green day toronto


Green Day - Brutal Love Live

April 11, 2013

Toronto, Canada: Air Canada Centre


Green Day April 11th 2013 at the ACC in Toronto

My experience

  • getting my “I play bass” sign taken* away
  • but sneaking in ‘holy water’
  • decent opening band with six-string bassist (Best Coast)
  • drunk bunny
  • dying in the crowd
  • but then some guy picked me up on his shoulders during Oh Love
  • then Billie sprayed the crowd
  • Billie played a bunch of dookie on “Blue”
  • more dying
  • but then I crowd surfed during Geek Stink Breath \m/
  • Billie introduced Mike as his best friend and I shed a tear because it was actually really beautiful
  • swaggie encore and kinda dancing with the chill dude from earlier
  • picking up a feather from BJ’s flamboyant scarf from King For A Day