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Hansel and Gretel

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Once upon a time a vast forest covered  a large area north of the Alps. Large trees grew so close together in places that the forest floor was perpetually in twilight.  Wildlife abounded in the forest–birds, deer, wild boar, rabbits and hedgehogs and other creatures who lived on the forest floor. During the summer, mushrooms and berries grew in places where the sun filtered through the canopy of trees.

The countryside surrounding the forest was farmed by peasants. Small villages scattered here and there attended to their needs.  The villagers—small shopkeepers, a miller, an inn keeper or too, a blacksmith, craftsmen who repaired farm equipment—made a living as their ancestors had for generations..

Large towns—Munich, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Basel—were far away. Once a year, tax collectors from the closest feudal overlord would visit the villagers and peasants and collect what was due to the nobleman.

Everyone, rich or poor, tax collector or peasant, merchant or servant, travelling from one of the large towns to another always avoided the forest. No roads crossed the dark woods and there was never any effort to build them. Why? The peasants and villagers, just as their ancestors had been, were fearful of the forest. Stories passed from generation to generation told of witches who lived in the deepest, darkest parts of the woods. Witches cast spells and caused evil for those they disliked. They had a reputation for knowing the plant life and herbs which grew on the forest floor, and so a few brave souls, desperate to seek a cure for a loved one’s illness, would visit one of the old women who lived alone in the forest.

Occasionally a solitary young man, a stranger from far away on a journey to a distant town, entered the forest despite the warnings of the villagers to avoid the deep dark woods and take the circuitous route around the periphery of the forest. Whether foolhardy or brave, these young men never reappeared on the other side of the forest. What was their fate? An accident? An attack by a vicious wild boar? Or had they run afoul of one of the witches? No one knew.

One day, in a cottage in the deepest part of the forest, an old woman sat in her armchair beside the fireplace. She was knitting a shawl in the flickering light. Her eyesight had not dimmed with age. She had eyes like a hawk, small black eyes in a wrinkled face dominated by a big hook-shaped nose.

As usual a large black raven, the old crone’s pet, sat peacefully on her shoulder, brushing his plumage with his large beak, croaking with satisfaction when his owner gave him a tidbit of black bread. Curled up next to her was the woman’s other pet, a large black green eyed cat.

The old woman was in a bad mood. For a long time she’d only had thin watery barley soup to eat. She hadn’t had a juicy piece of meat for weeks, no, for months! This was no life for a witch! What could she do to remedy the situation?

Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the cottage.

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We'll Travel down Memory Lane - Part 3



Matt’s POV 

“ B-baby, its me, Matt,” she gave me a puzzled look. Doctors rushed in, they pushed me aside so they could get to Y/N. A nurse came to my side,“ I’m sorry sir, but you’ll have to wait outside,” I nodded. I walked out the room and waited in the hallway…she didn’t remember me at all, she looked at me as I was a stranger to her. I snapped out of my thoughts, I should tell everyone! 

I called Y/N’s parents first, then I told Y/N’s friends and the boys. They were on their way to come and see her.

I sat in the hallway for 30 minutes, until a doctor came out of the room. “ Hi Mr.Epsinosa,” he smiled at me,“ Hi,” i smiled back. “ Well, she’s great, in terms of health. Her vitals are good but she lost her memory. She doesn’t seem to know what happened or who she is. So she is gonna need a lot of support from friends and family, to help her re - jog her memory,” I nodded as i took the information in slowly. “ Its good to start with family members, like her mom and dad,” he told me,“ Their on their way actually.” “ Good, so would you like to go in and see her?,” he asked, I thought about it…..,“ Sure.”

I knocked on the door, she looked up from a picture she was looking at. I stepped into the room,“ Hi,” I gave a small wave and smile. “ Hi,” she smiled back,“ Oh, I remember you!”

My face lit up,“ You’re the guy who hugged me earlier right?” my smile dropped abit,“ Ya….I am.” “ Are you the one in this picture?,” she asked, showing me the picture, that was in her lap. It was a picture of our first date, we went to a concert, she looked so beautiful that night. Nash took the picture, since him and Cam tagged along to see the concert.

“ Ya, I am,” I slowly walked towards her,“ Who’s that girl your with?,” she asked. I chuckled a bit,“ its you, that was…., our first date, we went to a Sam Smith concert,” i sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at the picture on more time,“ who took it?,” she looked up again, “ our friends, Nash and Cam.” She looked down at the picture, observing it closely. 

“ We were in a relationship?,” she asked,“ actually, we are. It been three years now…..,we live together with our dogs, Bernie and Joy.” “ But….I can’t remember…..I can’t remember a single thing and its so irritating….,” a tear trailed down her face. “ Hey don’t worry, the doctors said it’s normal….., it’ll take time but we’ll get there ok?" 

She nodded,” we’ll just travel down memory lane,“ I smiled at her. 


Y/N’s POV 

Today was the day I was going home, well to where me and Matt live. Matt came into my room,” I got your clothes.“ He placed the bag on the bed,” I’ll leave you to get changed.“ 


I grabbed all the items off the bedside table. I looked one more time at the photo of me and Matt then i heard a knock,” ready to go?“ I nodded my head, I grabbed the last things I needed. He grabbed my sports bag as I carried my backpack, and made our way to the car.

The car ride was awkward and silent. I was listening to ’ O ’ by Coldplay. Before i knew it, we were driving into the driveway. The house was beautiful, it was just a ordinary modern home but the kind people dream about having.

I walked up to the front door, Matt unlocked it and we entered the house. The walls were covered with pictures, so many memories but so many I couldn’t recongnise. I walked slowly, looking at the pictures carefully as Matt, made his way to the kitchen. I was interuppted by the sound of dog paws running to towards me. I bent down to their level as they came to attack me with love and kisses, I giggled as they both attacked me. ” I see they found you,“ I heard Matt say, I looked up to see him smiling. I stood up and patted both of them,” they missed you alot,“ he told me. ” I can see,“ I giggled.

Matt showed me where our room was. I opened the door to the bedroom and wow….

” This is our room?“ I asked him, setting my bag down,” yup, you’ll be sleeping here.“ ” What about you?.“ I asked in concern,” don’t worry, I’ll be in the spare room.“ I nodded, I toured around the room, looking at the ornaments and pictures around. ” Oh,Y/N?,“ I turned around,” The guys and the girls will be coming around for abit, if you don’t mind.“ I shook my head,” no, its ok, i don’t mind, what time?“ I asked. ” It’s 1:30 at the moment, so in 30 minutes,“ he told me. ” gosh, we should make some snacks for them,“ i told him,” no, no, you don’t have to do that, you rest,“ he insisted. ” I’m fine, I’ll help you,“ I smiled, he smiled back. 

We made our way back downstairs, we made snacks and brought out juice. I set up everything on the living room table but i was a mess. ” Ugh, I’m a mess,“ I chuckled,” you look fine to me,“ Matt smiled. ” No, I’m not. I’m gonna change my sweater.“ I ran upstairs and changed my sweater into a loose funnel shirt,” SUP GUYS!,“ I heard Matt say, they’re here. 

I ran downstairs and met everyone, I was still getting to know everyone, so I was still unclear on the names. I remembered Nash, Cam, Carter and Jack & Jack. We were having a good time, chatting, bringing up memories, getting to know everyone better, it was great. 

The door bell rung,” I’ll get!“ I sprung up from the couch and made my way to the door. I opened it to be met by a long black haired and green eyed woman, her eyes widened at the sight of me,” Hi! are you one of Matt’s friends?“ I asked her,” I-I’m…um, I’m sorry I-,“ she was cut off by the voice of Matt. ” Who is it Y/N?“ he came to the door, his eyes widened ,” Veronica?“ 


Yay! Part 3 is done! 

whats gonna happen in Part 4? 


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