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About a week ago, I received my @projectforawesome mystery perk and you cannot even imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find a prop copy of An Imperial Affliction!!! For those of you who don’t know, The Fault in Our Stars is my favorite book, so receiving Hazel’s favorite book as my perk was such a special moment! I’m so excited to add this to my shelf next to my original edition of The Fault in Our Stars, my target signed edition of The Fault in Our Stars, and my Project for Awesome 2014 exclusive signed edition of The Fault in Our Stars!!

Inktober day 8
Hazel Grace Lancaster
“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.”

Teavana Tea Magickal Correspondants

Green Teas -

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea: Cleansing.

Emperor’s Clouds and Mist Green Tea: Peace, weather magick, calming.

Dragonwell Green Tea: Love, longing, calming, peace, rest.

Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea: Romance, love, peace, prosperity, health/wellness.

Blackberry Mojito Green Tea: Cleansing, prosperity, youth.

Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea: Cleansing, meditation, youth.

Jeju Island Green Tea: Astral travel, mediation, wealth, sleep, dreams. 

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea: Wellness, prosperity.

Cucumber Melon Cooler Green Tea: Love, sleep, serenity.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea: Wealth, meditation.

Sakura Allure Green Tea: Love, happiness, joy, peace, serenity.

Sencha Jade Reserve Green Tea: Wealth, communication.

Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea: Cleansing, happiness.

Uji Kuro Green Tea: Cleansing, wealth, mental clarity.

The Wiccan’s Glossary


Black Teas. Herbal Teas.


Here they are,albeit a few days later than I intended(I had hoped to have them done Saturday when 8th ed was released), Col Schaeffer and his Last Chancers checking in.

Those who’ve been following me for a while already know of my love for the old Citadel miniatures, and these are no different, I had a ball giving them the love they deserve. I don’t think they actually exist in the 8th ed rules anymore, but they should make a nice Hardened Veteran squad at least and give my fellow longbeards a nice nostalgia kick!

My Heart is a Fish (Solo Harp Ver.)
My Heart is a Fish (Solo Harp Ver.)

I put together an interpretation of the song ‘My Heart is a Fish’ from @annleckie’s Imperial Radch trilogy. This solo harp version showcases the melody itself, while I’m working on a more involved orchestral version which will include a minor key shift into a more militaristic version of the theme to signify the shift in Breq’s journey throughout Ancillary Justice. I hope you like it!

My Heart is a Fish
Hiding in the Water Grass
In the Green, In the Green