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the type of merch you can find at hot topic has changed a lot over the years for the most part, but nothing will ever stop them from carrying that same American Idiot Green Day tshirt that they’ve been carrying for 13 years now

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omg omg omg can u write a blurb based one where Y/N is in a band and has a lip ring like luke does and its black and it makes her look badass chick and she wears like black skinny jeans and stuff but once lukes band and her band meet luke basically falls in love with her the moment he saw her and thought she was way too cool for him but ended up learning she giggles at her own jokes and is so adorable and the sweetest person ever???? pretty please☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️

(Just wanted to say-That in this fic, 5sos are not as popular as they are now. Think of it like this, they’re not that well known in pop. In this universe their fan base is smaller. They’re on the same level as y/n’s band where the venues aren’t that huge. Enjoy!)

Way Too Cool For Me



“Hey y/n! Y/n, hey!” “Yeessss Jack?” I turned around to see where the guitarist’s voice was coming from, currently trying to put my black combat boots back on. “You, us, we-” “Jack you’re not speaking English” I laughed as Ethan threw me a water bottle. We just finished a show so everyone was trying to change into less sweaty clothes. Jack took a breath in before continuing, “So, right okay, I checked our email and Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer emailed us asking us if we wanted to play a show with them, that’s, open for them” “Oh my god, really? Did you hear that Eth?” I looked to Ethan and so did Jack with an excited face while nodding, “Hear what?” The drummer said as he just put a clean shirt on. “Jack can check emails!” I laughed out loud with at my own joke to which Jack slapped my shoulder. “Okay, okay” I toned it down to a chuckle now and whist tucking my Green Day tshirt into my black jeans said, “That’s pretty cool, though for real. Did he say when?” Jack now jumping up with excitement said, “Yes! Um, he said this Friday. And uh..” He looked down at his feet and twisted the toe of his shoe on the ground in circles, “I may have emailed him back already…And said yes”. “Wow, thanks for the heads up bud.” I laughed again, but didn’t really mind since I actually quite liked 5sos’s music. “Okay so Calum said that they’d wanna meet up on tomorrow if that’s cool with us, to talk it all out.” “That’s chill” said Ethan from beside me now, all decent, “We’re not really doing much tomorrow, are we.” He said as a fact. “No, we’re not. Also, remember to tell Ellie.” I said as I pushed my blue hair to one side to put my leather jacket on. “I hope they’re cool.”

Luke’s P.O.V.

After exchanging phone numbers, we agreed that it’d be best if we met in y/n’s house since that’s got the most room to fit all of us in. We walked to the front door and Calum knocked on the door, we waited patiently as the sounds of a guitar could be heard from inside the house. Finally a brown haired boy opened the door. “Hey guys! I’m Ethan. Come in.” He opened the door wide so that we could come in. “Let’s go to the basement, there’s more room there.” He waved his hand for us to follow and me and Michael exchanged glanced and smirked to each other, because that’s where every band’s set up is, including our own. The basement, is where the magic happens. I ran my hand through my hair as we walked down the stairs. The basement had a make shift stage with all the instruments and amps. Ethan sat down on one of the bean bags and motioned for us to sit on the sofa or any other available seat. My eyes went straight to the blue haired girl. I guessed that was y/n. She sat on one of the amps on the stage and was scribbling away on her notebook. When she looked up and said “just a sec”, I thought I fell in love. She wore black skinny jeans with combat books and a Drop Dead tank top. She even had the same black lip ring as mine. Fuck. Okay she’s way too cool for me. Then I felt a nudge to my rib cage and saw Cal smirking at me. “You’re staring, mate.” He laughed and sat down on a sofa chair next to Ethan. I sat down on the sofa as everyone introduced themselves properly and waited for y/n. I was talking to Ellie who sat across from me when I felt a thump next to me on the sofa. My heart sped up as y/n introduced herself and smiled widely at me when I told her my name. Then everyone started to discuss how the show would go on. “Hey d’you know what would be cool? If y/n joined us in on one of the songs” Chimed in Ashton. “Sure, if that’s okay with you guys.” y/n looked at  Cal, Michael and then rested her eyes on me. I choked out a “yes definitely”, to which Calum laughed. We had to go soon after that, so we didn’t have much time to talk which sucked. But we’d have more time to chat after the show tomorrow. We said our goodbyes and headed out. “Dude, you’ve totally got a crush on y/n.” Said Michael as we got in the car. I turned around to look at him. “Hey! No I-” “Oh my god, you’ve noticed too?!” Squealed Cal from the driver’s seat, buckling his seat belt in. I huffed and put my hand over my eyes. “ohhh our little Lukey has a crush.” Ashton joined in from the back as the boys laughed. “Does it matter? She’s too cool for me anyway. Have you seen how badass she looks?” I said quietly. “She is kinda badass, really hot too.” Said Mikey from the back. That shut me up, she’d probably rather go for Mikey anyway.


After y/n and her band got on the stage, it was like I was in a trance, watching them from back stage. The way she head banged letting her blue hair fall on her face and sang her lyrics through the microphone, almost made my knees go weak. The way she stomped her combat boot on the stage in the beat to the music. It was almost painful to look away. Before I realised, they were walking off the stage. Ethan had his sweaty tshirt in his hand and wiped it on Calum who screamed, before I saw y/n running towards me all sweaty with her arms wide open to hug me. “Oh my god, no!” I tried to hide behind Ash, but she got a hold of my arm and gave me a sweaty hug. It may have been gross, but I felt like the chosen one. We set up all of our instruments on the stage and gave them all a sound check. We started playing, the crowd’s energy flowing right into ours making us jump around and sing. y/n came in on our last song and brought her own microphone on the stage. She still came up to me to sing into my microphone and put her arm around my shoulder as we sang the chorus to the song. I smiled widely and kept focusing on her as she sang and flipped her electric blue hair around. It was like everything was happening at slow motion. Every time she smiled as the crowd sang along, every time she looked at me so happy that she was doing what she loved. Y/n walked up to Calum at one point and danced around him, but most of the song she spent next to me. She gave me a side hug before walking off stage and thanking the fans. I couldn’t help the bitter thoughts that keep crossing my mind that she was something else, something too good for me. I was out of her league, or at least, that’s what my mind kept telling me.

When we got off the stage, we joked around with y/n’s band and went outside the venue to talk to some fans while Calum and Ethan smoked. After some time I realised y/n disappeared, so I went back in the venue’s back entrance. I scanned the room for a bit before my gaze caught Calum’s who smirked at me and said “the changing room, mate.” I smiled knowingly at him and patted his shoulder. Thank the Heavens for Calum Hood. I stood by the changing room for about a minute trying to keep my cool and then gathered up the courage to knock on the door. I heard a soft “come in” and opened the door. There she sat, with her hair in a messy bun, her shoes off as she sat on the sofa with her colourful mismatched socks on. She was scribbling away in her notebook again and I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight. “Very punk rock.” I chuckled and pointed at her socks. “Oh hi Luke, yeah I” she laughed softly, “not as punk rock as I seem eh?”. “Nah, still punk rock if you ask me.” I laughed and sat down next to her, our knees touching. “Whatcha writin?” I nodded at the notebook. “Oh just um, I have a hobby of writing down as many puns as I hear or come up with.” She looked at me, completely serious. “Oh..uh.. that’s’s um. Are you serious?” She laughed out loud and put her fist in the air. “Yes! You actually believed it. Success!” She snorted after that and immediately covered her mouth with her hand. I tried to keep my laugh in, I really did. I put my hand over hers and uncovered her mouth. Still chuckling, I said “No, don’t. It’s cute.” She smiled at me shyly and went to put her notebook away. I realised that maybe she wasn’t how I thought she was. I thought she wouldn’t even look twice at me. And yet here she was, trying to cover her snorts up just a second ago. We sat there talking for a while and she ended up telling me that she was actually writing ideas for a song. I asked her what it’s about, but she blushed and said that it’s kind of embarrassing. I told her not to worry about it, but she said “As soon as I see something interesting, that catches my eye, I want to write about it as soon as I can. You know, to not forget.” I nodded silently but I couldn’t stop but wonder what she could possibly be writing about. We kept talking until I took a deep breath in and said, “Do you wanna, come over to my hotel room? To hang out? We could watch some films or like listen to music or sing?” She smiled warmly at me and said, “Sure”. I couldn’t help my excitement in and jumped up to my feet, “okay, great. Let’s go.” y/n chuckled at my actions before standing up and putting her shoes on. I sat down in the back of Cal’s car next to y/n when something clicked in my head. “Y/n?” She laughed quietly at me whispering and whispered back, “Luke?” dramatically. “The song you were writing. Was that about me?” I whispered. She looked away and faced forward. My heart pounded and for the second time I thought I was in love with her. I swore I could feel my hands shaking as I thought I made a fool of myself for even thinking that she’d find me interesting enough to write a song about me. And then she nodded.

(Hope that was okay. Thanks for the request :D -Joanna x)

Baby Sick // Daddy Calum

A/N - I hope you’re all having a good week so far🙈💓xxx

“Y/N!” Calum sighed, cuddling your side with the one arm he had spare.

He was cradling his six week old baby girl in his right arm, trying to soothe her cries.

“Please go rest, you look exhausted baby. Please, I can take care of her for a few hours. Go to sleep.” He said, kissing your temple.

“Fine, thank you Cal.” You replied, kissing him before heading upstairs.

He grabbed the bottle of milk before testing the temperature, then sat comfortably on the sofa and cradling the baby girl in his arms.

She snuggled into him, eyes fluttering and mouth sucking on a pacifier. He held her close and softly rubbed her back before replacing the pacifier with a bottle, and watched her lovingly as she fed.

He loved how she always looked up at him when she fed, and how her tiny hands would hold onto his finger as he held the bottle.

Her eyes were slowly drooping close, the bottle slipping from her lips when she stopped suckling.

“Wait baby, don’t go to sleep just yet.” He murmured, kissing her cheek.

He held her to his shoulder and began to rub and pat her back until she let out a loud hiccup.

But what he forgot about was a cloth that should have been protecting his Green Day tshirt, which was now covered in baby sick.

“Ugh…” He groaned, sighing heavily.

“Thanks for that baby.”

He wiped it away before settling her back in his arms, her head snuggling into his bicep. He caught a drop of milk that slipped from her lips before she drifted off to sleep in his arms, finally settled.

'Badass Attitude' Part 1 (5sos Imagine)

“This is fucking shit!” I whisper yelled as I sat in the principals office.

“Quiet!” my friend, Lily, whispered back.

“We didn’t do anything.”

“I know, Tal. We will be out soon.”

“I hope so.”

“Good morning ladies,” our principal said walking into the room.

“Good morning Mr. Straw,” Lil and I said at the same time.

“So today I have called you in here because I need your help. I see here that you are two very good students and have never been brought here for bad purposes. Now, we have four new students. Two of the are okay and can get on well in this new school. The other two, however, are big time trouble makers.”

“What are you saying?” Lil asked him.

“I’m saying that you two along with the help of the two good new students are going to try and keep the other two in line. I’ve made sure that you all have the same classes together. You two may go now. Wait in the office for the new student who will be here soon.”

He got up and opened up the door. We walked outside and waited in the waiting area.

“I signed up for high school not fucking babysitting,” Lil whispered to me.

“Same like what the fuck they can watch the kids on there own.”

“Tal, I wonder how bad they actually are.”

“Probably not even that bad. They make a big deal out of nothing most of the time.”

“But he made it sound like they were really bad.”

“Lil, stop stressing about it. It’s gonna be fine.”

Just then, four boys walked into the room. I took the time to examine them. One of them had on jeans and a Nirvana tshirt. He had curly hair that he just let fall in front of his face. He was tall. Really tall. The next one had blonde hair that he made stick almost straight up. He was wearing black skinny jeans (which were really tight) and a Misfits tshirt. Those two didn’t seem that bad. I guess those are the ‘good’ ones.

The other two, however, looked really badass. One had hair that was obviously died blonde because you could see a bit of black underneath it. He wore a black leather vest with a black tshirt and black skinny jeans. He worn black boots as well. I saw a faint tattoo sticking out from his shoulder.

The other one had a darker hair and skin tone from the other three. He had a black leather jacket paired with a black Green Day tshirt and black skinny jeans. He was also wearing black vans with white laces.

“We were told to come here?” The black vest one said. He had a lot of attitude.

“Ah you must be the new students. What are your names please?” the secretary, Mrs. Hallow, asked. The first boy that spoke sighed and turned away.

“I’m Luke. That’s Ashton, Calum, and Michael,” the one with the blonde hair that stuck straight up said.

Okay so Nirvana tshirt is Ashton, Misfits tshirt is Luke, leather vest is Michael (also pissy attitude), and Green Day tshirt is Calum, I think.

“Why hello boys,” Mr. Straw said walking into the room.

“Hello Mr. Straw,” Ashton said, extending his hand.

“Karen, have you introduced them to their buddies yet?”

“Please never call them that again,” Calum said with as much attitude as Michael. “And no, she hasn’t.”

“Alright. Well boys this is Talia and Lily. They will be showing you around the school.”

“Hi,” Lil nervously said to the boys. I decided to keep my mouth shut.

“Well I’ll let you six get to class. Have a nice day!”

We walked out into the hallways and started to walk towards class.

“So where did you guys come from?” Lil asked.

“Australia,” Luke answered.

“Oh wow. Why did you guys choose to come here?”

“Michael’s mom made us. He almost got us kicked out of the country,” Ashton replied.

“It was one fucking time and it wasn’t even bad!” Michael said.

“But it still wasn’t good.”

“Shut the fuck up Ashton. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Hey Mike, calm down a little. I know he pissed you off but we don’t need to get kicked out of here too,” Calum said.

Oh boy.

This is going to be fun.

tables are turned (luke)

You and Michael were bestfriends, but for some reason you and Luke could not stand eachother. You were constantly bickering like an old married couple, even though you thought he was hot, he was such an ass to you and you never knew why. One night you all went to the club, you were on your way to the bathroom when some guy stopped you and started hitting on you. You didn’t take it too serious until he started touching you, you kept shrugging him off but he kept pushing you further and further down the dark hallway. He put his hand up your dress and you screamed, he immediately covered your mouth. You closed your eyes, tears flowing knowing what was going to happen next, but nothing happened. Instead the guy was pulled off of you and taken to the ground. You thought it could be Michael but instead it was Luke. He punched the guy 3 times before getting up and holding your face in his hands.

“Are you okay? Y/N.. answer me..did he.. hurt you?” He asked, his face scanning yours for some kind of reaction. You just shook your head and sobbed into his chest. He pulled you in tight and walked out the backdoor of the club, your legs became weak from the shock of the attack and the crying. You almost collapsed but he scooped you up into his arms and carried you to the car. “I’m going to bring you to my house okay? Let me just tell Michael.” He was about to shut the door but you grabbed his arm.

“D-don’t leave me.” You sobbed. He kissed the top of your head and shut the door, running around the car and getting in the driver’s seat. 

“I’ll just call him when we get home.” You fell asleep on the way to Luke’s house, when you woke up, you were out of your tight dress and in a baggy Green Day tshirt. You rubbed your eyes and sat up, forgetting where you were for a second. You tiptoed into the bathroom and washed the mascara and eyeliner lines off your face before going into the living room. Luke was sleeping on the couch, cuddled up in a ball. You grabbed a blanket and tossed it overtop of him. You went into his kitchen and found whatever you could to make him breakfast as a start to a thank you for saving you last night. You made pancakes, eggs and bacon and even plated it for him. You walked back into the living room and he was sitting up, smirking at you.

“Not to be inappropriate or anything..but I could get used to this." 

"I thought you hated me.” You laughed and brought him the plate, setting it down on the table and sitting in the chair across from him, crossing your legs. 

“I’ve never hated you…never.” He laughed and took a bite of his bacon. “Quite the opposite actually.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well when Michael first introduced us, he said that you were off limits and that none of us could date you. I was pissed because I really…really liked you after the first couple weeks we all hungout..and I couldn’t have you. So, I tried to push you away.”

“Oh….the one time you actually listen to Michael?” You laughed and he shrugged. 

“He was pretty clear that he would kill me if I ever touched you." 

"He’s going to have to get over it.” You said and he gave you a confused look. You walked over and sat beside Luke, grabbing his chin and turning it to you, kissing him softly. He snaked his arm around your back and pulled you in closer. “Thank you..for saving me last night..” You whispered. 

“I could’ve killed him.”

“Easy big guy.” You laughed and kissed his cheek. 

“You’re welcome.” He kissed you again and you squeeled when he grabbed your ass. 

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