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The Witches Ladder

Witches ladders (also known as witch’s ladders) are a type of knot magic that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are commonly made by braiding or knotting cords together while incorporating other materials that represent the intention of the creator. Witches ladders can be easily customized for every practitioner and used for nearly any purpose, making them a very versatile and convenient talisman to create. Witches ladders can be used for purposes like attracting or manifesting things, creating a more positive environment, warding off negative entities or energies, protecting yourself or others, or banishing certain behaviors or individuals, just to name a few.

To make a basic witches ladder, you will need:

- Several cords of equal length in colors of your choice

- Whatever materials you choose to weave into the cords (such as feathers, bones, herbs, hair, flowers, seashells, ribbons, beads, hag stones, sticks, crystals, keys, charms, etc.)

Optional but helpful:

- Tape

- A ruler

Some other ideas: You can incorporate pieces of paper with sigils drawn on them, drawstring bags filled with herbs or crystals, or personal symbolic items that have been made from clay or another material. If you are making a witches ladder for an individual, you may wish to include a taglock (a personal item that is strongly associated with the target) to further bond the person to the talisman. Taglocks may include hair, jewelry, etc. Depending on your practice, you may wish to incorporate numerology into your witches ladder by using a specific number of knots, number of cords, or number of items used.

For my witches ladder, I used thick dark green yarn, twine, seashells, goose feathers, ribbon, a pine cone, and a sand dollar. I chose to arrange my goose feathers with the smallest ones at the top and the largest ones at the bottom. I also decided to make a double witches ladder purely for aesthetic reasons, but you can stick to one or make as many as you want.

Creating the witches ladder

1. Start by gathering your materials and getting your cords ready to knot or braid. It may help to tie the cords together on one end and tape the knotted end to a table or another surface. I found that doing so helps to prevent the cords from getting tangled in the process and it helps maintain a nice tension while braiding.

2. As you braid or knot your cords, begin adding your chosen materials. You may wish to recite something or chant as you are doing this, but it is not necessary. Depending on how many items you are using, you may wish to space them out evenly. For this, a ruler may come in handy. In my own experience, I have found that certain materials such as feathers, herbs, flowers, and certain bones can be difficult to braid around. It may be helpful to braid the cords first and then insert your objects into the braid later on.

3. Continue braiding or knotting until you have made your witches ladder as long as you would like it. To finish your witches ladder, you may choose to simply tie off the cords, or you may choose to add something extra to the end. I chose to add a pine cone and ribbon to one of my witches ladders, and a sand dollar to the other. Finish off your witches ladder however you see fit.

4. Hang your witches ladder. You may wish to hang it near a doorway in your home, near your bed, or even outside. The best location for your talisman will depend on both it’s intended purpose and your personal preference. If you have cats or other mischievous pets, it may be a good idea to hang your witches ladder up high or out of their reach.


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Les couleurs

Les basiques.

- light : clair / claire

- dark : foncé / foncée, sombre

- white : blanc / blanche

- black : noir / noire

- gray : gris / grise

- brown : marron

- beige : beige

- blue : bleu / bleue

- green : vert / verte

- yellow : jaune

- orange : orange

- pink : rose

- red : rouge

- purple : violet

Les nuances.

- golden : doré / dorée

- silver : argenté / argentée 

- coppery : cuivré / cuivrée

- sky blue : bleu ciel 

- navy blue : bleu marine

- peacock blue : bleu canard

- apple green : vert pomme

- lime green : citron vert

- anise : vert anis

- bottle green : vert bouteille

- khaki : kaki

- mustard : moutarde

- honey : miel

- yellow green : vert caca d’oie (”goose poo green”)

- ochre : ocre

- coral : corail

- rapsberry : framboise

- carmine : carmin

- purple-red : pourpre

- lavender : lavande

Les couleurs de cheveux.

- brown : châtain

- dark brown : brun / brune

- black : noir

- blond : blond / blonde

- red : roux / rousse 

Just in case people are still defending Eva Marie as a wrestler, I would like to point something out:

Five years ago, Alexa Bliss was a former cheerleader and bodybuilder who even competed at the Arnold Classic. When she started in NXT, she was green as goose shit and was, apart from being kind of endearing, very vanilla on all accounts.

Five years later, she is one of the hottest (figuratively and literally) wrestlers in the WWE. She can work, she can cut promos, she oozes charisma and personality and is genuinely interesting.

That is an example of someone who is passionate about the business and wants to hone their craft. Eva Marie was and is not.

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  • Host: yo iggy, give us 16 real quick
  • Iggy: *sips drink*
  • Iggy: y'all ain't ready fo' dis
  • Iggy: Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guave juice,
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Sgt. Donnel! Sir, what if Rhodie is secretly a spy for one your boss' enemies and is making up the whole Errantblood thing?

From Sgt. Donnel: “Then she’s a terrible spy who just wasted several weeks of her boss’ time on a damn camping trip acting like a gormless pup than learning anything of value about the Order, or Meister Silberschmidt for that matter. The gel’s green as goose shit, but she ain’t malevolent and I don’t know a spy so dedicated to their act they’d wander a forest the size of the Grand starkers in hopes of finding a handful of people patrolling. 

 Also, Pritch can see the magic hanging off Rhodie. He says it moves like Errantblood, I’m willing to take the man’s word for it.”

“… but.. I… I’m not gormless…..”

Boeing Chinook HC.1, call-sign ‘Bravo November’ (serial ZA718), of No 18 Squadron RAF being flown by Squadron Leader Dick Langworthy, brings supplies to Fitzroy at sunset. Bravo November played a key role in the taking of the Fitzroy settlement, transporting 156 paratroopers from Goose Green.