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The oldest depiction of the universe

This is one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th Century and the oldest depiction of the universe so far. Called the Nebra sky disc, named for the town where it was found in 1999, the artifact has been dated back to 1600 BC. It was buried about 3,600 years ago but could be much older. It has been associated with the European Bronze Age Unetice culture.

When it was first crafted, it would have been golden brown because the disc itself is made from bronze. Over time, the it corroded to green. Fortunately, the symbols are made of gold and thanks to them we know it was possibly an astronomical instrument.
There’s Sun, a central to northern European Bronze Age religion and the crescent moon (in ancient times, the moon was used to represent time). The clump between the sun and moon are thought to be the Pleiades constellation, which was an imporant constellation for Bronze Age farmers because it appeared and disappeared in important farming times. So the Nebra disc could have told people the right time to plant and harvest.

What’s more, astronomer Wolfhard Schlosser, at the University of Hamburg, found that if you draw a line from the center of the disc to the top and bottom end of the right arc, the angle between the two ends measures exactly 82 degrees. And it’s the same value for the left golden arc. This number is very important for only a small group of people who live at the same latitude as the current German town of Nebra since it’s the angle between where the sun sets on the horizon in mid-winter and mid-summer.

The bronze disc combines an extraordinary comprehension of astronomical phenomena enabling to peak into the early knowledge of the heavens. It’s   shocking it was almost lost to the black market.

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My birthday is coming up, is there any kitchen witchery I can do? Like a cake recipe or something?

Sorry for getting to this a bit late–I hope your birthday hasn’t passed yet, but if it has, it’s not too late to go for a second round of treating yourself to the good stuff!

Here’s a fave cake to welcome in birthdays and new years! I’m especially fond of it because it’s a relatively light slice of deliciousness that pairs really well with tea and coffee, so it’s easy to double up your spells and intent through a little brewing magic. The most powerful ingredients in this are rum, cinnamon, and oranges—all associated with protection and luck. Rum is also used often as an offering material, so if you worship a god or want to please local spirits, this would great to share with the spirit world as well. Oranges bring abundance and happiness to you, and are used frequently in beauty baths and spells…well, you are what you eat, so why not include it for those purposes too?

Optional syrup topping:

½ cup rum

½ cup butter

½ cup orange juice (or sub in water with a lil orange extract)

Sprinkle of salt

A few cinnamon sticks, or pinches of powdered cinnamon

Combine everything except the rum in a saucepan and reduce on low heat until about ½ original volume. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before adding rum. You can make this ahead of time from the cake, but you’ll need to reheat the syrup so it drizzles in evenly.

For the cake:

1 ½ cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

A couple big ol’ shakes of cinnamon

¾ cups white sugar

¼ cups brown sugar (packed)

2 eggs and one separated egg yolk

½ cup milk

¾ cup butter

¼ cup rum

A hearty dash of vanilla

Zest of a few oranges

A little more cinnamon and sugar to sprinkle on top

Preheat oven to 325 F. Sift together flour, cinnamon, and baking powder. Mix together milk, vanilla, zest and rum; allow to come to room temp. Beat room temp butter in mixer or by hand, slowly adding the white and brown sugar until fluffy. Add the eggs and the extra yolk and beat until combined. While beating, stir in alternating pours of the flour and milk mixtures, mixing each until just combined (don’t overbeat!). Pour into a greased pan.

Bake for 40-50 minutes, gauging completeness with a dry knife poked into the center. Cool for ten minutes before upending from the pan. Drizzle with hot syrup, if using, and sprinkle with extra cinnamon and sugar.

I like this with a mint and basil tea for fortune or a rum-spiked peppercorn coffee for a year of renewed energy. Combine it with a little brewing magic (and maybe some bath magic, if you REALLY wanna spoil yourself) and welcome in good vibes!

Prosperity spell candle.
-green candle (or any color of your choosing)
-coins for money representation
-green aventurine for positivity and perseverance
-lemon verbena herb for strength
- bay leaf to write name of one in need on for the wish
After adding the coins, stone and herbs, light the candle, crush the bay leaf and sprinkle into candles fire. I also carved the good fortune rune onto the candle. If meant for a friend or someone else you can give the candle to them and tell them to light it when ever they need a boost. ^_^

Prompt: For The Very First Time

Prompt by @sherlockstims: -fluff: first time sharing a bed (maybe pre-relationship) 

I haven’t writen Namelessshipping in awhile, I hope it’s not out of character!

Please leave your opinion, I’m interested in your opinions! Share, Reblogs and Likes means the world to me!

They stood in front of his bed and Green ogled the ground like it was the most interesting thing he had ever seen in his life. Red regarded him, his slender figure, illuminated by the sallow moonlight, which coaxed through the narrow slits of the curtains into Green’s – their room.

Green was aesthetic. His slim waist fitted perfectly in Red’s hands and felt like the soft grass of Pallet Town, every time Green tried to get something down from the very high shelve in the kitchen and his upper body was not covered by his grey jacket and his white shirt. Red took each chance he got to touch his sides like an addict trying to get his cocaine.

Red loved it when Green’s caramel coloured eyes got locked in his eyes, which looked like fresh ashes. He did not like them, they were boring and could not stick with all those exciting patterns in his lovers eyes. There was so much in Green’s eyes to see, every day, Red explored something new. 

Every time he looked into his eyes, he saw nothing.

Red was not soft. His body was wiry, marked by the harsh weather of Mt. Silver and countless scars. One of them ran above his whole chest and every time Green laid his rangy fingers on it, Red wanted to turn around and never look at him again. 

Green liked his scars, Red hated them.

His toes were straight and long, and Red loved to play with them. His lover’s toes were ticklish and that one time they spent their holiday in Hoenn and they had laid at the beach, Red discovered Green’s biggest weakness.

The golden grains of sand which made the huge beach in front of the harbour city even more beautiful that the city itself had found their way in the gaps of Green’s toes. Red, who had played with Pikachu and Blastoise knew how much the other man hated the feeling of sand on his skin.
Not for nothing Red had been forced to drag several blankets only to make Green happy. Fortunately Snorlax had lend him a hand. Both had been sweating like hell when the small group had arrived the beach. 

The smile on Green’s face had been more than enough to sweep away all kinds of anger Red had felt just seconds before. He would have done everything to make him happy.

After Green had chose a place where they could lay off their blankets and backpack, they took a seat to savour the view. The ocean had been sparkling in the rich sunbeams and myriads of Wingull made their circles above the sapphire blue waves.

Green had took off his shoes and neatly placed them beside the blanket. With an accuracy Red never had seen before his lover had took his feet on the cover, making sure he did not even came close to the sand.

His wiggling toes appealed more to Red than he preferred. He could not control himself any more as he bend forwards to tickle the gaps between those long toes.

The loud screams of Green had mixed with the small huffs of Red and let everyone at the beach turned their head in confusion.

“Do you want to.. sleep on the right side?”, his lover suddenly asked and ripped him out of his thoughts. Green was one of the few people who knew Red was not mute. He only did not like talking that much to do it every day. There was too much in his mind, which kept him too busy to even think about talking with other people.

Finding the best battle strategy, sorting out bad move sets and so on.

But for Green there was always a little bit space to think about him. To be honest the space was really big and some days it kept Red whole mind busy. 

Sometimes, it annoyed him, but most of the time there was not anything better than thinking about his favourite human.

Red took a deep breath before he answered Green: “I would like to sleep on the left side.”

The left side of the room was not a normal wall like the other three of the room. Green liked a lot of light and shortly after he became the Gym Leader of Viridian City he decided to convert his new flat.

The room was bounded by three big windows, which afforded a great view on the forest and the sea in the east of the small city.

Red loved to see as much as possible of the world around him. That was one of the main reasons he asked Green if it would be possible to share to huge bed of his boyfriend.

Green slightly nodded before he slipped under the white blanket. In the meantime Red walked around the bed to raise the white curtain. Red lingered in front of the window for a few seconds, enjoying the beautiful landscape. If he squinted his eyes he could barely see Celadon City.

“Do you want to put down roots over there? Come on or you have to go back to your couch”, Green said in a tone Red have not heard in awhile. It was the ‘I-am-your-mean-rival-respect-me’ voice his lover had used in their childhood days.

A light smile shaped on Red’s lips when he turned around and gave his sneaky answer: “You wouldn’t want that.”

Green did not know a good answer, even not when he moved to the right to make room for Red.

The bed smelled like cut grass, wood and mint. Red loved the scent of Green, it was unique and if he would lose his lover in a crowd, he would always find him. Sometimes he wished he could bottle the delicious smell of Green to release it every time his boyfriend had to go to one of this stupid Gym Leader Meetings. 

After a few minutes Green’s soft voice suffused the room again. It seemed the Gym Leader finally had found an answer. 
“Shut up.”
There had been better responds but Red was lenient, it was quite late after all. 


When Red throw his arms around Green, who needed some time cuddling back, the champion was sure to be one of the luckiest humans on earth.

A Different Type of Capture

(sequel to Enigma)(I love this AU. Thanks again to @snaffleflux )(Wow sorry this took so long)

It had been a long day: he’d had a test in math, way too much homework, and stopped Dash’s ‘wailing’ on Mikey. Danny was exhausted, but not really physically tired.

Once again grateful for his ghost half, he transformed, grabbed his book, and jumped through the window. Flying up, he picked a spot above the park’s trees. He had about two hours left of sunlight, Just enough time to finish! He’d been nearing the novel’s climax and had been looking forward to this all day.

The ghost read quickly, flipping through pages at an impressive rate. He didn’t notice the small prick, designed to be less painful than a bee sting. Danny was getting tired, and this annoyed the with-only-twenty-pages-left-reader. He didn’t notice his powers failing until he was falling to the ground.


He awoke under a green haze, fortunately, in the correct form. He was sitting on a small cot, his book and a glass of water on the floor beside him. Confusion and fear welled in his chest. Both because he was in the lab and because he was trapped. The only comfort being that he wasn’t strapped to the center table― a position Danny had already freed several from.

Sitting up, he could hear his parents hushed voices near the stairs. They were too far away for human ears to listen, thus Danny could.

The whispers decided that Maddie alone would confront the ghost. Jack would monier the new shield, and ensure it levels remained stable.

Danny’s core thrummed, and glowing sweat beaded on his brow. He’d never fought in this form― well, he’d never truly fought in any form, unless you counted ghost hunting 101. He didn’t know what he’d do if this went badly.


It was hard to not see a child, looking at the fearful ghost before her. This helped resist the urge to pull the ecto-weapon from her belt. “Treat him like a person,” her mind reminded her, as she sat down.

“Your name is Phantom, correct?” His to-human eyes widened as he nodded. All the question seemed to do was increase his suspicion.

“The shield is just a precaution,” Maddie explained― he didn’t seem convinced. Signing, she continued. “We would like to ask you some questions, is that alright?”

“What kind of questions?”

“Some basic intelligence questions,” She paused, lifting her clipboard off the table, “there are 26 total.”

“Then you’ll let me go?”

“Then we’ll let you go.”


Phantom flew ou through the ceiling. He knew his colors, could do basic math, and could understand humor(the tension had broke halfway through when Maddie’d asked him “why did the chicken cross the road.” They’d both laughed pretty hard, regardless of the fact that he’d never actually answered the question.). The three question categories had been chosen because they didn’t seem necessary to maintaining his obsession. He answered correctly, thus the topics either were necessary, or he was more complex than the others. The shield had held, and phantom agreed to answer another set of questions on wednesday (confirming that he had some concept of the future). All in all, it was a good night.

A quick scan of the lab, before returning upstairs, left Maddie with a new insight into the ghost. A not-Fentonworks-colored deep blue caught her eye.

Phantom had left his book.


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They are FACTS; and there lives one whose authority none would venture to question, who could vindicate the accuracy of every statement which I have set down, and that, too, with all the circumstantiality-of an eye witness.
—  Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, from “The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh” in Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories

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I just wanted to get this off my chest: I am convinced the marauders made friendship bracelets for each other. Like, they'd sit in a circle like 10yo girls at a sleepover and make friendship bracelets for each other. I wanted to tell you and know what you think of this.

First of all, we have to remember there wasn’t a lot to do in the 1970s, especially without magic during summers…so YES I ACCEPT THIS @paisley-pear. Because you know James. He has to be engaged all the time. He can’t be bored. He has to be doing something. The perfect extrovert. The outgoing Gryffindor. He always is playing pranks not just to amuse others but to amuse himself. 

“What’s that?” James asked aggressively; his voice, as always, was too loud for the tiny space of Peter’s bedroom. 

“What’s what?” Peter asked, shuffling over to the bookcase to try to shove a tissue box in front of the bright purple title that had caught James’ eye. 

It was no good. James caught up the volume around Peter’s curls and yanked the cover open with a brutality that made Remus - a long time mender of his favorite battered secondhand books - wince. 

“Friendship…bracelets?” James sounded out the words as Peter tried to hurriedly stem the flood.

“That’s my sister’s. Shannon, you know. She’s always coming in here and leaving things around and I must have just -”

“What’s a friendship bracelet?” James demanded, interrupting as usual.

Peter fell silent, perplexed, and looked helplessly over at Sirius who was stretched out over the comforter of his twin bed, boots hanging off the end as he played with a long string of muggle chewing gum. 

Sirius glanced back over at Peter under a lock of dark hair that had fallen out of his carefully styled bangs. “Don’t look at me,” he griped. “You know you can’t leave things like that out around James.”

Peter gaped at this unfairness. “I didn’t,” he began, but James interrupted again as Remus went wearily to the foot of the bed, shoved Sirius’ legs out of the way, and sat down. Peter’s bedroom was small, and the bed was the only furniture to sit on. 

“So if they’ve got bracelets, right, then why do you need a book about them?”

“It’s a book of…of patterns and stuff,” Peter said helplessly. “Look, I don’t know! Like I said, it’s Shan’s. I’ve never even opened it!”

“Well why have you got so many pages on patterns?” James asked in perplexment. 

“I dunno!” Peter said bewildered. 

“And all these charts. Seems a bit barmy to put all these charts on the patterns in here. Don’t know anyone who likes bracelets that much.”

Peter laughed weakly. “Yeah. Course. Well they’re hard to make anyway it’s hours of-”

“Wait, these are making instructions?” James said sharply. A huge grin hooked from ear to ear as he began thumbing through the patterns with greater interest. “Really….”

Remus groaned and leaned back against the wall. Sirius only rolled his eyes. “I told you. I told you.”

“See here?” James was thrusting the book under Peter’s nose, as he was still the only one standing in his immediate, energetic vicinity. “It says the colors mean things. Like this? This one is Remus. White for wisdom, and yellow for smarts.”

Remus tried not to look pleased, but he couldn’t help sitting back up. Grumblingly, Sirius swung his legs down and sat up too, swallowing the gum with an audible gulp. 

“Oh and here…we’ve got light grey. Patience and understanding. Maybe that’s why your eyes are grey, Moony!” 

This time Remus did roll his eyes.

“Do me!” Sirius said suddenly. “What colors have I got?”

“Well obviously you’ve got dark blue,” said James sniggering a bit. 

“What? Why!” Sirius looked anxious. “Wot’s that mean?”

“Fertility,” James tried not to choke, but when Remus snorted, the three of them lost it and howled as Sirius repeated: 

“I don’t get it! What’s so funny! Is this because I snogged Violet? She was a lousy snog! What’s so funny? Stop laughing!”

“Well, Peter you’d be orange for enthusiasm,” James beamed.

Peter felt a little shy. “Really? You think so?”

“Course,” Sirius butted in, slightly ruffled. “You’re always game for the pranks.”

“And here,” he said to Sirius a bit more kindly. “You can also have red in yours for strength.”

“What have you got?” Peter asked, since James was obviously dying to be asked.

“Hang on,” frowned Remus, who had up to now been silent. “You haven’t given Peter both of his. And I’ve gotten three.”

“Well we can take one of yours back. You can just be white and grey, like the moon.”

Remus went very white, and pressed his lips together.

“Nah,” Sirius said, reflexively bumping Remus’ shoulder to pull him out of his anxiety and guilt. “Let him keep the yellow. Else it’ll be too boring.”

“Fine,” said James, oblivious as usual. “How about pink for Peter? It means friendship.”

Peter snatched for the book. “It does not! You’re making that up!” But there it was, as James’ smug finger pointed out, in black and white. 

“I can’t have pink,” Peter moaned. “That’s a girls colour, that is.”

“Colour is just colour,” Remus said patiently. 

“Well you’re alright what with having normal colours,” Peter replied sulkily.

“And if anyone should have orange for enthusiasm, it should be you, Prongs,” Sirius added.

“Hey!” Peter blushed. “Now I haven’t got any!”

“Give the book here,” Remus said commandingly, and Peter handed it over automatically. “I’ll figure it out.”

There was a breathless moment while Remus studied the purple pages with their white textboxes as seriously as he had studied any star chart. 

“All right then,” he said authoritatively. “We’re all getting two. I’ll take white and grey. Sirius can have the dark blue and yellow. James can have the red and black - black is for silence.”

“But I’m not silent!” James protested at once.

All three of his friends looked at him sardonically. “We know,” Remus said finally. “It can help you grow. And Peter - you can have orange and green. Green means fortune.”

Peter grinned suddenly. “Yeah, alright then.”

Remus carefully closed the book and put it on the windowsill by the bed that Peter used in lieu of a night stand since the door opened too far in to be able to have one. 

“That was stupid,” Sirius said after a moment. “We just had a pretty intense debate over what dumb colour chart we were in a girl’s plaiting book.”

“It wasn’t stupid,” protested James at once. He turned to Peter. “Where’s Shannon’s room?”

“Down the hall,” Peter said without thinking, but when James bolted for the door he trailed after him anxiously. “Why?”

“Well obviously,” James threw over his shoulder. “We’ve got to get the string and stuff to make these.”

It was Remus who found it, in the end, after a ten minute search through a child’s bedroom. It was in a large purple sandcastle bucket on her miniature plastic desk. Everything was in a snarl. 

“Let’s take the lot,” James said decisively, and they trooped back to Peter’s room and sat in a circle on the floor, Sirius toeing off his combat boots and Remus pulling off his sweater as they peered together around the purple book, begging each other not to turn the page yet as they meticulously knotted and braided each other’s friendship bracelets.

A decade later, deep in Azkaban prison, Sirius fingers the almost snapping threads of faded blue and yellow, knowing that somewhere a tired failed interviewee was doing the same.