green giant

superluigitime asked:

A green pipe appeared and a green man was launched out of it. Luigi: Where am I?

She jumped in surprise at the sudden appearance of a giant green pipe and a guy wearing green popping out of it. “Definitely not where you were trying to get to. I’m not even sure where this is. So welcome to somewhere.”

i just have a hard time believing that every time bruce banner turns into the hulk that his pants just happen to stay firmly on his body

like thank god im always wearing my XXXXL elastic pants cause who knows when i might hulk out god damn thank the lord for these pants god forbid my giant green penis gets revealed and is just slapping back and fourth between my meaty green thighs 

i mean who wants to see giant sweaty green balls bouncing around crazy, him jumpin across the city, his dong just slamming into cop cars, like damn that thing is a fuckin tree trunk and is a third arm right there. you really afraid of hulks right hook? or are you afraid of his cock hook, i mean whats worse getting a fist to the face or a hairy green PENIS to your face. 

i think were missing out on some fun here with all these movies and comics keeping his iconic purple pants on. just hear me out i mean just hear me out guys

so the avengers are all together fighting, call in for bruce to fight, and youre just trying to focus on shooting your arrows or blasting bad guys but out of the corner of your eye you see this veiny veridian voracious COCK dragging at you at unknown speeds. 

do you remember watchmen??? great movie. yeah great movie, loved it. every god damn scene dr manhattan was in it i had to look right at his dong. had to. its not bothersome, nonoonno its great its just i had to look at it. i fucking counted the number of times his penis is shown 36 times. 36 times his dick is on the screen. imagine hulks penis 36 times in a movie. imagine trying to fight a guy with his dick hangin out. i just want you to imagine hulks penis

thats really what im getting at imagine a giant green penis. 

i mean him and jolly green giant green bean man would make an interesting porno cause that guy likes to wear suspiciously short togas, and i think you know where im going with this


REACH   Contradiction & You Try To Do Your Best (Live 1998)

So apparently, I’ll forever be single because I’m 6’
A guy has confirmed this.
Because according to him, guys like shorter girls. He didn’t say it, but it was insinuated.
Not forgetting his reaction to my height being ‘oh shit…’ So nice.
He also said ‘Good luck in finding your Green Giant’.

Where IS my Green Giant? He doesn’t have to be green, but I can understand if he has to come from another planet.

But really.
Where is my Green Giant? My manraffe. Yes. A man who is also a giraffe.




Mermaid’s Wine glasses - Acetabularia acetabulum 

These structures with aspect of satellite dishes are in fact green algae scientifically named Acetabularia acetabulum (Dasycladales - Polyphysaceae), and incredibly, each is a gigantic, single-celled organism

In general, single-celled organisms are very small, but Acetabularia acetabulum can grow to 10 cm. This implies that it is a giant green alga, and because of these characteristics and some other remarkable particularities, is considered as a model organism that is widely used in genetic and molecular studies.

These algae, which are found in subtropical seas, consist of a slender stalk that is usually attached to a rock surface by a rhizoid and which ends in a lobate umbrella-like cap. A large nucleus (50 − 120 μm in diameter) is located at the rhizoid. This nucleus divides repeatedly as the alga matures and the daughter nuclei are carried upward by cytoplasmic streaming to end up in each of the lobes of the cap.

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Photo credits: [Top: ©Antoni López-Arenas | Locality: Cala del Torrent del Pi, l'Ametlla de Mar, Catalonia, 2009] - [Bottom: ©Philipp Kanstinger | Locality: Mediterranean Sea, Greece, 2006]