green elk


Elk Mountains, Colorado, USA

Tolkien Tree-Elk

Artwork for @ofplanet-earth‘s new theme on her blog. Take a look, she’s incorporated it beautifully! <3

Commissions open for Cover Art, Illustrations, Avatars, Banners and Logos. See plotbunniesincolour for examples.

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The post your aesthetic meme! I was tagged by the lovely swag-stag-the-party-elk thank you!<3

Rules: Make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with only photos that you have saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are done!I

These photos are basically of my hair, my one and only precious ring, adventures in the woods and my trip to Scotland resulting in me not wanting to leave </3

I tag duirins / lordofthehobbits / the-great-hiddles / my-sunny-meadow and anybody else who wants to do it, feel free to ignore it if you don’t!