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When They Realised They Loved You (Avengers Preferences)

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Request; none, but if you have any preferences requests (ideally something positive or cheery bc it’s christmas my hoes)

Warnings;  none ur good

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve realised he loved you when he wasn’t afraid around you anymore. He lived in a world where anyone at any time could be out to get him, or even kill him, but when he was by your side, it seemed like you were the only person in the world that could make him stop being on edge all the time and actually take a breath for the first time since he got out the ice.

(a/n I was gonna say defrosted but he’s not a chicken fillet so it sounded odd)

Tony Stark/Ironman

Tony realised he loved you when you didn’t stop him doing stupid shit and actually started joining in. Bungee jumping off the Empire State? No problem. Throwing paint balls at a giant green rage monster? Excellent. He needed a literal partner in crime, and the fact you guys were an item made it all the better.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Bucky realised he loved you when he saw a definitive future with you. Everything in his life was uncertain and a bit messy, but you promised you would never leave and for once, he believed the words.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

It took Sam ages before he even began to think about it. After coming home from the war, helping Captain America and getting tied up with stuff he sometimes struggled to believe, going on a date seemed to become simply a distant thought. But when you, his new co worker and eventual best friend, started trying to set him up, he began thinking about what he wanted in a partner. And you popped into his head.

Thor Odinson

Thor wasn’t used to being treated like a non-royal - No one was rude to him or ever told him what to do. That was until he met you, and you weren’t afraid to tell him when he was being a stupid oaf. One day when you were snappy with him for something, he realised he loved you. Why? You treated him like a human, not a God or anyone higher, and it was just what he needed.

Bruce Banner

Bruce felt everyone was cautious around him. Even Tony, his best friend and self proclaimed science bro, seemed mildly on edge around him. He realised he loved you when you trusted him and treated him like an actual human and not an unpredictable grenade.

Clint Barton 

Clint realised he loved you when he would take time out his job for you. He was metaphorically married to his job and it had become his life in every sense of the word. So when he didn’t hesitate to take a day off to spend time with you, he realised you must be pretty damn important to him to.

Natasha Romanoff

Natasha was a complicated person - She had only ever opened up to Clint. When you met, the first she said was that she only trusted people she loved, and that she never loved anyone, therefore never trusting anyone. So one day a while later when she realised she trusted you, it clicked in her mind.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda knew she loved you when you told her you weren’t scared of her mutation. She was capable of brilliant and destructive things and you were never weary around her. She knew she had found someone special when she didn’t feel different or alienated anymore.

Pietro Maximoff

Pietro knew he loved you when he was willing to slow down for you. He’d been on a high ever since he got his powers and refused to slow done for anything or anyone, but when he slowed down and stopped running like a mad man just to spend a few moments with you, he realised how important you truly were.


In Box” at Giant Robot.

In Box” is a group exhibition currently on display at GR2 in Los Angeles, California of artwork contained in a 12″ x 12″ box and was curated by artist Audrey Kawasaki.  In the show, which was incredibly well curated by Kawasaki, every artist was given a simple wooden box to let their imaginations run wild. The results are stellar.  Artists above: Nomi Chi, Audrey Kawasaki, Tran Nguyen, Edwin Ushiro, Kristina Collantes, Kelsey Beckett and Amy Sol.

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“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” -Tolkien

Edit: The indiegogo is now closed! Thank you to everyone who donated for the art perk and the other perks, your generosity will go on to save and better lives of others around the world!

This little comic is the last P4A perk I have to upload- this one took me the longest to paint but it was my favorite to do. Project for Awesome is one of the great things about our community, but what makes it special is not just the money raised. I think what this community is able to accomplish in its unity is remarkable, and I think that we are proof that an internet community can be so much more than words on a screen. I don’t think the majority of people any time soon will be able to understand online community, I don’t know that I fully understand it because it is so constantly evolving… but what I do know is that communities like this are a source of positivity and support, and in our often dark world I for one appreciate the light. Hopefully the comic’s meaning is clear. 

I just want to thank each of you who have taken the time to look at or share my work, particularly in the last few days, it means much more to me than I could ever really express!