green is a creative colour

Brown eyes are wonderful.

There are those light brown eyes which seem to catch every ounce of sunlight and let it reside there. You look at them and they don’t burn, but have this warm glow about them, like cool spring mornings when sunlight paints your bedsheets.

Then there are the medium brown eyes. They are light and dark and seem to change whenever you look at them. These eyes are fiery and ever changing, yet they retain their beauty even on the gloomiest of days.

There are the brown eyes that are mixed with blue or green. They remind me of proud trees with striking leaves scraping across a blue sky.

Some eyes are simply, utterly brown, and their solidarity reminds me of sun-kissed skin and the richest soils. These eyes are refreshing to look at; unchanging and definitive.

And then there are the dark brown eyes; like smooth stone with the sparkle of a diamond. I believe these are the most forgiving, thoughtful eyes, yet they hold the most mystery.
These dark eyes can look curious or sleepy, expressionless or full of emotion.

Brown eyes are underrated, yet they are so important.

2017 craft quotes or at least those that are important.

- Welcome back to the number 7 most popular crafting channel on YouTube
- Square eyes
- You bought that from the store Phil, hohohoOHO lying makes you go to hell.
- Jeffrey
- I’ve selected as many knives as friends I have, which is 2
- shARP
- *exhales*
- Careful with fingers
- Don’t sneeze
- Protip
- Activities are better with a pal, sometimes
- I don’t like you
- Get lost
- hmhmhm mines a secret but secrets are very important isn’t it
- nO
- Chopping things fills me with good memories
- We are responsible, so responsible
- Potatoes are in my top 10 favorite fruit
- Sometimes it’s nice to look up and the stars and remember that they’re all already dead
- We need the fruit of the earth to make our sacrifice
- You can feed them to your father
- wrONG
- that felt good
- Phil too hard
- Phil u need to be calm
- Space is violent
- I only trust my potato with my true friend
- My favorite colour, a vibrant brown
- Trivial
- Too much folly is bad for a boy
- I’m going to place mine under the trapdoor beneath my bed
- I can’t wait to see what it looks when I hang it up, I’ll be the only person to see it but that’s all that matters because art is inside your mind. Art is what you make of it and that is what this craft channel is all about.
- ProtIP
- or should I say what he wants us to be
- Ooo that feels cold but refreshingly similar
- I can hear him he’s getting closer daniel
- I can’t see but that’s ok bc I believe
- Pitorp pitorp pitorp pitorp
- ok
- I’m sorry but Phil had to go, and soon I will be leaving with them both too
- Don’t cry.

Rhodinite: I can’t believe humans just change colour like this.

Steven: They don’t. Well, I guess if you get really cold you turn blue, and if you get really embarrassed, you turn red. 

Rhodinite: So what does pink mean? IS LARS GOING TO EXPLODE OR SOMETHING? 

Left Rutile: Maybe then, Lars will reform with a different colour. 

Fluorite: I’m sure whatever colour Lars’ chooses will be lovely. 

I kind of want a whole episode of Steven failing to explain human biology to gems. 

Rhodinite’s outburst makes me wonder what kind of creatures Homeworld has that just randomly explode. That would be almost half as bad as Australia. 

I agree with Fluorite. Lars’ can choose whatever colour he wants. Even green, although it isn’t a creative colour.