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Wow! The top 10 outfits for Minako were crazy! I love your comments Audrey XD Could you do a 10 ten for Makoto please? 💚💚💚💚

I hope you’re ready for the high waisted pants appreciation post, because that’s what it’s going to be. 

10. This is the ultimate Mom Friend look. She is just going out to run some errands and wants to know if you want anything from the grocery store while she’s out. 

9. Mom Friend: Summer Edition, a very similar look but for warmer weather. The loosely tucked shirt says “oh this old thing I just threw it on very casually” but is actually meticulously crafted. 

8. Serving up ice cream but also serving up LOOKS, correct? 

7. Wholeheartedly accepting her color motif into her heart and wardrobe. This ensemble screams “I am the reincarnated guardian of the planet Jupiter, born on this earth as a human.” 

6.  A lot of Mako’s look trend toward the femme side of things, but this one outfit is the tomboy within saying “hey today is the day we wear a hooded jersey with a baseball cap” and Makoto (who has learned to accept herself with the help of Usagi) says “hell yes it is.”

5. This might possibly be an outfit of Miss Haruna’s, but truly this outfit belongs to anyone who can pull it off. It’s like the Excalibur of clothing. 

4. The shorts are layered over the shirt, which is layered over the jacket, which is layered over the shorts. All is layered, and layers over all else. It’s beautiful, is what it is. 

3. Speaking of layers. Sometimes you want to take off all those cute but uncomfortable clothes and slip into something cozy and even cuter than before. 

2. I was already a huge fan of the green turtleneck, the high waisted shorts with matching hair tie, and the crisp white vest with a bow in the back. This is already the perfect outfit. But as soon as you add sunglasses, it just becomes….. transcendent. It’s greater than any of us could have imagined. It’s beyond us now. 

1. You knew what number one was before this list was ever even made. 

Best Friends [01]

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Synopsis: You and Neymar are both hopelessly in love with one another. It’s a shame neither of you have the courage to confess your feelings to the other.

P.O.V: Third-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: T

Word Count: 8,181

Warnings: Mentions and implications of smut (not too described). Some light swear words. Mentions of abortion.

A/N: Woah, 8.1k+ words? I never expected to write this much for just one imagine! Well, you all can consider it as a treat for not posting much this month! 😘❤️ So, you all decide, part two yes or nah? 🤗💗 xoxo — jas


Best Friends Series Masterlist 

     Neymar sat on his bed, soft fingers grasping his injured leg and lifting the tender limb as his childhood best friend (Y/N) positioned a plush pillow underneath his leg, before resting the bruised limb against the pillow. Hazel-green orbs drooped, as he felt the ponderous weight of fatigue lull him into a state of repose, his muscles and limbs aching from the harsh foul an opponent committed against him during tonight’s match, which sent both him and his offender tumbling to the dirtied pitch in a heap of tangled limbs.

Seconds after the fall, he felt a sharp, piercing pain in his left ankle, as his opponent pushed himself from the ground, with the helping hands of his teammate, but not before he stepped on Neymar, the cleats of his boots digging into the delicate bone structure of the Brazilian’s left ankle.

The referee had blown his whistle long before the opposition had deliberately continued committing fouls against the home team. Although he blew his whistle once again the moment he caught a glimpse of the intentional foul the visitors had just committed. A second yellow card was given to the player, thus resulting in an automatic red card, evoking several complaints and protests from the visiting team. The referee awarded the home team with a free kick; however, the match was unable to be resumed on the account of a home player curled in a fetal position on the pitch, hands clutching around his throbbing ankle.

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@jawllines​ you’ve ruined me with vampire Harry … 

He can remember the moment when she was born, almost twenty years ago feels like yesterday to him, (although when in comparison to his 160 years on earth it could’ve been) he was returning from a feeding with his mates when it hit him like a truck, his strongly beating heart beginning to speed up causing n ache in his chest, gasping out in shock as his head began to pound eyes flashing red as he clutched at it rapidly growing dizzy. Hearing Liam speak his name although distant and hard to catch as Harry stumbled into Zayn, he felt someone put a hand on his shoulder as everything faded to black.

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Fixed - Part 3

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For the rest of the day, I didn’t exactly avoid Scott and Stiles, per say, I just didn’t exactly want to talk to them. I was a girl on a mission and nothing was going to stop me. I was going to make Stiles see me the way that I see him, this morning was proof enough that it could happen.

Scott and Stiles dropped me off at my house to grab the Charger so that after school I could go to Lydia’s. Lydia agreed to my sleepover proposal and said that she needed a ride anyway. Later that night Lydia had lent me a pair of pajamas and we sat together on her couch, eating Chinese food.

“I’m going to tell you something and you have to swear not to tell anyone else.” I said as I stared at my box of general tsos.

“Yeah, I swear.” Lydia said half-heartedly and I looked up at her.

“I’m serious, Lyds, not even Allison can know.” I stressed as I looked up at her and her eyes widened slightly.

“Wow, that serious? I promise.” She said earnestly and I let out a sigh of relief.

“I like Stiles and I need to know how to get his attention.” I said and Lydia’s jaw dropped.

“You like the spaz that’s, like, totally in love with me?” She asked and I nodded awkwardly.

“Yeah, it’s been really odd for me these past few months. So how do I get him to notice me as more than a friend?” I asked and she shook herself out of her shock.

“Be sexy.” She stated simply.

“What do you mean ‘sexy’?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“Okay, so right now you’re about puppy on the hot scale, by the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna be Victoria’s Secret model.” I gave her the deer in headlights look and she rolled her eyes. “You’re still Snow White, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to be!” I whined and my strawberry blonde friend laughed.

“Don’t worry, soon, he won’t want to keep his hands off of you.”

I’m not exactly sure when we fell asleep, but I knew that we both were tired. Lydia taught me everything she knows, including her famous sultry tone and flirting 101.

I was scared awake by Lydia shrieking and pushing her way up the bed.

“Lydia! Lydia, what’s wrong!” I shouted over her screaming, trying to calm her down, which surprisingly worked.

We sat in silence on her bed as she rubbed her temples before flopping back down next to me and checking her empty bottle of ibuprofen. She sat up and gently smacked my arm as she did so.

“Come on, let’s go to the store.” She sighed as she pulled on her green coat. I had on high waisted jean shorts, a black long sleeve that showed a lot of cleavage from earlier and my makeup was done with a perfect smokey eye and bright red lips. I ran a hand through my messy hair and slipped on a pair of black heeled ankle boots that Lydia gave me before following her out to her car.

I spent the entire ride texting Scott about Boyd and Erica and playing random games until Lydia put her, now fixed car, in park and got out.

“Grab me a soda!” I shouted, not looking up from my phone as she shut the door. After about a minute, I looked up from my phone and found that we weren’t at the store, but the pool. I got out of the car and began to walk over to where Lydia was crouched by the pool.

“Are you kidding me?” I heard her mutter as I looked around. My eyes landed on a bloodied body and I shrieked, Lydia, doing the same as she spotted the horrific sight in front of us.

“I’m calling 911.” Lydia said after we both calmed down slightly and I pulled my phone out of my back pocket.

“I’m calling Stiles.”

“Liv? Lydia? Are you okay?” Stiles called and I could hear him running to us, grabbing my shoulders and making me face him, eyes darting all over my face before making sure Lydia was okay too.

“We’re okay. Over there, less okay.” I said as I pulled my arms away from my practically bare chest and pointed to the dead body. Stiles followed my gesture, he quickly turned back to me, his eyes practically bulging out of their sockets as he openly stared at my cleavage and I threw an internal victory party.

“I’m, uh, gonna call my Dad.” Stiles said as he ripped his eyes away from me and pulled out his phone.

“I already called 911.” Lydia told him and he stopped.

“You called the police before you called me?” He said, his brows furrowing in frustration.

“We’re supposed to call you first when we find a dead body?” I asked, rubbing my hands against my arms to find some sort of heat.

“YES!” Stiles shouted and I flinched slightly at the volume of his tone.

I had zoned out for basically the rest of the time that we were at the pool, except for when I gave my statement to Sheriff. Stiles stayed right beside Lydia and I the entire time, even giving me his hoodie when my teeth began to chatter making me throw another internal victory party.

Lydia and I got a police escort back to her house with Stiles following close behind, which I completely expected. What I did not expect was for him to follow us inside and into Lydia’s room.

“You didn’t have to follow me home.” Lydia said as she strutted into the room in front of me, turning on the lights, I followed closely behind her, stuffing the pile of lingerie that she had tried to give me under a pillow.

“I just wanted to make sure you two got in okay.” He said, sitting Lydia’s purse down beside her at the end of the bed and I climbed onto the bed, fumbling to get my shoes off in my tired state.

“Stiles, we had a police escort.” I muttered, finally able to kick off my shoes.

“I know the inner workings of that police force, alright? They’re not as reliable as people think.” He insisted and I rolled my eyes as I laid down.

“I know the inner workings of that force almost as well as you do, and the only reason why they’re less reliable is because they have no clue about the supernatural. And you also didn’t have to follow us into Lydia’s bedroom” I said.

“Well, I-” Stiles began, making an odd face, nodding a lot, cocking his head when he realized that he didn’t have a valid excuse. “Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that. I-I can leave.” 

“Are you really gonna go without asking me the question that you’ve been dying to ask me?” Lydia said, stopping him from backing the rest of the way out of her room.

“Well, I’m not- I haven’t been dying to ask anything. I- no questions here, for Stiles. Nothing.” Stiles said, trying to hide his obvious curiosity and Lydia rolled her eyes, looking away.

“I can see it on your face.” She said.

“Maybe my face just has, like, a naturally interrogatory exp-expression.” Stiles stuttered and I rolled my eyes, sitting up.

“Well, if you’re not going to ask, then I will. Lydia, how the hell did we end up at the public pool when we were going to go to the store?” I bluntly asked, not caring about sensitivity in my tired state.

“I have no clue how I knew where to find that body. I didn’t even know where I was until I got out of the car.” Lydia sighed.

“Yeah, but the last time something like this happened…” Stiles trailed off and Lydia looked at the floor.

“I know. Derek’s uncle.” She said, turning to Stiles.

“Peter.” Stiles stated with a nervous sigh and I recalled the story that he had told me about Lydia being controlled by Derek’s dead uncle, Peter, to bring him back to life.

“Well, that was suspenseful, but I should be getting home. It is the ass crack of dawn and this face is gonna need a hell of a lot of concealer.” I said as I sat back up, bending over to put my shoes back on. I stood up and turned around to see Lydia grabbing my bag and making her way to the pillow that I had shoved all of the sexy underwear under.

“Don’t forget these!” My friend exclaimed and I became a tomato as she shoved the lacey pieces into my bag. I snatched my now full bag from her hands and turned, only to find Stiles’ mouth resembling that of a fish as it opened and closed, not finding any words to portray his shock.

I quickly slipped past him and practically ran out to the Charger, throwing my bag on the back and gripping the wheel, trying to calm myself down.

I walked into the boy’s locker room, dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra. I ignored the random stares and cat calls as I made my way over to my friends, standing behind Stiles’ open locker. Scott glanced at me, but I put my finger to my lips as our spastic friend finished his rant.

“Okay, I need to have sex, like, right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like today. Like, someone needs to sex me right now!” Stiles exclaimed as he slammed his locker shut.

“I’ll do it.” I said to my crush, the words had completely randomly flown out of my mouth and Stiles shouted in surprise, whipping around, his face showing as much shock as I was feeling.

“L-Liv, wha- what are you doing h-here?” Stiles stuttered and I continued on with faux confidence.

“Are you going to completely ignore the fact that I just offered to sleep with you?” I asked with my eyebrows raised. I was so happy that Stiles isn’t a werewolf, ‘cause if he was, he would hear my heart beating out of my chest.

“You- you would d-do that?” Stiles stuttered again and I laughed, even though it was a nervous one, it sounded uncharacteristically confident.

“You’re gonna have to take me to dinner a few times.” I smiled and he stared blankly at me, behind him, Scott had his jaw on the floor, shocked at how calm I was staying this entire time.

“Are-are you kidding?” Stiles said, continuing to stutter at how forward I was being.

“Take me on a few dates and we’ll see.” I said in the sultry voice that Lydia had taught me, winking before turning around and swinging my hips a little more as I walked out, completely forgetting what I was even in there for.

I stood at the starting line with everyone else, stretching out my tense muscles, ready to let my nervous energy loose. I heard Coach blow the whistle and I put in my earbuds, before taking off down the path. I was in my own world, not even realizing that I had run off of the path, just nervous about whether or not Stiles was actually going to ask me out. I glanced down at my feet to make sure that I wouldn’t trip as I jogged down a hill and I looked back up to see the bloodied body of a guy about my age. I let out a scream as I stumbled back, falling and landing on my butt. I jumped as I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. I turned and found Stiles right behind me, I scrambled to my feet and threw myself into his arms. I looked up from Stiles’ shoulder as Scott and Isaac slowed to a stop beside us.

“It’s him, isn’t it?” Stiles asked as I let go of him.

Not really want to stare at yet another dead body, I opted for walking back to the school and getting out of my sweaty clothes. I, thankfully, was the only one in the locker room, so I was able to get all of the hot water to myself. After I was clean, I blow dried my wavy hair, leaving it natural and doing the smokey eye that Lydia taught me. The rest of the girls only started coming in as I tucked my white graphic tank into my black skater skirt, I slid on my denim vest before walking over to the mirror and swiping my pink lip gloss over my lips. Still recovering from my second dead body this week, I took a deep breath and slid on my nude pumps before grabbing my knapsack and strutting out of the locker room.

I was wandering the halls during lunch all by myself because apparently all of my friends were busy when I saw Isaac and Allison go into the supply closet with a dolly full of boxes and an armful of paper towels.

“You guys need any help?” I asked as I stepped into the closet with them.

“Yeah, that would be great actually.” Allison said as Isaac just looked around the small area.

“Not a fan of small spaces?” I asked him with a kind smile and he nodded.

“Could I ask you a question?” Allison asked Isaac after a moment of silence.

“Do you have to?” He asked, not looking at her as he restocked the shelves.

“I guess not, but I’m gonna ask anyway. Did you tell anyone that I was at the school the other night?” She asked, already knowing that I would keep her secret.

“Was I supposed to?”

“It would make me really happy if you didn’t.” She said with a shy smile as Isaac practically rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, well, you being happy really isn’t a big priority of mine, since you stabbed me. Twenty times. With knives.” He emphasized angrily.

“They were actually Chinese Ring Daggers, but, uh, sorry.” Allison said and we all paused our work.

“Is that- is that an apology?” He asked in a tone that I couldn’t place.

“Would you accept an apology?” She replied and I smiled at the fact that my friends were getting along. All of a sudden, the door was shut and the room went dark. Isaac lunged for the handle muttering ‘no’ under his breath a bunch of times.

“Huh, maybe it locks from the outside.” Allison mused as she stood next to him.

“No, there’s something against it.” Isaac said as he began pushing on the door frantically.

“Alli, I know that you can handle yourself, but you need to take a few steps back right now.” I said and she obliged as Isaac pulled off his sweater, running a hand through his hair. “Isaac, I know what this reminds you of, but I need you to calm down. Calm down while one of us calls Scott.”

“No.” He muttered as he knocked on the door a few times, leaning on the frame.

“Isaac, calm down.” I demanded in a soothing tone as he continued to mutter and bang on the door. He suddenly began pound frantically on the door, seemingly trying to break it into splinters.

“Isaac! Calm down!’ I shouted, but he didn’t hear me as he continued to pound on the door.

“Come on!” He shouted before suddenly going still and I pushed Allison behind me.

“Allison, call Scott.” I said as I slowly walked us backward. “Now!”

I kept my eyes on a wolfed out Isaac the whole time and I could feel Allison fumbling for her phone. Isaac turned his glowing eyes on us and began to snarl, pulling his lips back from his elongated teeth.

“Isaac.” I said, my tone hard as he grabbed me, pulling me off of Allison and pinning me against a metal rack.

“Isaac!” I shouted, trying to push him off of me as the door opened and he was ripped off of me and thrown out into the light by Scott, who glanced at Allison and me before grabbing Isaac by the throat and pinning him to the floor.

“Isaac!” Scott shouted in his wolfy multitone, almost instantly calming Isaac down. Allison and I slowly stepped into the light, I gripped my forearm where I could feel the crescent dips in the skin. Scott gently grabbed my hand and pulled it down to see two bleeding scratches that I hadn’t known were there.

“I’m okay. It’s fine.” I assured Scott, knowing that Isaac hadn’t meant it.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean, I didn’t mean to do that.” Isaac panted as he rested himself against the wall opposite us.

“I know, Isaac, it’s okay.” I said, a little shaken up.

“I’m so sorry.” He whimpered.

“It’s not his fault.” Allison said as Scott looked at Isaac.

“I know. I guess now we know that they want to do more than get you angry. They want to get someone hurt.” Scott said, looking between the three of us.

“So are we gonna do something?” Isaac asked, sounding desperate.

“Damn right we’re gonna do something. We’re gonna get them angry.” I said, pissed off as I strutted away to the twins’ precious motorcycles.

Scott showed me the picture that Allison had sent him of Isaac on Aiden’s bike and I smiled at him before taking a seat beside Aiden and Scott took one beside Ethan. Scott smiled as both of them looked at him and pulled a gear out of his bag, setting it on his desk.

“That looks important.” He said with a grin before pulling out another gear with a few wires attached to it. “I have no idea what that thing does.”

“I know what this is and I also happen to know it’s one of the most important parts.” I mused as I pulled a greasy bandana out of my bag, unfolding it to reveal a starter. Both of the twins were instantly pissed, Aiden’s anger growing as we heard the distant rumble of an engine and he shot out of his seat.

“Wait, Aiden, don’t!” Ethan shouted after his brother, but it was too late, Aiden was already out the door. Everyone soon followed to find Aiden in the middle of the hallway with his bike.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Miss. Blake said as she came to a stop in front of Aiden. “You realize this is going to result in a suspension.”

Scott, Allison, Isaac and I all looked at each other, suppressing our laughter as I gave everyone a fist bump.

“Yeah, I wish I could’ve seen their faces. They look seriously pissed?” Isaac asked Scott and me as we walked down the stairs to the main level.

“Yeah.” I laughed, before looking up and stopping in my tracks alongside my friends, catching sight of the twins, who were still very pissed off.

“Kind of like that.” Scott said. Ethan and Aiden looked at each other before pulling off their shirts. Ethan crouched down and Aiden punched into his back. As they were turning into super wolf, I slipped my heels off just in time to jump slightly at the sound of super wolf growling at us.

“We can take them.” Isaac said and I tugged on the backs of their shirts.

“Are you kidding, Isaac? Run!” I shouted, as the three of us turned on our heels and began to run away, but I, being the slowest, was thrown to the side by a large, clawed hand. I slammed against the lockers as super wolf lifted Scott and Isaac up by their necks, I stood up and threw a high heel at the back of it’s head.

“Leave my friends alone!” I shouted meekly, causing super wolf to glance over it’s shoulder at me, before smacking Scott and Isaac’s heads together and throwing them at my feet. It growled and was about to come after us again, but stopped when a man with sunglasses and walking stick walked past us and over to the, now separated twins, who just stood there as the man took the red cap off of his stick, revealing a small blade. The twins remained stony as their heads were jerked to the side by the man slicing their cheeks before he recapped the blade. Ethan and Aiden stepped aside, making room for the man to walk past them and they followed closely behind him.

“Who the hell was that?” Isaac asked and I looked between him and Scott.

“Their alpha.” I said with wide eyes as I glanced at Scott, who revealed the man’s identity.


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