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Making the wand from Daoko's MV: Girl (the easy way)

Here’s a recent tutorial from my blog, enjoy~:

Hihihi I forgot to write a post last month but here’s another cosplay tutorial to make up for it ><!

I don’t know if any of you reading this knows but one of my first cosplans of the year is to cosplay the character from Daoko’s MV: Girl.

This time instead of making it, I decided to buy almost all of the cosplay, excluding the wand, due to time constraint.

And I had to crack my head to think of a way to make the wand, I wasn’t going to go into 3D printing or something fancy…it was difficult.
But my sudden spark of geniusness helped me create it! (Lol) here’s the tutorial:

Materials/Tools you will need:

*paper/polystyrene balls (20mm)
*bamboo skewer
*bandage (secret ingredient!!)
*masking tape
*craft(funky) foam
*acrylic gesso
*pva glue
*scissors (obvs)
*glue gun
*craft knife


1) draw a rough sketch of the base of the wand on paper, for reference, I wanted mine to be around an A4 sized paper long:

2) take the paper balls and skewer them through your bamboo skewer so it looks like this (be sure to leave space at the top of the skewer to stick the star on!):

(Btw that was the brand of paper balls I was using, you might find it at your local art store? i’m not too sure…)

3) use a roll of bandage to wrap around the balls (excluding the second ball) untill it becomes this shape:

4) then use masking tape to wrap around the parts you’ve just bandaged.

5) use newspaper to paper mache at least 3 layers, to the same two parts of the wand you’ve put masking tape on, and then, when dried, apply the gesso (which also might need more than one layer)

6) and tada~ your base for the wand is done!

(Sorry this pic has been cropped lel)

7) you can then mix up some pink paint and colour it but I decided to colour it after making the star part of the wand.


1) print and cut out the template for the star. I used the original image and made the image 20cm wide on Word and then printed it out.

2) put your template onto the craft foam, trace and cut. (Use a sharp craft knife for a sharper edges/finish, I was lazy and hence I had rough edges on the inside of my star.)

3) cut strips of the craft foam, about 1.8cm wide, and use the hot glue gun to glue the strips to the inside of one of the star, as shown:

(Careful not to put too much glue on as it will come out of the edges and give you an unclean finish, if it does happen, try pull some of it away when its warm, or, cut it away using a craft knife when cooled)

4) then take your other star, and carefully stick the inner part of the star onto strip of the other star (lol hope this makes sense), so it looks like this:

5) stick all the edges together, leaving a gap on the inner corners of one of the star to stick the skewer into. Like this:

6) and if you haven’t already, paint the base of the wand and then brush with a layer of PVA glue for a nice, shiny finish! :D

And here is your magical wand~~~

(Here’s is a picture of my cosplay taken by my cousin @kourisane (on ig) )

Feel free to comment if you have any questions~
Hope you found this tutorial helpful and happy cosplaying! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚


► The Bachelor: A Berry Sweet Quest for Love

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In this season of ‘’The Bachelor’’: Pilly Weeping Willow is looking for his happily ever after and is starting his quest to find his true love! Pilly will need 7 contestants of all sexes!

Still interested? Read the guidelines below on how to sign up for Pilly’s quest for love!

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Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas

It was rather terrifying to be in a new state. Nico had no relatives nearby, no friends. By some wonderful miracle, however, he found out that his father’s old coworker- a man Nico had never met- lived in the city as well. He was younger than his father, but much older than Nico.

The man had recognized Nico because he apparently looked almost identical to his father. Nico simply had a slightly darker tone to his skin. Of course, Nico had asked his father to verify. The last thing he needed was some random man trying to kidnap him.

It was nice to get out of the university. After a week and a couple days of being so far from home, it was nice to get out and see the small city. He had been feeling so stuck and so homesick, he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to survive another week, much less the next few months.

Again though, it was a miracle that Nico had run into this man. He had light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a childish smile. He had a beard which varied between blond and brown hair. “Yeah, it was pretty hard for me when I came down here,” he was telling Nico as they ate breakfast at a diner. Breakfast at a diner. That had to be a paradox if Nico ever heard one.

Nico chided himself for tuning the man, Lester, out. He focused again. “-so lonely. I’d get lost. Thankfully though I’ve been here a handful of years. I know the layout. I can drive you around.”

“Thanks. It means a lot,” Nico answered with a smile.

“Have you made any friends?” Nico looked up from his waffles and arched an eyebrow. “Ah, that was a dumb question.” Nico smiled and rolled his eyes and continued to eat. “You know who you’d really get along with?” he suddenly said excitedly.

“Um… no?” Nico answered, wincing.

“My son! He’s about your age, maybe a year older.” Nico hesitated, unsure of whether he really wanted to bother trying to make friends. He was never really good at it. His dad would tell him it would change when he got to college, that there would be a whole new variety of people, and some of them would be like Nico. So far, though, no such luck.

He chewed carefully, trying to figure out to explain. “I don’t… really get along with people my age.”

Lester was scrolling through his phone. “Trust me, Will gets along with everyone. He’s a good kid. Works hard, smiles a bunch, pretty smart.”

“Are you trying to help me make a friend or get a boyfriend?” Nico joked.

Lester however shrugged. “I mean, if you go that way, that could work too.” Nico started choking on his waffle and Lester glanced at him. “Was that inappropriate?” he questioned as Nico coughed away. Lester pushed his orange juice toward him and Nico drank from it, half choking. “You look red. Did I hit a nerve?”

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This is an avocado deep conditioner I made. THE LIFE IT GAVE MY CURLS, WOW. 👏👏👏


I mashed two avocados (I boiled them because they were waaay too hard)

Then I added lemon juice (about 2 or 3 tablespoons)

Then olive oil (maybe about ¼ cup… Maybe more)

And honey.

I didn’t use exact measurements, I just added until I thought it was enough. I also poured a bit of the water the avocados were boiled in into the mix.

I ended up using ½ of it, and it was great. I added conditioner to the second half so we’ll see if it works even better with the added ingredients.

My hair is noticeably softer and more manageable. The curls are tighter and more beautiful and I loooove it. Sorry I forgot to take a picture before I braided my hair.

When you apply, make sure you get a good amount in. It’s a bit messy and mine was chunky so it may be hard. I quickly got it in, put on a shower cap, applied heat from a handheld dryer for about ¾ minutes. Let it set for about 15-20 minutes, add heat again, and then set for about 5-10 more minutes before washing it out. Afterwards, I put some conditioner infused with Argan and Moroccan oil (which is why I decided to add conditioner to the second ½ of the batch, washed that out, and I could IMMEDIATELY see a difference.

Refrigerate the remainder of the conditioner and when you apply, do it to FRESHLY WASHED AND WET HAIR.

anonymous asked:

i am a boy, i'm gay, i have brown hair w green tips, brown eyes, tan skin, skinny frame and five foot four. i love to draw, i constantly doodle everywhere. i'm usually quiet around new people but i will never shut up when i get comfy. i tend to be flirty (only using bad puns n pick up lines lmao) and i'm quite lazy. i'm funny, self-deprecating, loyal, clingy, caring and very affectionate. i also have terrible anxiety and insecurities, and validation is my kink B)

I ship you with: Luke Skywalker

He’d be super interested in your drawing and would make you feel really comfortable and loved. He wouldn’t mind you being clingy, because he’s equally so. He’d be super affectionate and loving and always make you feel valued. 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you were able to ship me with someone from Shadowhunters & PLL I'm an averaged height girl with waist long brown hair with green tips and have brown eyes. I love reading and I am a fairly bubbly person who loves being social. Thank you 😊

sure thing x gifs might be attached later. 

Clary Fray: She actually would notice your hair style first. She’d personally love to try new things, but her hair color makes it difficult to actually dye properly. She wouldn’t grow tired when you talk a lot and actually adore your sincere nature.

Jason DiLaurentis: Same here. He would listen to you and smile the whole time. He actually hates ignorant people and appreciates your social ‘skills’.