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We'll Travel down Memory Lane - Part 3



Matt’s POV 

“ B-baby, its me, Matt,” she gave me a puzzled look. Doctors rushed in, they pushed me aside so they could get to Y/N. A nurse came to my side,“ I’m sorry sir, but you’ll have to wait outside,” I nodded. I walked out the room and waited in the hallway…she didn’t remember me at all, she looked at me as I was a stranger to her. I snapped out of my thoughts, I should tell everyone! 

I called Y/N’s parents first, then I told Y/N’s friends and the boys. They were on their way to come and see her.

I sat in the hallway for 30 minutes, until a doctor came out of the room. “ Hi Mr.Epsinosa,” he smiled at me,“ Hi,” i smiled back. “ Well, she’s great, in terms of health. Her vitals are good but she lost her memory. She doesn’t seem to know what happened or who she is. So she is gonna need a lot of support from friends and family, to help her re - jog her memory,” I nodded as i took the information in slowly. “ Its good to start with family members, like her mom and dad,” he told me,“ Their on their way actually.” “ Good, so would you like to go in and see her?,” he asked, I thought about it…..,“ Sure.”

I knocked on the door, she looked up from a picture she was looking at. I stepped into the room,“ Hi,” I gave a small wave and smile. “ Hi,” she smiled back,“ Oh, I remember you!”

My face lit up,“ You’re the guy who hugged me earlier right?” my smile dropped abit,“ Ya….I am.” “ Are you the one in this picture?,” she asked, showing me the picture, that was in her lap. It was a picture of our first date, we went to a concert, she looked so beautiful that night. Nash took the picture, since him and Cam tagged along to see the concert.

“ Ya, I am,” I slowly walked towards her,“ Who’s that girl your with?,” she asked. I chuckled a bit,“ its you, that was…., our first date, we went to a Sam Smith concert,” i sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at the picture on more time,“ who took it?,” she looked up again, “ our friends, Nash and Cam.” She looked down at the picture, observing it closely. 

“ We were in a relationship?,” she asked,“ actually, we are. It been three years now…..,we live together with our dogs, Bernie and Joy.” “ But….I can’t remember…..I can’t remember a single thing and its so irritating….,” a tear trailed down her face. “ Hey don’t worry, the doctors said it’s normal….., it’ll take time but we’ll get there ok?" 

She nodded,” we’ll just travel down memory lane,“ I smiled at her. 


Y/N’s POV 

Today was the day I was going home, well to where me and Matt live. Matt came into my room,” I got your clothes.“ He placed the bag on the bed,” I’ll leave you to get changed.“ 


I grabbed all the items off the bedside table. I looked one more time at the photo of me and Matt then i heard a knock,” ready to go?“ I nodded my head, I grabbed the last things I needed. He grabbed my sports bag as I carried my backpack, and made our way to the car.

The car ride was awkward and silent. I was listening to ’ O ’ by Coldplay. Before i knew it, we were driving into the driveway. The house was beautiful, it was just a ordinary modern home but the kind people dream about having.

I walked up to the front door, Matt unlocked it and we entered the house. The walls were covered with pictures, so many memories but so many I couldn’t recongnise. I walked slowly, looking at the pictures carefully as Matt, made his way to the kitchen. I was interuppted by the sound of dog paws running to towards me. I bent down to their level as they came to attack me with love and kisses, I giggled as they both attacked me. ” I see they found you,“ I heard Matt say, I looked up to see him smiling. I stood up and patted both of them,” they missed you alot,“ he told me. ” I can see,“ I giggled.

Matt showed me where our room was. I opened the door to the bedroom and wow….

” This is our room?“ I asked him, setting my bag down,” yup, you’ll be sleeping here.“ ” What about you?.“ I asked in concern,” don’t worry, I’ll be in the spare room.“ I nodded, I toured around the room, looking at the ornaments and pictures around. ” Oh,Y/N?,“ I turned around,” The guys and the girls will be coming around for abit, if you don’t mind.“ I shook my head,” no, its ok, i don’t mind, what time?“ I asked. ” It’s 1:30 at the moment, so in 30 minutes,“ he told me. ” gosh, we should make some snacks for them,“ i told him,” no, no, you don’t have to do that, you rest,“ he insisted. ” I’m fine, I’ll help you,“ I smiled, he smiled back. 

We made our way back downstairs, we made snacks and brought out juice. I set up everything on the living room table but i was a mess. ” Ugh, I’m a mess,“ I chuckled,” you look fine to me,“ Matt smiled. ” No, I’m not. I’m gonna change my sweater.“ I ran upstairs and changed my sweater into a loose funnel shirt,” SUP GUYS!,“ I heard Matt say, they’re here. 

I ran downstairs and met everyone, I was still getting to know everyone, so I was still unclear on the names. I remembered Nash, Cam, Carter and Jack & Jack. We were having a good time, chatting, bringing up memories, getting to know everyone better, it was great. 

The door bell rung,” I’ll get!“ I sprung up from the couch and made my way to the door. I opened it to be met by a long black haired and green eyed woman, her eyes widened at the sight of me,” Hi! are you one of Matt’s friends?“ I asked her,” I-I’m…um, I’m sorry I-,“ she was cut off by the voice of Matt. ” Who is it Y/N?“ he came to the door, his eyes widened ,” Veronica?“ 


Yay! Part 3 is done! 

whats gonna happen in Part 4? 


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