green grow the lilacs

@gregoryhouse Oklahoma! is an old-ass musical that was based on a play called Green Grow the Lilacs.

This play was written by a gay man and used a het romance with a tragic ending as an allegory of how shitty and lonely and terrifying it was to be gay in Oklahoma in 1900. Based on his personal experience.

The play is mostly forgotten now except that Rodgers and Hammerstein turned it into a musical and (naturally) gave the het couple a happy ending, which made it super popular. Earlier today I linked to like a dozen places in Sherlock (and especially TAB) that are like. Blatantly taken from the 1955 Oklahoma! movie. And I mean like. ALL of TAB is ripped from Oklahoma!.

Using the happy Oklahoma! romantic arc for Johnlock means that means that an actual gay couple finally gets that Rodgers and Hammerstein happy ending that was supposed to be gay to begin with.

Two gay stories that need fixing fixed in one mega gay story.

“and as a follow-up, i just wanted to say personally that i was really tickled by your nods to the opiate-dream ballet of oklahoma! in TAB, and i was curious if either of you saw any other similarities between sherlock and either oklahoma! or the play green grow the lilacs, on which the musical is based” *eye emoji*

mark, if you’re writing this arg as you go: quit sending me codes, come to my house, take me to lunch, look me in the face, explain to me the significance of green grow the lilacs to you personally, slip me the lost special on a usb drive, and put me out of my misery. 

and bring bunsen

*lying on the floor in the center of the room* i can’t believe stephen fucking sondheim himself in the flesh dropped a gourmet morsel like “Green Grow The Lilacs is a very bleak play about homosexuality. Would you get that from Oklahoma!? I don’t think so.” in the middle of an interview and there’s absolutely no sign of anyone in the almost TEN intervening years following up on that 🚬😑


Green Grow The Lilacs - The Originals (Green Grow The Lilacs, 1969)