green hunter boots

After the tough loss that my boyfriend faced tonight I stood in the hallway by the locker rooms waiting for my boyfriend. He was the last one to come out-a typical Tyler thing to do after a terrible loss. Once he finally came out I waited for him to walk over to me. To my surprise he didn’t-he walked away from me. Who does that? He’s my boyfriend, why would he not even notice me? I stayed to myself and walked back to my car. When I got there Tyler’s car was missing, he must’ve been on his way home. I tried to call him but their was no response and he wasn’t responding to my snapchats. This game must’ve been really hard on him. Once I got home I went upstairs to our bedroom to see Tyler already asleep. I went into bed and wrapped my arm around his waist.

“Sweetheart” I whispered.

“(Y/N)” he asked his voice rusty from sleep.

“Why didn’t you talk to me after the game” I asked as he rolled over to face me.

“No reason” he said shaking it off like it was nothing.

“Ty. What’s going on” I asked him.

“(Y/N) I said it was nothing” he said trying to make me believe it.

“Alright if you say so” I said rolling over to face the window.

About 5 seconds passed.

“So Ty are you sure it’s nothing” I asked.

“(Y/N) just wait till our next game” he smiled.

I fell back asleep, luckily their next game was tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to wait that long.

We woke up the next morning as Tyler was at an early morning practice.

Now I feel like Tyler is trying to avoid me because he went to Jamie’s after their morning practice. Also he hadn’t responded to my messages.

I wondered if I should even go to his game tonight but then I remembered he’s telling me what was going on after their game tonight.

I got ready for my game and I made sure I looked extra cute. I had on my Stars jersey that had on my boyfriends number with some leggings and green hunter boots since it was raining in Dallas. As I drove myself to the rink I hoped that they would win, the rain was not going to affect the outcome of this game. Tyler needs to be happy, he has too.

I got to the rink and walked in immediately going to the glass and not past the locker rooms.

Once the game had started I forgot about all of the things that happened after last nights game. There was one goal scored late in the third and it was my boyfriend, Tyler. When the goal light went off I stood up and cheered for my boyfriend. He did it! He has to be happy now! Once the game ended I ran down to the locker rooms to meet my boyfriend. I expected that he would be out first but he didn’t so I asked Jamie once he came out.

“Where’s Tyler” I asked.

“He’s still on the ice” Jamie said.

I gave Jamie a confused look and walked to the ice. I saw my boyfriend skating around.

“Hey babe” I said. He turned around to look at me.

“(Y/N) hey” he smiled skating over to give me a kiss.

“Why are you still on the ice and not in the locker room” I asked.

“Because I wanted to do this” he smiled. Next thing I knew his hands wrapped around me and picked me up and brought me out to the middle of the ice.

“Ty why are we here” I asked.

“(Y/N) I love you so much and I know that when we take tough losses I just don’t know how to control myself. But honestly sid you are amazing and I want you to be my wife” he got down on one knee.

“(Y/N)will you marry me” he asked.

“Oh my god Ty of course” I said as he stood up and gave me a kiss.

He slipped the gorgeous ring onto my finger.

“It looks perfect” I smiled admiring the diamond on my finger.

“Just like the person wearing it” he blushed.

Tyler picked me up again and skated over to the door and we kissed more. He even brought me into the locker room.

“Welcome to the locker room” he smiled as he gently set me down on my feet.

“Thank you babe” I smiled.

I walked over to sit on a bench as Tyler started to take off his jersey and his pads.

God did he look amazing.

“Now do you understand why I didn’t want to propose last night” he asked.

“Yes I’m glad you did it tonight” I smiled.

I couldn’t wait to marry Tyler someday.

Fix My Eyes – Bean Boots Christmas Outtake

Summary: Katniss visits her long-distance boyfriend in District 13 after Christmas. They weren’t supposed to exchange gifts but Peeta couldn’t resist finding her something preppy—and practical. Rated explicit for sex stuff. Also on AO3 and


As my plane glides down beneath the clouds, I’m shocked by how much snow is on the ground. After a few years on the coast, it’s been easy to forget just how much of it there is in the winter Up North. I look over to the sea of traffic approaching and receding from the airport. Peeta is out there somewhere, headed to pick me up this afternoon.

This is my second visit to see Peeta. My first visit was a blur of beautiful countryside and sex. Peeta had taken us out to fish in a lake near his town, redeeming himself with several catches compared to his performance on the bay. Every time we left his apartment for touristy stuff, we found ourselves sneaking away for some privacy, so we eventually gave up and stayed in his apartment. He’s even come back to District 4 to stay with me for a long weekend the other month.

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