green eyes x coldplay

Dateless And Single

Author’s note: I going to be spending my valentine’s day at work but I much rather be spending it this way. we all just need a little Jackson in our lives.


Lucky - Jason Marz

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

Green Eyes -Coldplay

Pairing: Reader x Jackson(GOT7)

Word Count: 1446

Genre: Fluff 

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“Would you two shut up already, you been going at it for three hours.”

“Not until I win!”

“Then you two will be here all night! There is no way you are going to beat her Jackson. I would just give up now.“

“Jinyoung! How could you say that! I can’t give up that easily!”

“It has been three almost four hours. Some of us are getting hungry

“Then go get something to eat without us, I’m not giving up until I win!”

“Hey! I’m actually hungry” I finally pipe in my opinion. “And although I thoroughly like beating your butt over and over again. My stomach is trying to get my attention.”

This whole fiasco started four hours ago when I came over to hang out and eat dinner with the boys. It was valentine’s day today. So instead of spending it alone at my apartment watching chick flicks and drowning my feeling in ice cream and chocolate. Mark had invited me to spend it with him and the boys. We were all dateless and single, so it was a perfect idea to distract us from the loneliness that comes with this holiday.

The second I stepped through the door, though, I was challenged to a match of Super Smash Brothers Brawl by Jackson. Unknown to him, I was well skilled at it from years of playing it with my older brothers. After I destroyed him the first time, he called it beginner’s luck and called for a rematch. I just laughed and agreed to it. For the past three hours, Jackson had called for rematch after rematch. I didn’t mind though because I enjoyed spending time with him and beating his butt every match was a perk. But I knew deep down the true reason was that I have been harboring a huge crush on him since mark first introduced us. Sadly I know it wouldn’t work because of who Jackson was. He had the pick of any girl he wanted, he would never pick me. Mark’s old best friend from childhood.

“Jinyoung can’t you just bring us something back?” Jackson gave the rest of the boys a puppy dog look and a pout.

“If it ok with (Y/N).” Jinyoung gave me a “sorry he acts like a five-year-old sometimes” kind of look. The thought of being alone with Jackson sent butterflies to my stomach and made my cheeks turn red. But it would be okay, right? We were only playing a video game, nothing would happen, right?

“As long as I get fed, I’m fine with it”

“Are you sure?” Mark interjected. He could always read me like an open book. It didn’t help I would tell him everything since we were kids. He had figured out the crush I had on Jackson before I could even tell him.

“Just don’t take too long.” I joked out loud but I gave mark a “don’t you dare say anything or I will kill you” look.

“Alright, just don’t burn the dorm down while we are gone” Jinyoung sighed, oblivious to the stare down mark and I was having. The rest of got7 filed out and the door slammed shut behind Bambam and Yugeom arguing about what food they were going to get. The apartment fell silent and I shift nervously in my seat.

“I got an idea, let’s play Mario Kart instead,” Jackson announced

“I was never good at Mario Kart. So maybe just maybe you might win.” Jackson sent a sarcastic laugh my way as he got up to change the disk. I sighed back into my seat and watch him, noting his toned arm muscles. He so rudely decided to wear a sleeveless shirt tonight. I wonder what it would be like to have those arms are wrapped around my waist. Those arms bringing me into a tight embrace. His arm slung around my shoulders, claiming me as his.

“Are you checking me out?” I awake from my daydream to see Jackson looking at me with a smirk etched on his face.

“Of course not!” I yell out, avoiding his gaze.

“Your cheeks say otherwise.” Damn my girlish tendencies

“Just because girls around the world find you desirable doesn’t mean every girl does.”

“True but I’m pretty sure the girl sitting in front of me finds me desirable.”

“I do not!” the redness in my cheeks turn the shade of a tomato. Jackson has now abandoned the game and started to walk slowly towards me. I sink back into my seat.

“I beg to differ.” Jackson was now in front of me. He snaps both of his on either side of my head. I stare into his eyes, trying to find a hint of a joke. But all I found was focus and could say a bit of lust?

“I think you’re are over your head.” I tried to keep me composer but my mind and insides were panicking.

“You know it wouldn’t be a bad thing. You finding me desirable.” he was inching closer and closer to my face. One wrong move now and we would be kissing. But was that a bad thing?

“Why is that?” Jackson stops himself so close to my face that iI could feel his breath.

“Because maybe I find you quite desirable too.”

“Don’t joke with me, Wang.’ Jackson smirk was the last thing I saw. I flutter my eyes shut when I felt Jackson capture my lips. This kiss was powerful and sent electricity throughout my body. There was passion flowing from Jackson’s lips. It traveled through me and filled me. Claiming me to Jackson and no one else. Just as I start to try to pull Jackson closer, he pulls his lips off mine.

“Do you think I’m joking now?” Jackson stares into my eyes and leaves me breathless. I open my mouth to respond but I was cut off by the front door banging open. Jackson and I look up from our spot on the couch. Jinyoung and Bambam were bickering something about a lost wallet. But Bambam stopped mid-argument when his eyes fell upon us.

“Ewwwww guys we sit and eat on that couch!” Bambam yells over to us. I never seem Jackson move so quickly. He was on the other side of the room in less than a second.

“Bambam, it’s not like that!” Jackson yells back, his face turning as red as my own.

“Yeah sure, we all know you like her.” my head shot up at these words and I look at Bambam with disbelief.

“Hey! I haven’t even told her that yet! Jinyoung help me out!”

“You were going to do that to her without out even telling her you have feelings for her. That just messed up Jackson.” there was a glint of amusement in his eyes. Jackson and Bambam start to bicker back and forth again. I look up at Jinyoung and he gives me a wink

    “Come on Bambam, go get your wallet. The guys are waiting.: Bambam huffed off and returned with a black wallet in his hands. He walks out the still open door and Jinyoung follows.

    “Have fun you two!” Jinyoung waves to us as he shuts the door behind him.

    “I can’t……how could….I would never!” Jackson was walking back and forth, waving his hands around. I start to giggle at how flustered he was.

“Why are you laughing? This is not a laughing matter. They ruined my plan!” I laughed even harder at how serious Jackson looked.

“Jackson, calm down. they were messing with you. There is nothing to worry about.” I waved at him to come sit with me.

“They were?” he ran his fingers through his hair as he sat down.

“They absolutely were.”

“Oh now I just feel stupid but I’m still mad at Bambam.”


“He told you I had feelings for you.”

“That’s ok”

“How is that ok?”

“Because I like you too, dummy.” I laughed out. “But you are going to have to make this up for me.”

“I do? How do I make it up to you then?”

“For a start, you could take me out on a real date.” I leaned up and pulled Jackson don for another kiss. He wraps his strong arms around me and pulled me into his chest.

“I can definitely do that.” he breaks the kiss for a second and stared into my eyes. He then smiles and pulled me back into his lips. This definitely wasn’t how I thought my Valentine’s day would end. But I am so glad I didn’t end up stuck at home watching chicks flicks and eating ice cream.

Author note: The original plan was to upload this on Valentine’s day but I’m too impatient haha. As always I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!! <3  

cold as the wind blows (x); a mix for the cooler months

i - warning sign, coldplay

ii - kiss me, ed sheeran

iii - wait, m83

iv - your song, ellie goulding

v - the ghost on the shore, lord huron

vi - too late, m83

vii - oblivion, indians

viii - green eyes, coldplay

ix - brother, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes

x - guaranteed, eddie vedder

xi - give me love, ed sheeran

xii - your song, elton john

xiii - dead in the water, ellie goulding

xiv - if i had a boat, james vincent mcmorrow

xv - disappear, mikky ekko

xvi - girlfriend, phoenix

xvii - in the wind, lord huron


it’s only natural◊makoharu fanmix for kris and I’s stupid pizza delivery boy au, and also just in general [ listen via 8tracks ]

i. The Start of Something - Voxtrot ii. Just a Boy - Angus & Julia Stone iii. Accidenally in Love - Counting Crows iv. Have I the Right - Vampire Weekend v. Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees vi. Bones - The Killers vii. Wouldn’t it be Nice - The Beach Boys viii. Somewhere Beyond the Sea - Frank Sinatra ix. Seaside - The Kooks x. Green Eyes - Coldplay xi. Can’t Help Falling in Love - Fleet Foxes xii. Swimming - Pearl and the Beard

More Observations about Ghost Stories
  1. Nine tracks, not including the three bonus tracks, is the shortest Coldplay album to date. Parachutes and VLV both have 10. AROBTTH has 11, X&Y has 13, and MX has 14.
  2. Ghost Stories does not currently have a track titled after the album’s name. This is the only Coldplay album to do so, as each of the other 5 have a track by the same name of its album.
  3. Ghost Stories also does not currently have a track with a color included in the title. The previous 5 have all had a color song (Yellow - Parachutes, Green Eyes - AROBTTH, White Shadows - X&Y, Violet Hill - VLV, Charlie Brown - MX).
  4. Coldplay has hinted at having a “magic” letter for each album since VLV, in which three or more tracks start with this letter. For VLV, the letter was “L” with Life in Technicolor, Lost!, and Lovers in Japan. For MX, the letter was “U” for Up in Flames, UFO, and Up With the Birds. It looks like Ghost Stories’s letter is “A” for Always In My Head, A Sky Full of Stars, and Another’s Arms
#2 Tweet Preference: He Tweets A Lyric, You Complete It [4/4]


Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard [x]


Green Eyes - Coldplay [x]


Last Night On Earth - Green Day [x]


I’m Lost Without You - Blink - 182 [x]


i. ordinary love - u2 ii. seeing red - unwritten law iii. king and lionheart - of monsters and men iv. latch (cover) - kodaline v. sex (cover) - lauren aquilina vi. elastic heart - sia ft. the weeknd & diplo vii. left hand free - alt-j viii. flapper girl - the lumineers ix. green eyes - coldplay x. bed room eyes - dum dum girls li xi. vampire’s kiss - john gold xii. queen and knight - rosie official xiii. skinny love - bon iver xiv. let me love you - raj xv. photograph - ed sheeran