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The Dreamer Within You

I wear sunshine on my lips and stars on my nails. My hair is a garden of roses that blossoms in a different color every morning. I drink galaxies for breakfast and use ribbons of moonbeams sprinkled with comets as laces for my shoes. My eyelids are the wings of hummingbirds and my skin, the velvet blackness of night seasoned with stardust. My breath is the scent of wildflowers and magic. And I wear music as jewelry around my neck.
You’ve known me as the dreamer who lives within you and the creativity you lost as you grew up. I helped you discover your imaginary friends and whispered in your ear to create your own world. I replaced your ordinary eyes with kaleidoscopic diamonds and your nightmares with dreams of flying. You still see me in children: the five-year-olds who pray to the Easter bunny and the eight-year-olds who wear rose-colored contact lens, viewing the world as a big bundle of joy where everyone is happy. You wish I’d never left you when your parents fought and got a divorce or when your first love broke your heart into pieces. You think I faded inside you little by little every time your teacher said you’d never amount to anything in life or during those sleepless nights when you felt unloved and believed you no longer belonged anywhere.
You wish you could trade all your ‘growing up’ for just one more day of staying a child. To feel my soft fluttering kiss on your salty, world-weary cheeks as I lead you once again into the world you created and then abandoned. And to help you rediscover the pirate ships and treasure chests hidden in scudding masses of clouds. To just be a child again, nothing else.
You think you outgrew me when your turned thirteen when all your friends seemed more interested in their own bodies than your fairytale stories about flying imps and green-skinned witches. You let the world turn you angry, cynical and disappointed. You learnt that not all people are good and that rainbows don’t really lead to leprechauns’ pots of gold. Growing up had changed you and you blamed me for letting you down.
With every day of disbelieving, I was vanishing within you until one day I was nowhere to be found. Your head full of dreams wilted as real-life responsibilities mounted on your shoulders and left you on your knees. Soon, I became just another tattered memory you remembered occasionally on bus rides back home and sighed at.
But one evening, you stop to look at the moon. It is deliciously glowing and hangs crescent in the sky. You casually envision a Siamese kitten sitting on the inner curve of the moon with its kinky tail waving at the stars. And just like that, you hear me laugh. That laugh you hadn’t heard for years; that laugh that still rang with innocent delight and childlike wonder.
I say to you, “Remember, I’m the dreamer within you. The bottle of rainbows in an ocean under a rainstorm. The sweet clusters of dew in a field of parched grass. You’ll never lose me, you just have to find me. But I’m always there.”

You then realize you’ve been wrong this whole time. It wasn’t me who had let you down, but yourself.

Rude monkey-like creatures that harass and tease humans.
Whether frightening the locals or causing outbreaks of disease, these troublemakers have proven to be the bane of humanity.
Said to hide in gloomy places, they are portrayed as flautists.
—  Green Imp

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sheev's plans for mpreg ruins-researcher!obiwan. #forcesuprise verse why does he want the child over obiwan? Simple power? is there something that will change his mind?

An apprentice raised from birth to be loyal, an apprentice just as powerful as Skywalker. It would take more time of course, would make Sheev older but he was patient, he had been more then patient before and he could be so again.


There were ways to extend ones life if you were willing.

Palpatine shifted in his seat and turned towards the window, staring out of it with a small smirk. “Oh dear Obi-Wan… your threats, while delightful, does not frighten me.” He chuckled quietly, shaking his head.

It would be to bad to kill him but if it could gain Palpatine some youth… well everyone served their purpose.

‘Its a pity I can’t convince him to work with me against the Jedi, his disdain of them were so… delightful.’ He licked his lips slowly.


“You need to breath Obi-Wan.” Plo held gently around the redhead as he helped him move. “I know this is painful but you need to take deep breaths.” He murmured out quietly.

“I am in labor, my back and pelvis hurts.” Obi-Wan hissed out through his teeth. “I want to murd-Ah!”

He whimpered a bit as another contraction hit but continued walking with Plo, the Kel Dor’s arm around his waist.

“I’m not sure this is HELPING.”

“Its not meant to directly help, its meant to distract you from the pain and hopefully quicken the labor. The faster is over, the faster you can no longer be in pain.” One healer said brightly as she rushed past him.

Yoda gave a low snort where he was sitting on a chair and Obi-Wan threw both a sever glare before crying out again. “And where the KARK is Skywalker!?!?”

By the time Skywalker came rushing into the Halls, it was all over.

Obi-Wan was gently stroking the tip of a button nose with a small smile as he held a green bundle in his arms.

“Before you as, her name is Satine. Figured her name sake would be honored since the Duchess was rather fond of me.” He offered, voice slightly raspy and sounding tired as Anakin stared at him.

“Contact her you should, tell her.” Yoda snorted, waving his cane at Obi-Wan before smiling. “Happy you seem. Happier.” He offered before eyeing Anakin for a long moment as the alpha slowly inched closer to the bed.

He narrowed his eyes slowly.

Anakin froze.

Obi-Wan quietly watched them.

And then Yoda snorted and waved his cane again. “Convince me you do not have to. Convince Mace you will have to.” He shrugged. “Retiring I am from my position, teach the Initiates I think its time for. Resign my position in the council perhaps.”

“Would give you more time. Perhaps its time to stop being the honorable one and instead being the fun one?” Obi-Wan hummed, nuzzling at his little pink babe.

“See we shall.” The green imp gave a smirk. “Amusing Mace face will be. Stay to watch him argue with Skywalker I might.”

Sitting down on Obi-Wan’s bedside slowly, Anakin gave the other Jedi a wary look. “I didn’t expect you of all people to give in so easily…”

“Bah, old I am. Hoped for Obi-Wan to take over for me one day I did. Threw him out despite my best efforts the others did.” Yoda sighed. “Meddle only so far I can… and no damsel or gentleman in distress Obi-Wan is. Kick your ass he can.” He jumped off his seat and smirked again. “Time to see the order shaken up a bit it is. Perhaps do so you will.”

The two watched the old man go before Anakin looked at Obi-Wan in question. Obi-Wan shrugged a bit. “You kind of have his blessings I guess, final decision is up to me after all.” He smirked at him before showing him the little babe.

Oh she was so pink but she was clean, eyes closed with a soft looking button nose and a tiny tuft of copper hair.

“She’s beautiful.” The knight grinned, looking at Obi-Wan for permission before reaching out and stroking her nose like he had seen Obi-Wan do.

The little one scrunched her nose up but didn’t open her eyes, only wiggled a bit in the swaddled hold she was in.

Obi-Wan hummed, eyes flashing a bit before smiling. “She is. And she’s mine. No one’s going to take her from me.” He offered lightly.

That almost sounded like a warning.

Anakin wondered for who.

Experiment One; Preface

Pairings: Dean Ambrose X OFC, Roman Reigns X OFC, Seth Rollins X OFC, Finn Bálor X OFC, and Baron Corbin X OFC
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1.8K
Warnings: Kidnapping, drugs, Big Brother type surveillance, swearing, talk of sex and forced pregnancy.

“Are the subjects contained, doctor?” Stephanie asked airily as she changed the channels on her security monitor. She looked at the different rooms as she clicked through them.

“They are properly dosed and isolated for the time being. When the injections become effective, we will proceed as planned.” The giant doctor, a former dentist as Stephanie understood, informed her the plan was well in motion. “These monsters will produce spawn as soon as you let them at each other. Are you sure that’s what you want ma'am?”

Stephanie looked at the brute through the semi darkness of the office. A desk lamp and the monitor the only sources of light, making the man before her look even more ghastly. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her, but the doctor’s skin looked red.

“Go back to your office, Yankem. I’ll call you if one of our creatures needs medical attention.”

He didn’t say another word before he left. Stephanie’s eyes turned back to the cluster of live-feeds from the isolation rooms, newly modified to adjoin when the right sequence of commands were entered.

She watched as the subjects went about their usual routines. Rollins trying to seem casual, but looking for any way out of his room. Bálor pacing and spinning his toothbrush in his fingers. Reigns ripping pages out of book after book, looking absolutely ferocious. Corbin laying in bed and looking at the ceiling. And Ambrose doing push ups. Physical activity like that would mean he’d be the first to be affected by the drugs.

She switched to looking at the girls. She didn’t know them as well. For whatever reason, women with ‘abilities’ were better adept at hiding them, and therefore took longer to capture.

'Sneaky bitches,’ Stephanie thought as she looked at them. Two of them, Jess and Amy, had seemed interested in The Project, and she had easily lured them to the facility. Two, Regina and Marie, were tough cases. She had them arrested and took them from the jail in restraints. The last was a fight, and she gave a fake name. Queen Anne.

Just the memory of the girl’s wide brown eyes narrowing in menace as she gave the name made Stephanie angry. That was why Queen Anne’s king would be Roman Reigns. Under the haze of the drugs that super strong bastard might kill the little gardening imp. A green thumbed bitch. She wasn’t even that powerful. Where did she get off acting like a god?

As she watched the young woman on the screen, she saw Ambrose stand out of the corner of her eye. He sniffed the air, and looked right into the camera. Stephanie’s pulse quickened. She switched to his feed immediately. His eyes were dark, pupils blown wide. He was feeling the effect of his dose. But she didn’t want to join his room with his partner’s until he was ravenous.

Little Jess, with her enchanting voice, would suit the beast man. Ambrose was a level A changeling, he could change into any animal, but his preferred form was a dog. A huge snarling beast of a dog. Stephanie had sickly pondered whether he would turn when in his disoriented state, so Stephanie chose the voice weaver.

Voice weavers could enchant people’s emotions. If you didn’t know you were in the presence of one, you could be easily manipulated. Ambrose wouldn’t know what she was, and therefore there coupling would be suitable. Their children would make excellent double agents. Pets that could manipulate sentiment in a household or office seemed a dream.

The next to stir was Amy. Her looks surpassed all the other girls, and perhaps it was because she was a close contact danger. You had to get close to be shocked by the electric woman. Only skin to skin contact would do for her power to work with deadly consequences. Bálor, the invisible man, would be her match tonight.

Stephanie had worried at first, that Amy would be completely deterrent to any of the men. Then one day, during a punishment, Finn had a strange reaction. An inappropriate reaction to being whipped. So, seeing as Bálor was a bit of a pain slut, the two of them would figure it out.

An invisible electrocuter would make a fine assassin, and any child they had would be fucking gorgeous. She watched as Bálor paced around his room. He seemed to know something was happening. Stephanie could see his mind whirr like the toothbrush in his hand.

She switched the camera to the second hardest case, Rollins. The hyper intelligent man would have at least some awareness of what was happening. He already had to know his injection was different today. Usually, it was just used to suppress their powers, but Rollins would notice the slight different right away. He stared at the camera in the corner for a minute, the sweat gathering on his brow gave away his nerves.

Maybe Stephanie was wrong about Ambrose being the first affected. Seth looked about ready to break.

She looked at the command controls as she thought of Regina. The tall blonde with long legs, and a nasty habit of telling the future. Stephanie coupled them together because of their powers specifically. A hyper intelligent with future vision would be a blessing for the cause as long as the child was conditioned correctly.

Marie was moving now, putting her hand on the wall and no doubt seeing the shadow of Corbin moving behind it. With her full powers she could have seen straight through to Stephanie’s office. And that power would mix interestingly with Corbin’s. The man was nearly a giant, but his power was small. Well, seemingly small. To a certain point, he could manipulate odds. Flip a coin and he could make it land his way every time. Go to choose this door or that one, and he could push for an option. Pick a card, or… did he pick it for you?

It was dangerous to have him in the compound, but the injections kept his power at bay the same as it did to everyone. They were prisoners here, but tonight they were more than that. They were The Authority’s breeding experiment number one. And it was about to start.
There was a tension in the air. Ambrose could smell it. He wanted to transform into something with better defenses than a human. He knew he couldn’t 'go dog’ all the way, but maybe the snout and the claws would be enough. Just as he was considering that, a wave of heat came over his whole body. It nearly knocked him down.

He looked up at the camera. He knew she was watching. That bitch was always watching them. Maybe though, because this was clearly a different kind of night, she had the audio on for once.

“Hey, Steph, what the fuck did you do to me?” No answer came.
Roman continued to destroy the books as he felt the tension within himself growing. He knew what it felt like when primal feelings took hold. It happened when his super strength demanded to be used, but only one part of his body was growing. This was some bullshit. Make him horny as a fucking stag in a room by himself. What would these people do next?
'Who will they send in?’ Rollins thought as he sat against the wall. 'It won’t be Stephanie. No. It will be someone I don’t know. Someone I’m supposed to form a bond with. Breed with. Goddamit.’ His mind was going a mile a minute as usual, but it was stuck on the same thought going in a loop. When will it happen?

Not 'if it will happen’, this was done by design. He knew whatever was going to happen was going to happen tonight and hopefully soon.
Bálor was consumed by fire. His whole body burned with lust. Whatever they gave him had been settling in a while. He only knew a few minutes ago what it was doing. He had started to jerk off, but realized that wouldn’t be enough. God, he could jerk off a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough, he needed a woman.

That’s what this was. They were either driving him crazy on purpose, or he was going to feel a loving touch for the first time in months.
Corbin didn’t know how, but he could feel her on the other side of the wall. He could feel a female presence right there. She could feel him too, he just knew it. Her heat seemed to be reaching through the wall, trying to get at him as badly as he wanted to get at her. And it was going to happen.

He would make it happen. He needed it to happen, or he was going to explode.
Jess held her chest. Her heart was racing. What was this? What did they do to her?
Anne was angry, so fucking angry they did this. Was this a new punishment? Make her sit in her soaking mess to shame her into obedience? It wouldn’t work.
Regina tried to see into the future over and over. If she tried to make this desire go away on her own, she wouldn’t be satisfied. Every time she tried to see how to fix it herself, it never worked. She was limited to a few minutes into the future with her powers suppressed like this. Then she saw what was going to happen.

The wall to her left would open, and there was a man on the other side. In another room. And he was handsome. And he was in the same kind of pain she was. “Fuck.”
Amy tried to breathe evenly. This would go away. This wasn’t forever. Just breathe. She reached down to her core and felt the heat rolling off her center. Just brushing her hand over her crotch was enough to light up her whole body from tip to toe. Her entire being ached for touch, but just hers wouldn’t be enough.
Marie could see his silhouette. He was tall and broad, and he was pressed to the wall like her. She had seen him before, but now it was urgent to contact him. She needed him, and from the look of him; he needed her.

She could see his pants straining from her side of the wall. He had the same drug, whatever it was, running through his veins. Maybe this was some kind of punishment. Maybe a reward. Maybe a new kind of experiment. Whatever it was, Marie needed to fuck, and this guy was it.

She banged on the wall. “Hey!”
“Time to start.” Stephanie said as she entered the commands for Corbin’s door to open. “Experiment one begins.”

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I don't know if you've answered this before because I'm a new follower, but how do you suppose that Sesshomaru gets Rin nice kimonos? I doubt he steals, but there's almost no way he'd do business with any human. Maybe he sends Jaken as his errand runner?

At first I was like yeah, Sesshomaru probably won’t go shopping for girly kimonos in a human village, but then again I don’t see Jaken doing it either ? Most villagers are scared of Inuyasha because of his dogs ears so I can’t imagine them doing business with a little green imp like Jaken ! Or maybe he really sends Jaken but he ends up stealing the clothes ? He’s really tiny after all, so it must be pretty easy for him to just take them without getting noticed…

The Heart of the Legion

Sargerei Alkrenon’s weapon is called The Heart of the Legion. It is the fel tainted, monstrous and mutated version of his Vindicator warmace. The Heart grants its wielder immense physical strength and is connected to the Fel itself. Alkrenon can slam the head of the mace against the ground and the earth will split in green fel fire as imps and demons are summoned forth from below. It also act a beacon to nearby demons, bringing them to Alkrenon’s location against his enemies. It is especially strong against the Light.

His Vindicator warmace is was called The Heart of the Naaru.

This majestic and otherworldly oil-on-board by the New York illustrator A.D. Rahn is a reflection on the decadence of the Broadway stage circa 1915. A beautiful and haughty blonde, whose bobbed hair and dropped waist gown evoke Irene Castle, is seen emerging from backstage with the help of a green imp, her own high minded attitude is captured by the halo that surrounds her. Holding a small dog in another nod to Castle, who was notorious for taking her pets (including a monkey) on publicity tours with her, this original illustration evokes the almost superhuman power stars held, while suggesting the dark underworld dangers of a life on stage for beautiful women.



Guests from planet Earth, Prisma, SATA and the Almarian Empire, all gather for the big event! /o/ True some personalities clashed, some were shocked by articulate, intelligent robots (AHEM SIR Drox Sparkles) and others were annoyed by green imps. And of course some prismatic boys (Nenú) were mildly jealous at the poise and rank of Zojja’s… Partner. Panpan doesn’t care. She’s got THE flower basket=POWER! *-*

The complete guest list:

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