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Gigantic Wind Turbines Signal Era of Subsidy-Free Green Power
Offshore wind turbines are about to become higher than the Eiffel Tower, allowing the industry to supply subsidy-free clean power to the grid on a massive scale for the first time.

Just one giant 15-megawatt turbine would produce power more cheaply than five 3-megawatt machines, or even two with an 8-megawatt capacity. That’s because bigger turbines can produce the same power from a fewer number of foundations and less complex grid connections. The wind farm’s layout can be made more efficient, and fewer machines means less maintenance.

There’s a whole world to discover in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary tidepools! 

These are giant green anemones, which can often be spotted in the rocky tidepools lining the sanctuary. Their brilliant green color comes from symbiotic algae that live within their tissues! 

(Photo: Shawn Sheltren/NPS)

Matt The Shance Captain

So a little while ago I saw a post from @sir-scandalous talking to someone about how Matt would totally support Shance, and I decided to ask if I could make a short minific on it. I was told yes as long as I linked it to them ;) so here ya go, Sir! Matt as Captain Shance!


He really only noticed it a few days after he and Shiro had been reunited with the rest of the Paladins and all the information had processed. (He was still a little panicked about Katie being in space flying a giant green lion, what was up with that?!?) The Blue Paladin, Lance, was a pretty cool guy to hang around with. Matt had actually seen him around a few times at the Garrison, usually hanging around the big guy, Hunk.

The realization came like a staff to the face one night after dinner, if you could call green goo “dinner”. It was the way Lance acted in Shiro’s presence when the scarred man wasn’t looking, soft eyes and quiet sighs and tugging lightly at his sleeves or shirt, scuffing a foot lazily against the ground, quick glances away when the elder turned in his direction, the tiny smile from staring at him after a while. The signs of unrequited pining. Matt nearly choked on air when he processed this info a few hours later on his way to the training deck that night.

He shrugged off Keith’s concerns and decided to question Katie about it. Sure enough, less than an hour later he confirmed his earlier theory. Katie said that Lance looked up to Shiro, idolized him, though he knew he had his flaws but could care less, at least unless it affected the team in a negative way. No doubt about it. Lance had a huge ass crush on Shiro.
Matt grinned. More observation on the two targets was needed before he could attempt anything, but by the end of the month, you could bet your quiznaking necks he was going to figure out a way to make Lance into Shiro’s space boyfriend.

What kind of friend would he be if he didn’t help his pals get some? Lord knows the last time Shiro got laid, or god forbid have a fucking date for once. Whistling cheerfully, he headed off to gather more information instead of his original plan of messing with the Gladiator on the training deck. Priorities first!


Wheezes oh god I hope this was okay!!!! But Matt would definitely scheme a way for Shance to be canon, maybe even Pidge and Keith get in on this, planning meticulously for weeks in order to get Lance and Shiro together~ a good idea, no? I had fun with this, hope you enjoyed! :3