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Lovely in Green by Maria Grandi
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Yep. I’m calling it now. Cas will be resurected within the first 10 minutes of the episode by the power of the Nephilim, and I will die. 

(The recent slip by Jared only adds to my theory that they already shot the scene, because, hell, if the last Cas/Dean scene you shot was him dying, you’d cetainly remember it. I think he forgot that even though the scene is shot already, we haven’t seen it yet, and that’s why it took him so long to figure out what the big deal was.)

You can’t leave this beautiful body to rot for too long! Just saying.

Dean even looks like her, I can’t even.


Roadtrip in SCOTLAND - Travel sketches :

1. Inveraray castle and its fairytale facade. Its green light tone is a jewel !
2. Old Man of Storr - Hiking the famous Old Man of Storr and sketching.
3. Highland cow - one of the fantastic beasts of Scotland.
4. Buachaille Etive Mòr encircled by the river Etive.
5. Roadtrip Essentials


Summary: You and Sherlock tackle boredom together
Word Count: 1900
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock Holmes x reader
Mentioned: John Watson, Greg Lestrade

Authors notes: Hi guys!! This is a fic I wrote as I answered an ask for the blog @sherlockxreader as one of their writers. If you’re into Sherlock fanfiction check out my and Nyla’s (@i-had-a-halo-once) writing there. Anyways, here’s a cute fluffy fic for you guys. I hope you like it!

ps the bold lines are the prompts I had to use

Y/N: your name


“Can you stop playing connect the dots with my freckles?” Sherlock turned his head away from the back of the couch to glare at you on the floor in his most menacing manner possible, which you just scoffed at, crossing your arms and pouting your lips in what you hoped was a pitiful expression.

“But I’m bored Sherlock! There’s nothing to do!” You had been stuck in the flat with Sherlock after John had gone to a medical convention without you before torrential rain decided to shut London down. Granted, you would probably be more bored there than here with the moping detective but still, you were bored. “Entertain me!”

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