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flame-cat  asked:

holy sh it.... ur sO Good at shaind...... teach me ur ways oh wise sage

soft screaming,, thank 

{i slapped 2gether a thing just 4 u}

my secret to shading;; is that different hues from ur base colour + layer modes are your friends

^^ these are the colours that i used to draw this bab.. youll notice that some of the shade/highlight colours are pretty different (eg. green is shaded with blue and purple is highlighted with bright pink),, 

i ususally go this way around the colour wheel to pick shading/highlight colours

but different things will work for different colours and lighting effects!

once ya got ya colours ya gotta SHADE

(i use sai but the same settings are also in photoshop)

so ya got these layer modes with clipping group on~

shade with your shading colour (duh) on the multiply layer; i use the marker tool (it’ll be way darker if you use the pen or brush tool, you can use a lighter colour or turn the layer opacity down if you wanna use one of those); if its a large area or needs to look soft ill use the hard water tool first before the marker;; they came with the version of sai i have but it came with some extras so im not sure if theyre defaults + i may have accidentally changed the settings at some point so here they are:

now on the colour picker/tool panel youre gonna wanna pick that little checkered box; this turns whatever tool youre using into an eraser with the same settings

turn that on and off and darken/lighten areas to smooth the shading layer out,,

now grab ur highlight colour and do the same on the screen layer!

if you want it to look brighter/more neon you can also use shade and luminosity layer settings

(i didn’t change the colours/draw more at all, just changed the layer settings!) this can also be useful to make stuff look shiny or wet

or you can use all 4.

this is just one colour… have fun with all those layers :’)

Australian election things:
(Sorry to non-Australians but this is important )
1. The election is this Saturday. Please vote
2. Voting for a minor party is not “wasting your vote”. We have a preferential system, so if you wanted to vote for a minor party (eg. The greens), you can put them first and put major parties lower on your list of preferences.
3. Do some research on minor parties. Names are kinda misleading, like the Australian Health Party sounds like they care about people and health but they’re anti vaxx. Vote for whoever you want but be informed


“I don’t like flirting, and when I love someone, I always give everything, maybe too much. And then you have to work at it all the time. I mean, the first months are always great, but afterwards it becomes hard work. It’s not as passionate and crazy.”