green foams


‘Smiles directed at strangers, cuddles, vivid daydreams, forgotten tasks, crying over a death of a baby bird but unable to cry at your grandfather’s funeral, sunlight streaming through windows, an autumn palette, messy buns, glasses that slide down your nose, half-written stories, sea-foam green, a large coffee mug filled with tea, constellations, window seats, falling asleep in a hammock, fantasy novels, art supplies in glass jars, self-made posters, doodles in the margin, comforting a friend, struggling for the right words, puppies, singing softly to yourself, swallowing angry retorts, the ocean, loneliness, a warmth in your stomach when you look at someone you love, baggy sweaters, quiet forests, hunching your shoulders, being torn two ways, silent screams, fireflies, the smell of cinnamon and apples, a favourite book that has been read so many times that its pages are dog eared and the cover is creased, wishes on eyelashes, feeding stray animals, being gentle but firm, a very eclectic playlist, photographs of happy memories in mismatched frames, dancing down grocery store aisles, a rush of protectiveness when you see someone being treated unfairly, an inner strength that is tapped into on special occasions.’

send me a character/fandom + a color theme and i'll make a gifset/edit with your choices!
  • ARIES: vibrant or pale orange and ivory
  • TAURUS: (any) skintone and deep greens
  • GEMINI: black and white
  • CANCER: cream/ivory and (or hints of) bright red
  • LEO: pale gold and cream
  • VIRGO: soft salmon and ivory or white
  • LIBRA: gray and deep purple
  • SCORPIO: dark gray and dark or vibrant orange-ish red
  • SAGITTARIUS: white/silver and sage green
  • CAPRICORN: dark blue and silver
  • AQUARIUS: pale/soft use of the cooler shades and white
  • PISCES: sea foam green and cream

Mermaid Princess, using Gelish color gel, clear gel & 3d nail art gold parts & Swarovski crystals via Nail Labo, CND Express 5 topcoat. Done at Hello Beautiful Salon.

I LOVE this one! Gorgeous Green Fluorite with a single purple vein running through the center. This one is available here.

Self-Care Thread #IFSelfCare

Have multiple things going on at once!
Overwhelm your senses
Neutral TV show in the background
Play a game on your phone or
Read a book
Incense burning
A fan blowing
A podcast or radio goingA crucial part of healthcare. Both preventative in nature and a way of coping after the fact Inclusive Feminism (@IncFeminism on Twitter) just did a self-care thread on Twitter so we thought we’d share the highlights here! 

Image Description: Infographic titled: “@IncFeminism Presents: What Is Self-Care?” The background is sea foam green and there are white accents. The text reads: 

  1. Any deliberate action you take in order to attend to *your* emotional, physical, or psychological needs..
  2. A crucial part of healthcare. Both preventative in nature and a way of coping after the fact 
  3. Completely individual. There’s no right or wrong way to practice self-care.

Image Description: Infographic titled “Inclusive Feminism Presents “Self-Care Guide” The background is a pale teal with lighter polka dots. The infographic is divided into different sections: Physical Self-Care, Emotional Self-Care, Mental Self-Care, and Spiritual Self-Care. The text reads: 

Physical Self-Care

  1. Eat foods that make you happy/nourish you
  2. Drink a protein or nutritional shake
  3. Stay hydrated (get the Water Your Body App)
  4. Take needed medications
  5. Shower/bathe
  6. Engage in activities that feel good
  7. Get sleep and rest as needed

Emotional Self-Care

  1. Craft, color, pursue creative outlets
  2. Journal
  3. Listen to your favorite music
  4. Spend time with your pets or at an animal shelter
  5. Join a support group or see a therapist
  6. Practice positive affirmations
  7. Practice self-love

Mental Self-Care

  1. Read a book
  2. Take a class for free with Coursera
  3. Learn a new skill
  4. Try a new recipe
  5. Try brain teasers
  6. Put together a puzzle

Spiritual Self-Care

  1. Act mindfully
  2. Meditate
  3. Attend a religious service (if that’s your inclination)
  4. Write a list of things to be thankful for
  5. Volunteer
  6. Move in nature
  7. Observe the stars

(All of the above are customizable and are about what you are able to do and what will help you feel your best!) 

Note: I’m aware that there is overlap between all of these sections, just like there is overlap between the different aspects of our lives.

Image Description: Background is of a pale person (only torso, legs, and feet visible) sitting clutching an aqua coffee mug of milk. They have on a white sweater and aqua socks. The headline reads: Inclusive Feminism Presents What To Do When You’re Feeling Down. Overlaid is the following text:

  1. Self-Distract!!!!
  • Have multiple things going on at once!
  • Overwhelm your senses (in a good, manageable way)
  • Neutral TV show in the background
  • Play a game on your phone or 
  • Read a book
  • Incense burning
  • A fan blowing
  • A podcast or radio going
  1. Plan little things to look forward to every day
  2. Find little moments of joy
  3. Spoil yourself in little ways (it doesn’t have to cost any money)
  4. Treat yourself like you would your best friend going through the same situation
  5. Find a Groupon for a massage (you could also find a massage school for deep discounts)
  6. Do a deep cleaning of your environment.
  7. Fix a cup of hot tea
  8. Keep a mood journal (MoodTrack Diary app is recommended and free)
  9. Do something totally spontaneous.
  10. Get away for a few days (go camping, stay with friends or family)

This isn’t an exhaustive list and this won’t cure anything, but I’ve found all of this helpful for my own mental health and for dealing with my severe chronic pain. I hope you found all of this helpful! Feel free to inbox me with any questions!