green elk


Elk Mountains, Colorado, USA

OCTOBER 9 - 15, 2017

Monday I got back from my Colorado trip and then it was just a hectic rest of my week! I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and if I want to pursue more freelancing/consulting. Sometimes with so much going on in my head, I can’t pick one thing to focus on. 

Fall is slowly creeping in and Wicked felt like the perfect inspiration for last week’s spread. I’m usually more in favor of spring/summer, but I’m actually really excited for fall this year. I can’t wait for cozy sweaters and all that jazz. 

+ listening: “Los Ageless” by St. Vincent 

+ ig: moirajournals

anonymous asked:

you know i was betting that antis if there were lyrics about green eyes they were gonna say it’s was elks eyes and turns out i was right some of them sweat the eye in the lyrics video it’s elks even when it’s green and elk has brown eyes

lol yep. her eyes are light brow at best (if there’s light - my friend’s eyes are like that) and brown when there’s not. those eyes from the mv are green and definitely not hers