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Wank Me Up When Shitember Ends
  • Wank Me Up When Shitember Ends
  • Bee Day
  • American Not Smart Guy

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I make these out of pure spur in the moment thought, usually influenced by chatting with friends. The next chapter in the “Mid 2000’s rock songs” saga.

Thumbnail credit goes to @metal-socks

Top 10 solos (my opinion)
  • Top 10 solos (my opinion)
  • Green Day
  • Uno! Dos! & Tre!

Top 10 solos in Green Day’s Trilogy, my opinion. (not in any order)

Includes : 
Makeout Party, Drama Queen, Dirty Rotten Bastards, Kill The DJ, Wild One, The Forgotten, Wow! That’s Loud, Let Yourself Go, Carpe Diem, Oh Love.