green high waisted shorts

The Oncoming Storm || Odin’s Hareem

Having taken a full half hour to get ready, Tabitha emerged from the elevator to see everyone else waiting for her. She looked all of them up and down then stood in the door way with a smirk before giving a twirl, fur coat over her arm as she showed off hints of her tattoos under an emerald green velvet bustier, high waisted suspender shorts which were clipped to her thigh high boots, “Well, you can’t say it wasn’t worth the wait.” She smirked, blood red lips contrasting beautifully with her ice blue eyes, enhanced by the dark smokey make up she’d applied.

Hannibal stood next to the fire place with his hands in the pockets of his jeans, knowing that Tabby always took longer than she said she would, especially when she wanted to make a point. He’d taken five minutes to dress in black jeans, a short sleeved teal dress shirt and a blazer, having had no problems doing so, whereas Val had simply changed his shirt and picked up a leather jacket, “You look beautiful, and as always it was worth the wait.” 

Val simply ran his hand over Will’s leather clad ass appreciatively, “So are we going now or..? I heard the words ‘party’ and ‘ravenstag manor’ but we’re still here.”

“You were waiting for the only one who knows the way to the fucking manor house, Val.” Tab snarled in warning, grabbing the keys for the SUV as she pulled on her coat, “Now we’re ready. Get the fuck in the car.”

Hann chuckled, crossing the room in a few strides to kiss his wife deeply, after a moment of struggling she gave in - never able to stay mad for too long, he had he best interests at heart. As he pulled away he swatted the female’s ass on his way out of the room, “Who’s calling shot gun?”

Tab groaned at the idea that most of their days would be spent arguing over who would get to call shotgun and therefore who would end up trying to control the radio on the drive over, “Remind me why this open relationship thing was a good idea?”

You’re his Sister?- Omaha squad imagine Pt. 2

; hello everyone! it was highly requested that i do a part 2, so here it is. I am considering turning it into a fanfic, since “One Night Stand gone wrong” will be ending within the next couple of chapters, so let me know what you think!

As always, feedback is appreciated and requests are open! ;

I walked into my room and headed straight into my closet, wondering what I should wear for today. Jack had invited me to hang out with him today, and now that I knew the guys would be joining us, I knew I had to wear something to really get their blood going. I decided to wear dark wash high waisted shorts with an army green v neck, showing the right amount of cleavage. Letting my hair down from the bun, it fell in soft waves, landing right above my waist. I added a few layers of mascara, and decided to wing out my eye liner, making my eyes appear wider. I put my sandals on and decided I was finally ready.

“I’m ready!” I called out to them as I walked downstairs. They all turned towards the stairs, staring at me in awe as I walked down. I heard Jack whistle lowly under his breath, causing me to blush slightly.

“Damn, Y/N, who woulda thought” Sammy commented, clicking his tongue. I smiled widely at him before taking a seat on the arm of the chair he was sitting in.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?”  I asked, mainly directed to my brother who had set this up.

“I figured we go walk downtown, maybe hit up the piers?” He responded, turning to all the boys to see if they agreed. They did, and with that we stood up, walking out the door.

It was about a 25 minute walk downtown from Jack’s house, and I had spent the first part of it talking to John. He had heard of me before back in Omaha, but we had never met until now, so he didn’t know how socially awkward I was back then. Halfway through John telling me about him playing basketball, i felt an arm around my shoulder.

“So, what has the great Y/N been up to in the years we haven’t seen her?” I turned to look at Sammy, who had a smug look on his face.

“Oh, ya know, the usual. Finishing up high school, working out, cheer practice” I said nonchalantly. Sammy stopped in his tracks and looked at me, confusion on his face.

“wait, wait, wait, hold up. You were a cheerleader?” He asked me in disbelief. Nate and Jack heard Sammy’s comment and turned to look at me, muttering their own opinions.

“Yeah, why is that so surprising?” I said, looking down at my feet. Sammy came up to me and tilted my head up to look at him.

“You’re just surprising me more and more, baby girl” He whispered, not letting go of my chin.

“Bro, wanna stop hitting on my sister right in front of me?” Jack scoffed to Sammy. He pulled away from me, blush creeping across his face.

We finally reached downtown, and our first stop was a hole in the wall taco place that apparently had bomb ass chips and guac. We sat down on a booth in the corner, Sammy and Jack on my side, while my brother, Nate and John all squeezed in across from us. We got an order of chips and guac, and we each ordered an individual meal; I got some cheese quesadillas, recommended by Jack.

“Wait, Jack seriously climbed down the side of the house?!” Nate asked between his laughs. I was in the middle of telling the guys the story about the time Jack had snuck over to a girl’s house, and ended up getting caught by not only her parents, but our own.

“Swear to god, it was like something out of a movie. Our parent’s shone the lights on the side of the house, and there’s Jack, halfway down, in nothing but his boxers. It scared the shit outta him, so next thing we know, he’s falling down straight on his ass” I said, causing all the boys to erupt into laughter. Jack looked pissed, but I just smirked at him, taking a bite of my chip.

“Damn, Y/N, when did you get so funny?” Sammy asked, his hand resting on my thigh.

“I’ve always been funny, you guys are just now noticing” I said, pointing out the obvious.

“Well, Y/N, I’m glad you’re here. Who woulda thought this is what I was missing from life” Jack said, giving me a wink. I giggled lightly before finishing my food. I wiped my mouth clean before setting my hands on my lap.

“So, where to next?” I asked, wanting to take in all sights of LA.

“Well, I was thinking we could walk down to the beach. There’s this really good ice cream place you have to try” Jack said. I nodded excitedly, shoving the guys out of the booth. They all chuckled as they stumbled to their feet. I followed Jack, and we made our way to the beach.

The walk to the beach was calming, and I found myself enjoying the hustle and bustle that made up LA. The guys were all engaged in conversation, and I was busy taking all of LA in; the buildings, the people, the atmosphere.

“So, what’s your favorite kind of ice cream?” I turned to where the voice was coming from, and saw Nate standing there.

“Hmmm, I’d have to say either chocolate or mint chocolate chip. Why?” I asked him, his steps matching with mine.

“Well, I need to figure out what kind of ice cream I’m going to buy you” He said, flashing me a smile, his dimple becoming prominent. I swooned internally before flashing him a smile of my own.

As we walked up to the beach, I made a beeline for the ice cream place in my view; I had an insane sweet tooth, and ice cream was one of my favorites. Nate followed closely behind, and got in line with me.

“What’s your favorite?” I asked him.

“I’m more of a classic vanilla type of guy” He replied, taking a step forward and ordering for both of us. He pulled out a 10 before I could even protest and paid for ice cream. I wondered what his intentions were before shoving the thought out of my mind. Nate handed me my ice cream, and I took a giant lick, getting mint chocolate chip ice cream on my chin. Nate laughed and reached forward, wiping it away.

“Guess someone got a little excited” He said, using his thumb to wipe it away. Electricity shot through my body at his touch, and I wondered if he could feel it too. His eyes looked intently into mine, and before I could answer, I heard someone calling my name.

“Y/N, wanna come walk on the beach with us?” Sammy called out to me. I turned to Nate, who had a look of jealousy in his eyes before turning back to Sammy.

“We’ll be right there” I said, reaching my hand out for Nate’s and pulling him with me, towards the rest of the guys.


“Okay, I have to go now. Goodbye, Wirt!”

Over the Garden the Wall was just so beautiful, and I thought it was about time to make a Greg to go with our Wirt closplay. I picked an off-white blouse and high waisted off-green shorts to mimic his outfit. Instead of a black bow tie, I gave him a black frog necklace for Jason Funderburker (the pet, not the human of course). A tea pot bracelet is for the tea pot he wears on top of his head. Finally, I added some black earrings for his big black eyes and a brown satchel to match his.

{Look like Gregory!}