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Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet (Ibrahim Abdul-Matin)

“The Earth is a mosque.” Muslims are compelled by their religion to praise the Creator and to care for their community. But what is not widely known is that there are deep and long-standing connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism. In this groundbreaking book, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin draws on research, scripture, and interviews with Muslim Americans to trace Islam’s preoccupation with humankind’s collective role as stewards of the Earth. Abdul-Matin points out that the Prophet Muhammad declared that “the Earth is a mosque.”

Deen means “path” or “way” in Arabic. Abdul-Matin offers dozens of examples of how Muslims can follow, and already are following, a Green Deen in four areas: “waste, watts (energy), water, and food.” At last, people of all beliefs can appreciate the gifts and contributions that Islam and Muslims bring to the environmental movement.


I was recently invited to Bait-ul-Ilm Academy for an intrafaith conference on the occasion of the birth of our beloved Prophet PBUH. As in many Twelver Shia mosques across the US, women and men pray in the same space at Bait-ul-Ilm in Streamwood, IL. I admired not only the breathtaking beauty of the architecture of this masjid, but also the importance the community placed on being responsible stewards of the environment through encouraging recycling and environmentalism - the closest parking spots to the entrance of the mosque were reserved for fuel efficient cars!