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PIRATE AU WOULD BE SO GOOD is enjolras a pirate too is he the pirate captain? are they privateers .. ~WERE they privateers/corsairs that decided to stop acting on behalf of the crown and ~become pirates I GOTTA KNOW

ok so like this isn’t fully developed but the story i tell myself sometimes as i fall asleep is that enjolras is first mate on a merchant ship that’s attacked by pirates. the attack comes during a tempestuous storm and the battle rages between the ships. it’s obvious the pirates are not trying to sink them – cargo’s too valuable – but the combination of cannons and storm means the merchant ship goes down. 

the pirates fish all the survivors they can out of the water and enjolras is the last one to be dragged aboard, exhausted from a fruitless search for captain mabeuf, who is lost at sea. enjolras despises pirates on principal, having spent his career protecting people and shipments from them, and expects, nay, volunteers to die at once. he’s surprised when the pirate’s bosun, courfeyrac, gives them a generous choice: join the crew or be left, far from home but intact, at the next port. enjolras is now the highest-ranking crewmate left and his men look to him for guidance. 

that’s when PIRATE CAPTAIN GRANTAIRE, in an amazing green hat w/feather, gold earrings, rum bottle in hand, dark hair whipped by wind and sea-spray, makes his appearance. he tells enjolras (after a lot of looking at him up and down in a way that makes enjolras increasingly furious but maybe a little turned on) that since their own first mate died in the fight, the position is enjolras’ to have. grantaire, shall we say, likes the look of him, but more seriously, says he needs a steady hand to help run the ship. if enjolras accepts, his men will be welcomed as friends and fellows, and enjolras will be second-in-command. enjolras finds the idea of piracy abhorrent, but agrees when it becomes obvious most men would rather stay than be cast penniless onto land. grantaire is pleased. enjolras would like to throw him overboard, he thinks.

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do you have any headcanons for team jnpr?

a few ??! ??

  • ren and pyrrha leave hair in the sink and jaune and nora complain but r and p keep forgetting to clean it after brushing their long voluminous hair.
  • jaune keeps a box of cereal under his bed and nora has a candy stash; ren has witnessed and sworn himself to secrecy whenever the both of them need their fix. unfortunately both of them ( j and n ) know about each other’s stash, and know that ren knows, but ren keeps to himself and doesn’t tell either that they’re stealing from each other.
  • ren has a bad habit of disappearing to the roof around one to four am, but only nora knows about it and sometimes joins him for midnight picnics. jaune only learns about the severity of ren’s sleeping issues post vol 3, until then there was no explanation for his fatigue.
  • pyrrha tried to establish a chore system in the beginning but it fell apart two weeks into the year. ren still does his chores though, and jaune will do it in sporadic bursts.
  • pyrrha: designated dad, ren: designated mommy.
  • nora has a bunch of stuff she just collects, and if you hit her at any random time and ordered her to empty her pockets/backpack you’d find really strange non—context stuff, ie. biography of general ironwood, three shiny rocks, some uncooked pasta noodles, a notepad filled with nothing but the word ‘fibonacci’ written over and over, a green feather boa, and an ear of corn + swimming in a sea of glitter.
  • *jnpr get a lot of noise complaints, disruptions complains, and fire hazard complaints.
  • ren has a bunch of plants on his side of the dorm; and he can’t get that he has enough and they’re starting to breach over into other bed territory and it attracts birds when the window’s open but you can’t stop him, his plants are his babies, he will fight you to the death over them.
  • pyrrha and ren watch too much netflix. ren also watches daytime tv; his favourites being ‘say yes to the dress’, ‘judge judy’, ‘forensic files’, ‘ready, steady, cook’, and ‘how clean is your house’.
  • the most used shared item in the dorm room is a portable vacuum which is currently filled with sprinkles.
  • *if a ‘the floor is made of lava’ game starts in jnpr dorm, it is guaranteed to spread into the hallway and into the other dorms, and across the entire building until professor goodwitch tells them to stop.
  • ren and nora are notorious for sleeping in places they shouldn’t, eg. other people’s beds, closets, desks, on the floor, in constructed pillow forts, in the bathroom, etc.
  • *these are the instances that are detention-worthy, accounting for the canonical fact that they are regularly yelled at by glynda.
  • ren and nora both utilise the student common rooms and it’s kitchen, but while ren’s baking attracts people, the experiments that nora leaves in the fridge does not
  • pyrrha is the person outsiders go to if someone from jn_r gets in trouble, sometimes rwby too.
  • nora has a sticker obsession, mostly awarding them for good behaviour, attitude, or if it’s sunny outside; and they’re found throughout the entire floor but no one actually sees nora applying them.
  • contraband in the jnpr dorm (by order of sheriff pyrrha) are: forks, x-ray and vav comics, any form of oreo product, pumpkin pete’s marshmallow flakes cereal, gardening shears, magnifying glasses, clicky pens, any form of bubble tea with pearls, anything relating to the grudge franchise, light up sneakers, and anything flammable (save for weapon related gear + incendiary dust)
  • they make it a point to have dinner (mostly pizza) in the cafeteria every tuesday together; it’s a tradition.
  • they take their laundry down on mondays because it’s less crowded, and they mostly all do this as a group, and because their clothes were stolen the first time, they camp out on the laundromat floor and play card games; mostly uno.
  • if nora gets angry enough she will not hesitate to throw possessions out the window.
  • ren and pyrrha are playing jenga with their novels and the stack is not safe at all.
  • another team jnpr tradition is joint breakfast cereal and saturday morning cartoons, exempt only during exam week.
  • all of team jnpr has attended exam week wearing their pyjamas; pyrrha at least pairs tights/yoga pants with a cute sweater and sneakers, so she at least managed to look stylish, while during the same exam ren was using a massive scarf as a blanket and jaune threw boots and a hoodie over his footie pyjamas.
  • because of his natural ninja stealth, ren has unintentionally walked in on all his teammates doing embarrassing stuff, ie. jaune flexing in the mirror, nora trying on a combination of her teammates clothes, and pyrrha looking at pics of jaune’s butt (sent via nora)
  • ren has a bad neko atsume addiction and checks every ten seconds for peaches. it’s reached the point where nora has to confiscate it during study sessions and during movies because he forgets to to put the damn volume down while they’re watching; and it really breaks the immersion to watch the titanic with neko atsume bg in the background.
  • jaune is the main cuddle pile ingredient; it started when he was playing video games, and nora used his lap for a pillow, and ren flopped over nora’s stomach, and pyrrha leant her head on jaune’s shoulder, resting legs over ren’s knees. since then the four of them can rest together on the floor or a bed but it normally starts with jaune, who is the least likely to get awkward about it and complain.
  • ren’s occasional journal is written in traditional chinese, and sometime’s he’ll leave notes around his side of the room directed at himself, but; other members of jnpr ask ruby and yang what they mean sometimes, mostly they’re just reminders like: buy milk, or return weiss’ grimm anatomy notes. the others leave notes for themselves too in their respective languages; french, greek, and norwegian.
  • jaune and ren are the first to break when the wifi disappears.
  • pyrrha and ren started a braid train with yang, blake, and weiss once and since then the both of them will braid and style each other’s hair; sometimes to help the other get ready in the morning while they eat/read the news/etc. ren’s specialty is fishtail braids, and pyrrha makes really cute space buns.
  • nora cannot stop coming in through the window.
  • pyrrha’s an astronomy nerd and has stuck glow in the dark stars to her lamp, table, and side of the room. ren hung star wind chimes near the window for her (and sometimes to announce nora’s arrival).
  • *one time jaune and nora started a pillow/blanket fortress that spread throughout the entire floor.
  • pyrrha and ren schedule tea parties and campus picnics, they’re also the default duo for late night maccas and starbucks runs.
  • ren and jaune are the ones that scream and hop onto the beds when there are bugs in the room, nora and pyrrha take care of it most of the time.

probably more to come ??