green egg

Here’s a racist drawing from Dr. Seuss

In the four-panel drawing titled “Cross-Section of The World’s Most Prosperous Department Store,” the artist depicts scenarios in which rich men can purchase items to make their lives more difficult.

These include a fly for your ointment and a monkey wrench for your machinery. The final and largest panel features a crowd of men rendered in classic blackface caricature, with dark skin and pronounced red lips, being presented to a white shopper. A sign reads: “A nigger for your woodpile.”

The American robin lent its name to a striking shade of blue, but the vivid hue may have been colouring eggs long before the bird evolved – perhaps long before any birds evolved. It may have appeared in the dinosaur ancestors of birds that lived 150 million years ago.

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Which Smoker to Use?

You don’t need much to start smoking.  Two things that are a necessity are time and a smoker.  I can’t help you on the first part, but the second I can…

When I decided to buy a smoker, I did a ton of research.  There are a lot of options out there, you can get a $70 Brinkman at Home Depot, or a $700 Big Green Egg.  I ended up with a Weber Smokey Mountain for a few reasons:

  1. I like Weber products.  They are well made and have great customer service.
  2. After reading many, many reviews, the Weber seemed like a great first smoker because it holds its temp so well (which, once you start smoking, you will learn is 90% of the battle).
  3. It is the #1 type of smoker out there (from what I could tell), which meant it worked for people of all levels of experience
  4. In 40 years, it has not undergone any major design changes, which means it is engineered right.  The only change was a few years ago when they added a thermometer and changed the handle from wood to plastic.  That is it.
  5. It was priced reasonably well, about $300

I have been thrilled with my Weber.  It holds temp well and goes about 5 - 6 hours without restocking depending on the wind and outside temp.

If you want to start smoking, I suggest researching on your own to determine which one you like.  The only advice I can give is don’t cheap out, what you save on the smoker you will lose in time, charcoal and bad food.  I read way too many stories of people who bought a low end smoker and had to sit in front of it for 10 hours, or had to replace fuel every two hours.  


Last week chicken ecperiment I had forgotten to post. I brined this chicken in water, soy sauce, peanut oil, garlic, sugar, apple cider and salt (be careful with peanut oil it gets dominant fast). Afterwards I used a honey mustard and apple cider baste with green herbs and garlic. 1h20m. on the Black Bastard at 150°C on a beercan filled with maes! I ended with an end sear to get a crusty skin but forgot to take pictures of it…

Great taste but I used a little bit to much peanut oil. Luckely it just didn’t dominate the chicken! But the chicken wings were just perfect!