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The oldest depiction of the universe

This is one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th Century and the oldest depiction of the universe so far. Called the Nebra sky disc, named for the town where it was found in 1999, the artifact has been dated back to 1600 BC. It was buried about 3,600 years ago but could be much older. It has been associated with the European Bronze Age Unetice culture.

When it was first crafted, it would have been golden brown because the disc itself is made from bronze. Over time, the it corroded to green. Fortunately, the symbols are made of gold and thanks to them we know it was possibly an astronomical instrument.
There’s Sun, a central to northern European Bronze Age religion and the crescent moon (in ancient times, the moon was used to represent time). The clump between the sun and moon are thought to be the Pleiades constellation, which was an imporant constellation for Bronze Age farmers because it appeared and disappeared in important farming times. So the Nebra disc could have told people the right time to plant and harvest.

What’s more, astronomer Wolfhard Schlosser, at the University of Hamburg, found that if you draw a line from the center of the disc to the top and bottom end of the right arc, the angle between the two ends measures exactly 82 degrees. And it’s the same value for the left golden arc. This number is very important for only a small group of people who live at the same latitude as the current German town of Nebra since it’s the angle between where the sun sets on the horizon in mid-winter and mid-summer.

The bronze disc combines an extraordinary comprehension of astronomical phenomena enabling to peak into the early knowledge of the heavens. It’s   shocking it was almost lost to the black market.

Hufflepuff: I think I have a crush on this person…
Slytherin: I know. That’s why I have already made friends with them and all their friends. We play cards every day at lunch. Tomorrow, I’ll casually invite you to join in and initiate conversation. Here’s their schedule. *Hands over pre-printed and color coded list* Tonight we can go shopping. Their favorite color is green, and fortunately, you look great in it. Also, you DEFINITELY need to let me do your makeup…
Slytherin: Maybe you should start writing this down. They like dogs, history, and baseball, and their favorite scents are vanilla and coconut. I have some perfume for you at home. I’ve also arranged for them to walk you home from school today. By the way-
Slytherin: *reveals evil plan that they’ve had for a year*
Hufflepuff: You know what, I’m just gonna go talk to the poor sucker.

Buy a tarot/pendulum/rune reading and Custom Sigils help me pay off hospital debt?

I got a bill for some time I spent in the hospital last month. They’ve taken a large amount off as a low-income waiver, but there are still some expenses left over.

I’ll be doing:
Pendulum readings: $2 for every Yes or No question. I can only take yes or no questions for the pendulum.

Rune readings for $3

1 card tarot readings for $3.
3 card readings for $5.
I will do/attempt any spread or large card reading for Donations of more than $5.

I’ll create Sigils for $1 each.

I’m not charging a lot because I know people are broke, but I REALLY don’t need any more debt right now.

Prosperity spell candle.
-green candle (or any color of your choosing)
-coins for money representation
-green aventurine for positivity and perseverance
-lemon verbena herb for strength
- bay leaf to write name of one in need on for the wish
After adding the coins, stone and herbs, light the candle, crush the bay leaf and sprinkle into candles fire. I also carved the good fortune rune onto the candle. If meant for a friend or someone else you can give the candle to them and tell them to light it when ever they need a boost. ^_^

Spell for Recovery from Abuse:

you will need ~ 

green candle - good fortune, success, renewal, healing

white candle - protection, cleansing, healing 

peppermint - cleansing, happiness, healing, protection, release, renewal

ginger - power, healing

tobacco - protection from negative energy

dried mugwort - treats depression, wards off psychic attacks, removes negative energies, protection

obsidian - absorbs and transforms negative energies

abalone shell - protection from negativity, anger, depression, fear, and sadness

apple seeds - love, healing

mortar and pestle

1. place obsidian, abalone shell, and candles at the four corners of the bathtub. 

2. combine peppermint, ginger, tobacco, mugwort, and apple seeds, and grind into a powder.

3. while running a hot bath, light the candles and sprinkle the powder into the water.

4. begin repeating the following statement (out loud or in your head) as you lower yourself into the bath. continue chanting for the entirety of the bath.

“I will not allow ______’s abuse to dictate the way I feel about myself.”

5. the spell is finished when the water is drained and the candles are blown out.


My green crystal ball for fortune telling, surrounded by my big cat eye gem stones collection - cat eye may not be so rare, but to have a big shape as a full crystal ball, it’s probably more than just rare.

I have returned safely from the Emerald Isle, and holy crap, I don’t even know what to say, but being me, I will now expend a pile of words to say it.

First, there’s the color.

To call Ireland green is to commit glaring sins of omission. It is the sort of green reserved for gods and Pantone swatches. Kelly green, acid green, the greens you see in jars of pure mineral pigment, greens that blow out your photos the way that red roses or blue skies do. Green as primary color.

When I lived in Oregon, I thought it was green, and then I moved to North Carolina and realized that it had been grey-green. North Carolina, I thought, was green. Then I went to Ireland. Now I see how yellow the undertones here are, and how desaturated the greens are by comparison. Fortunately, I am told that the only color that compares to Ireland is in the depths of the rainforest, so it will stay green in my head for a long time.

Also, as with so much of Europe, things are relentlessly old. I stood on the battlements of a ruined castle built at the same time as Blarney Castle and I could see three other ruins from the top. “Oh,” said my friend Carlota, “that’s the NEW ruin, over there…” Eventually it became a running joke–“Oh, that’s the NEW standing stone…”  It became exciting when the new building wasn’t older than my country. Occasionally they predated Europeans in North America at all.

Yes, I’m including the Vikings.

But possibly the most intense thing was simply that it was relentlessly, savagely picturesque. You could point your camera in any direction and come away with a postcard. It was beautiful, and it kept being beautiful, and eventually it got to the point where you would look over the view and start swearing, because it was being beautiful again. Probably with cows.

After awhile, you stopped going “How lovely!” and started going “How do people stand this?”

(I asked Twitter. Residents uttered some variation on “Whiskey” and “You get used to it, but whiskey helps.”)

You just have to figure that sooner or later, living in that kind of beauty would weigh down on you, and you’d either become hard as diamond or break and become a poet. It’s just…intense. I think of people who left there–my ancestors, some of ‘em–to come to America because of poverty or starvation or hope or whatever, and I can get just the smallest glimpse of what that must have been like–enough to know what I can’t really imagine what it was really like. America is beautiful, don’t get me wrong! (I believe there’s a song about it.) But it’s a completely different sort of beauty, a sort that doesn’t much care about the people on it. If we all died tomorrow, I doubt America would even notice much, but Ireland would be sad that the people were gone. It’s the difference between the Rockies and a green field with a black horse grazing surrounded by rooks, under a hill covered in mist. They’re both beautiful, it’s just…scale.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m raving. I am only a tourist and don’t pretend to know anything about what life is really like there. It was just…so visually intense.