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latourneuse  asked:

in celebration for the announcement of the Dream Daddy game, do you think you could update the dad!derek tag please? i'm on mobile but i don't remember seeing it updated in a long time...

which daddy would you choose?  😍

Mommies & Tots by saraubs (1/1 | 1,124 | NR)

Stiles runs an early-morning yoga group called “Mommies and Tots”. Derek thinks that name is stupid. Derek’s daughter likes to nap.

Make Me Blush (Zombie Guts) by AsagiStilinski (1/1 | 16,042 | PG13)

Derek is not having a good day, he ended up in a cold shower, broke a glass, burned himself, and if that all wasn’t bad enough, his sister called out on her promise to babysit, leaving him with no other choice than to take his five-year-old daughter with him to his new job, normally that would be a problem, but apparently you can take some liberties when working on a show about zombies, and one of the main stars of the show just so happens to love Derek’s daughter (almost as much as he loves Derek)

The One With the Prince and the Dragon by mikkimouse (1/1 | 1,599 | G)

“You could have just told her you were more interested in meeting another prince,” Laura said when they were both in the kitchen, putting the candles into Libby’s birthday cupcakes.

Derek snorted. “What, and have the six-year-old boys ask me to marry them? I’m not up for that much rejection in one day.”

“Hm.” Laura raised her eyebrows. “I was thinking less about Libby’s friends and more about their dads. Specifically, the one with the loud laugh and the moles. What was his name?”

(Or: Derek dresses as a prince for his daughter’s birthday party and pines after her friend’s godfather.)

Little Distraction by MadnessofVoid (1/1 | 5,208 | G)

Thankfully, a blessing in disguise showed up.

And what was said blessing?

A baby.

An adorable, rosy cheeked, olive skinned, tousled black haired, stunning golden-green eyed, Gameboy onesie wearing baby.

That’s Distracting! by triggeringthehealing (froggydarren) (1/1 | 1,410 | G)

Maybe it was the fact that he refused to leave that one fact off the profile that his friends set up for him. Maybe it was that he didn’t want to lie about her. Still, his plan is to come in, cancel the date, and leave.

Plans apparently change.