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100 ways to incorporate magick in your daily life. 

I understand that these are not exactly all witchy but this is about intergreting your everyday life in your practice and appreciating as well as finding magick in the most mundane and simple things that we often miss out on. ♡

1. When you wake up, before grabbing your phone or getting out of bed, take a few seconds to breathe, and stretch all your limbs.

2. Say ‘’thank you’’ to your god/goddess/deity, or simply to acknowledge how lucky you are to live another day.

3. Open the window regardless of the weather and take a big breath of fresh air. This will not only cleanse the room but also your body. 

4. If it’s raining outside or snowing, take a minute to admire the beauty of it. 

5. Pick wildflowers (please don’t pick any endangered flowers or toxic ones, do your research).

6. Dry said wildflowers and put them in your Book of Shadows or any book or journal you are using.

7. Go for a walk in nature during the day and during the night as well. 

8. Sunbathe.

9. Moonbathe.

10. Light lots of candles.

11. If your room needs a cleaning, try to make your own household products naturally using your favorite scents and clean your room with them. 

12. Change your bed sheets and pillowcases.

13. If you have a clothing line, hang your clothes, blankets, sheets, comforters, pillowcases, underwear outside. Visualize the wind cleansing them. 

14. Grow your own favorite herbs. 

15. Buy a succulent. 

16. Dry your herbs and save them for bath magick, spells, teas or rituals. 

17. Sweep the floor and visualize yourself sweeping off all negativity out of the room. 

18. Sprinkle sea salt over areas that you feel have a negative energy to purify them.

19. Make your own purifying/cleansing spray. 

20. Take a hot, soothing bath. I am a sea witch so I find this particularly helpful when I miss the ocean/the beach. (Don’t forget to add herbs, essential oils, sea salt, flowers, crystals, or anything that has magickal properties for a magickal bath)

21. Sip a cup of your favorite herbal tea.

22. For kitchen witches, try brewing your own tea, and cooking meals with intention and magickal ingredients.

23. Make charm bags. 

24. Water your herb garden by hand. 

25. Show the people you love that you love them.

26. Show some love to your pets and spend a few extra minutes with them. 

27. Light up your favorite incense.

28. Keep a small bag of your favorite herb (for example: lavender) in a drawer, so when you feel stressed, just pop the bag open for a deep breath of calming aromatherapy. 

29. When you take a shower, visualize the water neutralizing your energy and washing off all the bad stuff. 

30. Bless your morning coffee or tea.

31. Keep a daily journal, whether it’s a Book of Shadows, a daily planner/organizer or a dream journal. 

32. If you wanna be low-key and discrete about your craft, draw small sigils all over everything. Your school notebooks, pencil cases, journals, shoes, etc. 

33. Read lots of books about magick and form your own opinion/path/views/beliefs.

34. If you read fictional stories, allow yourself to get lost in them and let your mind wander and escape. 

35. Put on your favorite clothes, makeup, shoes, or whatever little thing that makes you feel fabulous, even if you’re staying in. 

36. Be proud of your body.

37. Practice self-care.

38. Take time to unplug and spend time with yourself. (that includes smartphones, iPads, laptops, tablets, desktops, and all electronics/little gadgets we lug around on a daily basis.)

39. Go to the beach

40. Go to the forest.

41. Go to the desert. 

42. Go to the mountains. 

43. If it’s warm outside, make a bonfire and admire the flames. If it’s winter and you have a fireplace, light it up. 

44. Go somewhere you’ve never visited before. 

45. Go camping if you can, by yourself or with friends. 

46. Stargaze.

47. Breathe.

48. Dance.

49. Dance in the rain.

50. Sing.

51. Go outside on a snowstorm.

52. Plant a vegetable garden, even if it’s just a pot of tomatoes. 

53. Walk barefoot and feel the earth under your feet.

54. Pull weeds.

55. Adopt an animal from the shelter.

56. Practice yoga.

57. Eat healthy, but if you wanna eat that last piece of cake, do it. Life is short.

58. Exercise.

59. Start a new hobby.

60. Mix your own perfume.

61.Make your own candle.

62. Make your own essential oil.

63. Make your own soap. 

64. Lay down and listen to your favorite music. (Mine is video music, it’s just soothing for me.

65. Take a day just for you without answering the phone.

66. Pick dandelions and make a wish.

67. Carry crystals/stones with your in your pocket. 

68. Learn how to do tarot readings.

69. Collect rain, sun, snow water.

70. Plant lavender or rosemary for protection and luck. 

71. Bless your kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and wooden spoons, that all the food you make with them will promote healing and love. 

72. Charge your crystals under the full moon. 

73. Have tantric sex with a loving partner. 

74. Carve sigils into the sand at the beach and let the tides release them into the universe.

75. Re-arrange your altar. 

76. Keep track of your sleep and menstrual cycles and moods to see how the moon phases affect you.

77. Be open minded to the retrogrades.

78. Go outside on any phase of the moon and take in all its beauty. 

79. Keep your pendulum with you as a necklace so you’re always ready to do a little scrying. 

80. Burn sage or cedar first thing in the morning to start your day off fresh.

81. Look for constellations and learn them. 

82. Paint sigils on your mailbox.

83. Hang wood chimes, or a silver bell on your front door knob for luck.

84. Tuck a sprig of lavender under your pillow before bed to promote peaceful sleep. 

85. Watch a meteor shower with someone you care about.

86. Buy new candles. 

87. Water your plants in your garden counterclockwise to banish negativity from the space.

88. Paint your nails a color associated with the intention of your spell or ritual before you begin so that your hands become your wand. 

89. Plant red geraniums by your front door as this is a traditional sign of witches.

90. Bless more than water and crystals on the night of the full moon: set out your essential oils, nail polish, or a special bottle of champagne too. 

91. Dry your vegetables or plants and incorporate them into a charm bag. 

92. Wash your windows with moon water for extra clarity.

93. Use sun water when you brew tea for a magickal experience. 

94. Stir sugar into your tea or coffee with intention, willing sweetness into your day and life. 

95. Draw sigils or write a brief protection spell on the inside of your dog or cat’s collar.

96. Soak in a milk bath (or just soak your fingers in a bowl of warm milk) on the full moon to embrace the feminine energy. Plus you’ll come away with silky, soft skin. 

97.Hang up palmistry and astrology charts in your home for easy reference and pretty, witchy decor. 

98. Line your windowsills with protective crystals. 

99. Make censing sticks for the seasons, using chamomile buds for spring, lavender for summer, sage for fall and pine for winter. 

100. Just be you and love yourself. Don’t forget you are made of stardust. You are magickal and amazing.

Plant Diary 7/1/18 🌿🌱

This is my happy place ❤️ part one of my indoor garden. I’ve got my record player there but it’s a bit overwhelmed with my pilea and my monstera deliciosa at the moment! 13 different types of plants and my collection is always growing! This display is in a west facing window and is doing really really well.

moorfields♏ - follow for plants, witchcraft and pale grunge  ♀

Flowers for types of witches🌺🌻🌼🌹🌷🌸

I decided to cataglorize some of my flower correapondeces for different types of witches. Enjoy! 🌼

💧Water/sea/lunar/love witches- lotus, lily, jasmine, gardenia, magnolia, violet, rose, peony, geranium, orchids, hydrangea, lilac, passion flower, petunia

☁️Air/storm/cosmic witches- (any aromatic/light flower) lavender, babys breath, dandelion, daisy, heather, freesia, daffodil, chrysanthemum, forget-me-nots, st John’s wort, primrose, bluebell, linden

🔥Fire/solar/desert witches- sunflower, hibiscus, poppy, chamomile, chrysanthemum, aster, marigold, calendula, snapdragon, cactus flower, prickly pear blossom, carnations, poinsettia, st John’s wort

🌲Green/earth/ forest witches-(any bulb/foraging/herbal flower) tulips, feverfew, echinacea, passionflower, comfrey, amaryllis, hyacinth, dahlia, iris, catnip flower, sage flower, basil flower

🏠Kitchen/cottage witches- (any edible/fruit/vegetable flower) such as elder flower, honeysuckle, passionflower, apple blossom, strawberry blossom, orange blossom, rose, pansy, squash flower, marigold

🌼Healing/garden/tea witches- (any healing/edible/aromatic flower) such as calendula, chamomile, helitrope, lavender, milk thistle, beebalm, yarrow, red clover, rosehip, passionflower, elderflower, lilac, violets, and orchids

**please do research on the flower before you ingest it in any way

I see some posts that go around that say that Mint is good for bees and I just want to say DO NOT PLANT MINT DIRECTLY IN THE GROUND. Either bury the pot or leave the pot on a porch. Mint is a weed and it will take over your garden, compete with your other plants for food and water, and grow from under concrete and rocks. 

I also hear oregano and catnip is like this as well. Feel free to add any more since its garden season for many of us.