the ice that pidge jumps out of. So I’m not sure who this is supposed to be. Lotor? The person with the sword? Certianly looks like they have a hood on, but the body is hard to make out. Or someone who’s new? Rebel leader? I’m not sure. One thing is clear though, the ship does have a similar display to the Galrans.

Whoever Allura is talking to she’s not happy. There’s some pink energy in the back so maybe she’s in trouble? I get the feeling that whoever this is, is very polite, and very different then our two former villains.

The weird yellow burst. Again as I said with the lance shots, I think that this probably is all connected. The one thing for sure is the fact that the green color matches with the explosion and the strange green rocks under the blue lion when it’s flying. The thing here is that the red lion is missing, So this must come after the others meet up but before they get the red lion to form Voltron and before Shiro goes awol.

Ice with pidge and this shot show the same thing. So this is Voltron going through things and he has out the shield now. I see red, black green and yellow, so Blue is in hiding? Also they just threw the sword into the ice chunk and blew it up.

Voltron shot matching the color set up for the other determined looking team members. I’m sure this is the last shot of an episode where they’ve decided to go after Shiro. This is the “We’ve got this” moment of the four team mates, or five if Allura’s taken on the Blue lion or the red one.

Underwater shot of Hunk and Lance landing, so we know for sure that those two will be working together to get out of their mess.

I want to know why the flying Zarkon in such a way. Showing he’s coming or that he intends to land somewhere. I think he shows up at the same location as the castle at a later time or earlier. I’m again not sure. (not having the video any more doesn’t help either.)

So there’s the few things I can draw out from the pictures I do have. Any thoughts on any of these shots or anyone catching anymore screen shots from the trailer, please let me know.

Paint it Black: Or How We Broke The DM

Background: My little Dark Heresy party of 2 is on an important mining planet which is currently being attacked by Orks. Our mission was to hold the fort until reinforcements arrive but that changed when we learned of purple painted orks (purple makes them stealthy) sneaking around the base and killing people. On top of that, a gargant is now headed towards us containing many many enemies.

The General on planet: In four days they’ll be over this mine structure. We can blow the mines, destroying the gargant and trapping the surviving orks 500 feet below us.

Me (a tech priestess): Question, do we have eyes on the ground?

General: Yes…

Me: What color is it?

General: What?

Me: Just trust me. What color is it?

General: (after checking in with the scouts) It’s brown. Why the f*ck does it matter?

Me: We can fight them… with color.

Of course, now everyone is looking like me like I’m crazy, our inquisitor is double face palming, and the DM is laughing but also dying a little inside because this is so out of left field from what he was expecting and he couldn’t believe that I actually suggested this.

Coming to my aid, the other player and my acolyte companion, Sam, explains how Ork tech works and their use of colors like red for speed and now purple for sneakiness.

Me: So, we find a color that is detrimental to them and drop it on them, giving us the boost we need to defeat them once and for all.

General: So instead of blowing up the mines which could actually work, you want us to drop paint on them?

Me: Yes. 

Sam: It would save the mines.

General: Wha… you’re crazy… I… do we even have paint? 

Skipping past a lot of arguing with the General about our level of sanity and the discovery that they do in fact have plenty of paint, Sam and I set out to find the best color for the job. After pouring over many after-action reports and coming up short of what we were hoping for, we decided our next best course of action would be to do some field testing.

Sam: I roll to acquisition paintball guns. *pause* Nat 2

GM: *clearly defeated* Fine, you get two guns and six clips in whatever colors you want. And two paint grenades.

Me: We should do blue, green, yellow, black, white, and pink for the clips. For the grenades how about orange and… what are your thoughts on glitter?

GM: *clearly not amused* no glitter.

Me: Fine, then let’s do teal.

GM: And how are you doing this exactly? Will you be on the front lines?

Sam: *scoffing* No. We’ll be off to the side in the tree line, with the snipers. We’ll hunker down closer to the Orks since the guns don’t have much range and the snipers will be behind us in case things go awry.

Me: You have to admit, it’s a very thought out plan.

To make an already long story shorter, we ended up calling it for the day since the GM just had no idea of how he was going to handle this. He had had so many options and plot threads for us, but was not prepared for war by colors. 

amistillfeeling  asked:

bbrae prompt: Raven is unbelievably bad at flirting. She's embarrassed but BB thinks it's adorable

Raven stared at the green teddy bear lying on her bed, and it stared back at her with its two, beady eyes.  She wasn’t entirely sure just what had possessed her to buy a teddy bear, and dye it green, but here she was, preparing to practice her flirting skills on it. At the very least, she needed practice runs to get used to actually saying this stuff out loud, and there was no way she was going to risk messing up with the actual green teddy bear in her life.

She continued to stare at the bear, desperately searching for a compliment or a bit of innuendo she could use to her advantage. The bear just seemed to judge her harshly for her inability to start up the conversation. Weighing her options, she the most obvious attribute first.

“So, that’s a nice color on you.” She knew very well that he was a bit insecure about the unusual color of his skin. Raven had to admit that she kind of liked it. It made him unique, but still a bit of a confidence booster from her would definitely go a long way towards making him more comfortable with flirting back with her.

But, what else could she say? She imagined what he would say in response. How he would return the compliment by saying how her hair and eye color matched beautifully, or how her gray skin made her look very exotic somehow. Blushing at her own inner thoughts, Raven continued to work her teddy.

“Just how sensitive are those ears?” She said, doing her best to put on a flirtatious smirk, using her choice of words to leave his imagination running wild. She had recalled that he had told her how ‘chicks dig the ears.’ It would be a nice call back to that little moment between them. Surely he would appreciate the fact that she did indeed ‘dig the ears’.

Now it was time for the big guns in her arsenal. Feeling her confidence surge from what she felt were two successful flirtations, Raven got ready to go in for the seduction. “Are you a beast under the sheets too?” She questioned the teddy bear, feeling the blush build up on her cheeks. She wasn’t done yet however, “How about you sink those fangs of yours into my neck?” She asked, displaying her neck out a bit, and flashing the teddy bear a smirk. The teddy bear fell over from its sitting position onto its back. That was surely a sign that she had successfully seduced him. Now it was time for the practical exam.

Raven exited her room, and went down the across from her room where Beast Boy’s room was. She gave the door a knock, and waited for him to answer the door. The door opened with its usual slide, and there he stood.

“Hey Rae, remember what you were going to tell me?

“Yes, Beast Boy, sorry I forgot the last two times, that isn’t like me.”

“It’s alright, I forget half of what I say as I’m saying it.” He grinned.

“Right, anyway, I was just recently thinking that, um…” She let her eyes wander across his body. It seemed that he had been changing into his pajamas and was currently shirtless. Strange, she didn’t notice earlier, but fighting back her blush as best as she could, Raven continued on. “Uh, it’s just that… green is a good color…” She trailed off, muttering under her breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, sorry, I forgot again, excuse me for now, I need time to remember!” She spoke quickly as she practically ran back into her own room.

In truth, Beast Boy had heard what she said very clearly. As well as all of her own practice flirts this entire evening. For the past two hours his enhanced hearing let him pick up every flirt she directed at her practice teddy, and then he would watch as she desperately tried to say it to him. It was weirdly cute how hard she was trying, even if she was still far from good at flirting with him. Still, he was sure she would be ready eventually. She got further this time than she had the past few times she tried and actually got one of her lines out.

Fic Submission: Used to Have You

Written by: stydiafan89

Author’s Note: This turned out longer than I imagined but I loved writing it! This is for the prompt of Lydia having a panic attack and Stiles realizing how absent he has been. Hope you like it! Thanks :)

From stydia-xo: Hope you guys are enjoying these fic submissions from a non-tumblr user under the name stydiafan89! She’s been helpful to me and I’m so grateful. Plus, her writing is amazing, I mean hello? It’s perfection. 

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Harry: All you remembered was white and green. The moment you’d opened your eyes, you’d been blinded by the extremely pristine setting of your hospital room, the room you’d be staying in for the next several days and even weeks, although you were unaware of that at this point. You’d cry out in pain for a few seconds and then someone would block your vision of the white everything that made up the room, then you’d see a brilliant hue of green that you could have sworn you’d seen before. “Shush, darling,” a voice would say, effectively calming you down. “I’ll go get the nurses.” Sure enough, a few members of the hospital staff would scurry into the room, equipped with drugs and remedies and comforting words. But the only thing that could really calm you down at this point was that shade of green, the shade that belonged to a pair of precious eyes that you needed to remember. The drugs would kick in soon after and you’d be groggy, but you always felt a warm hand find its way over yours and it seemed to warm up your entire body. The face was always blurry at this point, you could barely even keep your eyes open, but you could faintly hear a humming to a very lovely song. It had become your favorite song over the last three days. A quiet, “I love you,” would erupt from his mouth, and you whimpered. This time, you were determined to say something. “What’s your name?” you asked weakly, tearing up a little at the fact that you didn’t even know. “Harry,” the person said, pushing some hair off your face. “Harry loves you.”

Louis: The sound of thunder and wind was what woke you up that night at three in the morning. Instantly, you were sitting up, a thrill going through you; when was the last time you’d been able to enjoy a good thunderstorm? You’d remembered the day before, where the sky had been a deep, menacing grey, the kind that threatened thunder and lightning at any second. Nothing had happened that entire day, though, it had just been a swirl of greys and blacks and whites. The typical perfect rainy day. Opening up your window, the smell of rain shocked your senses and a frosty wind gusted right into your face. You could see a faint flash of lightning, soon followed by thunder. It sent an excited shiver down your spine, but then your heart sank when you realized you didn’t have anyone to gush about it with. The soft pitter patter of rain coaxed out the thoughts you so desperately wanted to keep away and before you knew it, you were pulling on some comfy warm clothes to go outside and take a much needed walk. You tugged at your beanie and sweater, still trying not to think about it. But…it just couldn’t be helped. “I wonder what Louis is doing right this second,” you mumbled to yourself, a blush that wasn’t from the wind heating up your face. How long had it been since you’d actually said his name out loud? It was like it was some sort of forbidden word. Three whole months and you still weren’t able to get him out of your head. How unpleasant. The breakup had been harder on you than him, but it was to be expected. It was him that had called it off. It wasn’t easy to just…forget. And a rainy day like this was enough to get you thinking about all of it again. You huddled into yourself as the wind got a little stronger; there was definitely going to be a big storm today. And as you headed back to your flat, nearing the entrance, your eyes glided over a familiar car parked on the side of the street. You forced yourself to ignore it, but when a figure came out and hurried over to you, you had to look. “What are you doing out in the rain, are you stupid?” You came to a stop, completely dumbfounded. There he was, in the flesh, completely warm and angry. “Louis…”

Liam: Going out for brunch was a new favorite hobby of yours, mostly because Liam liked to tag along. At first, it had been annoying. Why was your neighbor always following you? But after getting to know each other, you found that Liam was very enjoyable company and you sometimes even liked your brunches a little less if he wasn’t there with you. You would have gone out that day, even, if you hadn’t caught yourself a nasty cold. Soon enough, however, you could a knocking on your door, signaling Liam’s arrival. You hastily pulled a blanket over yourself, tugging open the door to greet an ecstatic Liam. His smile fell as soon as he saw you, however. “Are you sick?” he asked worriedly, not bothering with a hello and basically inviting himself in. He kicked off his shoes, one hand pressed up against your forehead. “You have a really high fever,” he hummed, eyebrows pulled together in clear concern. “Keep me company,” you demanded with a pout, and Liam happily obliged. He was like your little servant that day, tidying up for you and making you soup and tea. You stayed quiet most of the day, the two of you watching a few movies and shows on TV until dusk settled in. “I’m sorry if you had plans today,” you told him quietly, biting your lip as the thought lit up in your head. What if he’d needed to run errands that day, or meet up with family? “I’ll always free up my schedule for you,” he assured you, and your heart soared at his answer. “Tell me why you wanted to be my friend so badly,” you giggled, snuggling closer to him. Liam blushed and sighed, putting an arm over you. “Well, that would require me telling you a secret I’ve never told anyone else before,” he said. “I promise I won’t tell,” you whispered, closing your eyes. Liam cleared his throat, then began. “Ever since I was little, I’ve associated colors and words and numbers and sounds with each other. For example, the number one is orange, and when I think of a wolf I think of a dark green color.” You pondered this for a moment, before asking, “What does that have to do with getting to know me?” Liam chuckled, staying quiet for a few minutes. “When I saw you that first day, I thought you were the most beautiful girl ever. And when you told me your name, a color popped up and I knew that I had to know you.” “What color was it,” you pressed, extremely curious and flattered at this point. You felt Liam sigh before he answered. “My favorite color. But you’ll have to find that out for yourself.”

Zayn: Store after store after store. Even you, someone who loved to shop, were getting tired. But Zayn was adamant about getting the most amazing shirt ever. “I have to look the best,” he kept saying. Your best friend was throwing the usual huge birthday bash and Zayn always competed with her every year to see who looked better. “You can’t look better than the birthday girl!” you would always scold him, but he never listened. It usually always ended up a tie, because the two of them would go out of their way to look like they weren’t even human beings. You had no idea how you’d managed to come to know two of the best-looking people, but also two of the vainest people. “What color should I look for? What’s my color?” Zayn sighed. “Every color is your color,” you groaned. It was basically the truth. You’d never seen a color that didn’t look good on Zayn. And he took your words to heart. “I’ll wear the most daring color, then,” he decided, and off he went again. You grumbled in annoyance before settling down on a bench, deciding to just wait him out. He’d be done soon enough. Almost an hour passed before he came back looking excited and mischievous, holding a bag in his hand tightly. “I’m going to look so damn good,” he said mostly to himself, making you roll your eyes. The day of the party rolled around and you were actually kind of excited about it. Both Zayn and your best friend had kept their outfits a secret from you. “It’s the most daring and amazing color,” they both said to you, making you grin. You could only hope that they’d picked the exact same thing. Alas, it was even better than that. You were waiting for Zayn to come pick you up; you were at your flat and your best friend was getting ready in your bathroom. She’d locked the door, of course, and told you she wouldn’t come out until Zayn got here. The knock on your door made you sprint over, too excited to see how this would pan out. And boy, was it beyond amazing. You’d opened the door to come face to face with the ugliest shade of pink you’d ever seen in your life. You weren’t even sure it was part of the pink family. It looked like salmon and brown mixed together. It was much too matte looking and it looked washed out and flat, even with the beige design in the center. You’d been wrong; Zayn did look bad in something. “You look like a fading sunburn,” you snorted, calling out to your friend to tell her she’d won this year. “Yes! I knew it!” you heard her say, and then she came bumbling into the room. And bumbling was the perfect word for it. Your best friend was just as color blind as Zayn was; her dress was a grotesque shade of yellow, so bright and yet dull that it had a sickly green hue to it. “Never mind,” you giggled evilly, twirling around in your cream ensemble. “Clearly, I won. Who could lose to a fading sunburn or a bumblebee that looks like she’s about to vomit?” And they definitely did not argue you on it.

Niall: This time was the worst of all the times Niall had pissed you off. How could he be so immature? You’d been huffing about your fight with him for days now, not bothering to look at your phone; you knew there would be tons of messages from him. You certainly did not want to deal with Niall right now. “You need to reconcile with him,” your mother prompted you, worried about your relationship. You rolled your eyes at the idea, shaking your head. “He can come looking for me when he’s ready to apologize,” you snapped, and that was the end of that conversation. Secretly, you were hoping it’d be soon. As mad as you were, you missed him, though you’d never admit it. It didn’t take long for you to finally creep up to your phone and turn it on, not surprised by the amount of texts and missed calls and voicemails. Most from him, others from the boys and some of your friends. As you were checking everything and snorting at his cheesy texts and apologies, you heard the doorbell ring. You ignored it, waiting for someone else to answer, but then you turned your attention when you heard the struggle happening at the front door. “Just let me see her!” you heard Niall cry, making you go frigid. “Why the hell do you look like that?” you heard your mom say, but you could hear laughter in her voice. You peeked your head around a corner, eyes widening at the sight. Niall looked distraught but also needed to laugh with your mom, and she was laughing for a good reason, too. Niall had dyed his hair a ridiculous shade of blue that made him look too pale and really clashed with his eyes, but he was holding something tightly in his hand. “I think you can see her now,” your mother sighed, smiling softly at him. She called for you and you waited for a few moments before appearing, startling the two of them. “Niall has something that he needs to tell you,” your mom grinned, patting your shoulder before walking away. “You make it really hard to apologize,” Niall whined. “I really wanted to meet up to talk, but this’ll do.” You folded your arms over your chest, pouting hard. “I’m listening,” you said quietly, looking at your feet. Niall didn’t say anything, however, and you were about to yell at him again until he shoved his hand in your line of vision before you could look up. The view of your feet was blocked by his hand and it took you a few moments to notice that he held something in his palm. A blue velvet box was there, the same shade as his hair, but the hue looked much better when it wasn’t a hair color. It was deep and vibrant and it exhilarated you, and you slowly took the box from it and opened it to reveal a ring inside, the stone the same color as well, surrounded by a tiny halo of diamonds that twinkled as if they were saying hello to you. “Is this…?” you started, but trailed off. “Do you want to marry someone as immature as me?”