green falcons

I’m sick, if I can’t make it, let this be my legacy. 

 I knew that the Vision’s cape remind me of something

One of our absolutely stunning Palm-Nut Vultures!

The male is  rather shy however the female ((pictured)) is curious about everything! She growls and calls at you as you walk past the aviary and is always sat as close to the front of their aviary as possible!

She’s a little trouble maker so it’s a good job she’s adorable!

*DO NOT remove caption or re-upload*


Based on this conversation on @blackkatmagic​‘s page: [Link]

A week later the green falcon comes back with a note attached to its leg. Madara opens it and in a neat hand it reads: 

Dear Madara, 

Thank you for making it so much easier to find your falcons. We really appreciate it. And while I understand your interest in diversifing my wardrobe, I think I’ll stick to white feathers. Thank you again for your consideration.


Tobirama Senju

Behind him Izuna adds “Bro, you got played~”

And is promptly dunked in the koi pond. 

Thank you @redhothollyberries for encouraging my crazy. 

NFL Play Off Picture

American Football Conference

1. New England (14-2, AFC East champion)

2. Kansas City (12-4, AFC West champion)

3. Pittsburgh (11-5, AFC North champion)

4. Houston (9-7, AFC South champion)

5. Oakland (12-4)

6. Miami (10-6)

National Football Conference

1. Dallas (13-3, NFC East champion)

2. Atlanta (11-5, NFC South champion)

3. Seattle (10-5-1, NFC West champion)

4. Green Bay (10-6, NFC North champion)

5. New York Giants (11-5)

6. Detroit (9-7)


Note: This typing is based on my own personal interpretation, not by stated birthdays. Some characters are repeated under other signs because I have yet to definitively type them. The V denotes a Villain, the S a Superhero, and AH an antihero.
Ajax (V)
Doctor Doom (V)
Hulk (S)
Red Skull (V)
War Machine (S)
Wonder Woman (S)

Angel Dust (V)
Colossus (S)
Cyborg (S)
Falcon (S)
Green Lantern (S)
Wolverine (S)

Ant-Man (S)
Beast Boy (S)
Deadpool (AH)
Loki (V)
Star Lord (S)
Two-Face (V)

Captain America (S)
Groot (S)
Hawkeye (S)
Hulk (S)
Scarlet Witch (S)

Catwoman (AH)
Human Torch (S)
Iron Man (S)
Quicksilver (S)
Thor (S)
Wasp (S)

Captain America (S)
Invisible Woman (S)
Mister Fantastic (S)
Mystique (S)
Winter Soldier (AH)

Captain America (S)
Captain Britain (S)
Catwoman (AH)
Superwoman (S)
Thor (S)

Batman (S)
Black Widow (S)
Black Panther (S)
Jessica Jones (S)
Negasonic Teenage Warhead (S)
Raven (S)

Daredevil (S)
Deadpool (AH)
Poison Ivy (V)
Yellowjacket (V)

Captain Marvel (S)
Nick Fury (S)
Robin (S)
Superman (S)
Ultron (V)

Deadpool (AH)
Doctor Strange (S)
Joker (V)
Rocket Raccoon (S)
Starfire (S)
Vision (S)

Bruce Banner (S)
Copycat (S)
Harley Quinn (V)
Spider-Man (S)