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Top 10 solos (my opinion)
  • Top 10 solos (my opinion)
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Top 10 solos in Green Day’s Trilogy, my opinion. (not in any order)

Includes : 
Makeout Party, Drama Queen, Dirty Rotten Bastards, Kill The DJ, Wild One, The Forgotten, Wow! That’s Loud, Let Yourself Go, Carpe Diem, Oh Love.

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what images come into your head when you listen to american idiot? I'm making this green day themed thing for my friend and I'm having trouble thinking of things that are related to american idiot. Sorry for the long ask!

No problem at all! Honestly, the music video for Jos (as well as the general urban focus of the album) makes me think of run down alleys, punks hanging out all over the place, graffiti on the walls, stuff like that. When I think of American idiot, the first images to me are punks, cigarettes, and the city, but the lesser visited, less touristy parts of whatever city. Probably abandoned cars all over the place. Just stuff like that