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Imagine being the leader of a (rather large and powerful) hidden nation of shape-shifters. You are one of the few who can shape-shift into a dragon as you happen to have two true forms–your usual appearance and that of a dragon.

One day, you come across a battle between two nations that mean little to you. One individual catches your eye–a figure clad in green and gold who uses magic rather than brute force to attack. Deciding to cause some good old-fashioned chaos, you change into your dragon form and take this green-clad figure straight from the battlefield (after attacking this figure’s opponents first, of course; you aren’t barbaric) and to a hidden cave far from the combat.

You learn that the figure’s name is Loki and that he is the younger prince from Asgard and that you’re on a time limit before he is rescued from your imprisonment.

Help for him doesn’t come for quite a long time–long enough for him to wonder if he’d rather stay with you and not go back to Asgard.


The art that spawned from the hectic hole that is the Green Chill Zone discord server

The colored one was requested by @overlyattatchedfan after the first few images, and the last one was requested by @auranon during the great enchained fiasco of 2017

I apologize for everything that happened about and to sonic in this magnificent and terrible chat on this day

I have feeling™ and I need to get them out. Have a langst minific centered around Blue and the bond they definitely have. This got kinda long…

It was like lightning. One second, he’s fine, and the next, he sees a flash of light so blinding that he dont know where he is. It disorients him. Makes him question whats up or down, if he’s still on the ship or flung into space. For a terrifying moment, all he’s capable of feeling is confusion.

At least… Thats how Lance interprets this situation.

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