green glowing

In the Void

You were surrounded by darkness. You lifted your hand but couldn’t see it in front of your face. The only thing you were certain was that there was solid ground beneath you as you shuffled your feet. You could hear you heartbeat thumping in your ears. Wherever you were had a chill in the air. You had only taken a few steps before you heard a short but high pitched cackle. A jolt of fear pulsed from the pit of your stomach, surging through your whole body. You froze on the spot, scared to take another step. Your heart thrummed frantically. You could feel your legs starting to shake.
“Be calm” said a voice in the black. A glowing green outline of a figure emerged. It walked towards you, the glow around it grew brighter as the figure became more detailed. When it stopped you saw a man. His left eye glowed the same colour as the energy around him. You couldn’t make out any more detail but did see a flash of a sharp toothed grin. Your breathing quickened, you could sense the man’s power. There was a pressure to it. He definitely wasn’t human.

You pulled your arms in tightly into your sides sides as he loomed over you.
“P-please” you said in a barely audible tone. “I don’t know how I got here”
A low hum came from the man before he spoke.
“Interestin’” He said in a rough, gravelly voice  "I don’t get many humans visitin’ the void.“ His glowing eye fixed on your frightened ones and he gripped your hunched shoulders. "Stay still, I wanna get a good look at ya”
You gulped at his words before nodding. His eye was mesmerising, you couldn’t help but be drawn to it. You saw his right eye glint a bright blue and it felt like he was piercing your very soul with just his gaze. An unnerving silence fell between you and the man. The seconds he held his stare felt like an eternity. He let out a short chuckle as straightened up.
“Are ya scared?”
You wanted to say yes but your voice failed you.
You let out a squeak and quickly nodded.
“Good. Ya should be. I don’t usually take too kindly to trespassers.”
“I-I” your heart pounded, it’s all you could hear as the figure drew close to you once again. He put a hand on top of your head, you flinched and shut your eyes tightly.
“But it seems I’m in a forgiving mood, a trait I’m tryin’ to get rid of ever since I took over this body.” He growled.
You let out a whimper, not daring to open your eyes.
“Don’t worry, I ain’t gonna hurt'cha. I saw the truth when I looked at ya. My host has some balls, I’ll give him that. Who’d have thought he’d have the strength to call for someone”
You could hear a faint but familiar voice somewhere calling for help.
The man laughed as he heard it too.
“Still got some fight in him.”
“Who are you?” you asked
“The name’s Anti.” He kept a firm grip on top of your head “and yer far too late to help him”
“JACK!” you didn’t say anymore. You saw nothing but Anti’s green glow before blacking out.

You bolted awake, breathing heavily. You felt sweat on your back as you sat up. You felt your head throb and groaned. You looked around and saw you were in your room, the warmth of your bed was a welcoming feeling and made the darkness surrounding you less imposing. However the relief was short. Your thoughts turned to the void. Was it a dream? You’ve never had such dreams in the past, not even your nightmares felt that real. The quiet of the night was broken and you shuddered when we heard something in the dark. A quiet cackle somewhere in the shadows of your room.
“You weren’t dreamin’. He’s gone” it echoed around the walls and inside your head. “You and the others, you made this happen”
“No!” You protested.
Anti laughed gleefully
“It’s all your fault.”
You felt your eyes getting heavy even though you had no desire to sleep.
“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him”
Your body fell back against your will.
“Sleep knowing you caused this”
Your eyes closed and you felt yourself drifting out of consciousness

“Ş̼̳̎ͣ͑ͫ͌͟͝w̸̥̣̲̳͙͙̫̩̆͊̽̅e̿̐̏͏̫͕͔̹̬̣̮̲̪ę͈̱̖̺̜̙͓̾͑͗̍ͧ̐̚͝t̖̖̔͆̅̓ͤ͞ ̝̲̝̎̌̊͛D̥̪̹̘̖̜͓ͦ̑ͨ̅͐̈r̯͍͙̬̼̬̍͡ͅe̋ͦͭͨ̋ͫ̅͏̝̥̼̦͉̝͠a̸ͥ͗͐̚͝͏̺m̪̣̲̻̩̠͒ͯͮ̐s̋̃̌҉̟̬̲̳̖”

okay so this is the first time I’ve used this headcanon.

But basically the idea is that Glimglam is a mad genius when it comes to magic and that she mixes spells and it allows her to get away with more Dark Magic than Twilight probably realizes. Because she doesn’t take on the “evil wizard with green/red” glowing eyes that most dark magic users have in the show. 

I’ll have more about it soon, based on a long theory I read a while back that I found actually pretty thought-provoking and makes her interesting as a spellcrafter. 

But just now in Komisch she just annihilated a tree instead of just setting it on fire or turning it to dust. Pretty dark stuff. It blew up and killed all life that was living inside of it. Like it was specifically designed to be cruel.


I am so in love with my new hair, which as an added bonus, glows under black light. ❤️
My hairdresser is amazingly talented.

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