green giant

I made laundry detergent today!!! It smells amazing in our house right now because of this!! That red container is a gallon container and the green bowl is giant!! And you only use a TBSP at a time…so we will have detergent forever!! All for $26.50!!

I’ve also made 16 cups of pizza sauce (less than $6) overnight in the One Pot!!

I also made a batch of salsa and guacamole last night too.

And I’ve done laundry. Dishes. Cleaned/swept/vacuumed the living room. I’m trying to be productive, even with 2 sick kids (thanks first week of school germs) and not feeling great myself!!

Now I need to get great to go grab Patrick, finish folding laundry, and maybe go to the informational town hall tonight on post if Aaron gets off in time (I’m not taking 3 kids to something like that alone, haha). But I hope we go, I want the information and to run to the commissary without sick kids with me. Good times!!


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