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Spring Cleansing Spell

Yesterday for the Vernal Equinox I decided to do a spring cleansing spell. It involves the four directions and the four elements, each represented by a different colour and herb. The idea is to simultaneously make a spell jar and a cleansing powder to sprinkle around your living space in each of the four directions. 

East, Air, Yellow

1. Two tablespoons baking soda (sodium bicorbanate)
2. One tablespoon salt
3. Ground dried lemon peel
4. Yellow glitter

Mix together the baking soda, salt, and lemon peel. Draw a sigil for Air/East on a piece of yellow paper. Light the candle and add your sigil. Layer over top of it a bit of your lemony cleansing powder and then yellow glitter. Then sprinkle the remaining cleansing powder around the east side of your living space saying:

Spring air, may you please
Cleanse my home with gentle breeze?

Insert the cork and drip some yellow wax on top. If you’re feeling extra fancy, sprinkle glitter on top of the cork while the wax is still melted. 

Add the embroidery thread, and hang it on an east wall of your living space. 

South, Fire, Pink

Now follow the exact same procedure a second time, but now everything is pink! Replace the lemon peel with cinnamon. As you sprinkle recite:

Flame of sun in equal part
Grant this home a fresh new start.

North, Water, Blue

The herb for this is mint; I used peppermint essential oil (be careful; it’s strong!). As you sprinkle recite: 

Vernal pool with new life teem
Make this home now safe and clean.

Earth, West, Purple

For earth, I chose to empty a bag of Tazo’s Passion tea, which is primarily hibiscus. As you sprinkle recite: 

Blossoms awaken from dirt’s shy sleep!
May all the year this cleansing keep.

Now thoroughly clean your living space (because, you know, there’s baking soda everywhere); It will smell amazing!

The End.

P.S. You can choose your own element/color/direction/herb correspondences. I realize the ones I used are not all “traditional.”

P.P.S. Be careful when sprinkling things around if you have free-roaming pets.  

the signs as aesthetics

aries : dirty white tee shirts, punk bands, a heavy cologne smell, green grey eyes

taurus : crisp clean sheets, white rooms, earthy tones, forests, brown eyes

gemini : backlights, bright blue eyes, attraction, purple sunsets, late night drives, bold lipsticks

cancer :  caring brown eyes, the 90s, grunge phases, pastel colors, roses, puppies, bomb makeup

leo : blue eyes, gold tones, faux leather jackets, the warm sand, the beach, bright yellow

virgo :  cute smiles, freckles, 1960s, anger issues, book pages, hazel eyes

libra : grey eyes, swimming at night, tank tops, sneaking out, going shopping, dark blue

scorpio : green eyes, painting things black, dark music, doc martens, winged eyeliner

sagittarius : laughing, spooning, big sunglasses, biking, grey eyes, bold eye makeup

capricorn : brown eyes, soft blankets, light pink, shiny happy people, big fuzzy sweaters

aquarius : isolation, the color teal, realizing things, staying in bed, cuddling, blue eyes

pisces : natural makeup, going to art museums, painting, crying, drawing, light lavender