green fried eggs

Ready to celebrate St. Patricks day with McDonald’s tomorrow? You better think twice.  

A shamrock shake contains as many calories as 1.5 big macs, or 1.5 large fries, or 2.5 hot fudge sundaes or 3 egg McMuffins. Find out more about McDonald’s festive treat here. 


Dinner: Brussel sprouts, green beans, and chicken with a sunny side egg on top. I was afraid this would taste too plain without any sauces…but egg yolk was more than enough. Yolkporn!!…so good!

Running update: I’ve still been running a lot! Last week I ran 44 miles…and this morning i ran 8 miles. I took 3 days off for our church retreat (and I’m really feeling it), but things are back to normal. My next marathon is on June 21…and I’m so excited! My goal is to break 3:30, so I’ve been training pretty hard. Running is life, seriously.