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Anne of Green Gables character design 🌷 I watched the first season of Anne with an E on Netflix I think it was so precious !

Hiss hiss, my fellow Slytherins! 

Not gonna lie, pretty sure the Harry Potter playing cards in the July FairyLoot were my favorite item. They’re GORGEOUS. I featured them in a post a little while back if you want to see what the other houses look like but this pic is all about MY house 😃 

Slytherin and proud! 🐍

Reblog and show your house pride!


The Shepherdess and the chimney sweep by Ciaran
Via Flickr:
Illustrations for Hans Christian Andersons Fairy Tales By Jiri Trnka 1959


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Hexenring ( Fairy Ring, Rond de Sorciers ), Fly Agaric Mushroom RingHand carved by Moon & Serpent in oxidized silver, this ring consists of fly agaric mushrooms grew in fairy ring (elf circle) pattern around a green grass gemstone.