green day billie

A month or so ago, I was at my family friends’ house, eating dinner with them, and there was this woman there named Christine who was friends with my mom’s friend. She was talking to me and the subject of music came up and she asked what bands I listened to and obviously I said “Green Day.” She said “oh I met them before!” And I was like “really??” And my mom said “was Billie so adorable?” And she said “oh, he was this sweetest thing.” And she proceeds to tell me about how she used to work with MTV and one time in like the 90s she went to their concert and had to tell them that they weren’t allowed to swear so much because there were younger people in the audience and they were like “yeah we can do that” and like they swore less but it was still bad but afterward they came running up to her and Billie was like “Christine! How was that? I did good didn’t I?!” And he was so proud of himself that she didn’t have the heart to tell him so she was like “yeah!!!” And he got really happy and like i think that’s just such a cute story omg