green day album

  • Green Day in 2000: Down with the Moral Majority/'Cause I want to be the minority
  • Green Day in 2004: Hey everybody do the propaganda/And sing along to the age of paranoia
  • Green Day in 2009: Insurgency will rise/When the blood's been sacrificed/Don't be blinded by the lies in your eyes
  • Green Day in 2012: We live in troubled times/From the ghettos to an empty suburban home
  • Green Day in 2016: What good is peace and love on Earth/When it's exclusive
  • Green Day in still 2016: (By the way we don't like Trump)
  • People: Excuse me? When did Green Day get so POLITICAL?

Stephen Colbert: Welcome back. My next guests are a band…
God: Excuse me, Stephen?
Stephen: God? God everybody. It’s the Lord.
God: Hey everybody, how’s it hanging?
Stephen: What can I do for you, Lord?
God: Hey, do you mind if I introduce these guys?
Stephen: Um, sure yeah. Go ahead. I’m sorry. Yeah.
God: Alright, yeah, thanks! I’m a huge fan. Ladies and gentlemen. Here performing “Still Breathing” off their new album Revolution Radio, please welcome 5-time Grammy winners and GOD’S FAVORITE BAND: GREEN DAY. [x]

I was reading old reviews about American Idiot (the album) and alot of the critics argued that the album would fade into obscurity and be forgotten about because the album was written about a very specific point in history.

And that’s where they’re wrong because American Idiot is not only a political album, but it is also a very personal album that deals with the universal themes of coming of age, heartbreak, loneliness, drug addiction and dealing with one’s personal demons.

So no. I don’t think this album will ever be forgotten about. It’s timeless. It will never stop being relevant. Yes, the Bush years are over but things discussed thoughout the album like war, alienation, heartbreak, drug addiction and rage and love will always exist.