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Surprising Grayson on Tour

I know I’ve already written an imagine of this same concept, but I got this idea for a “Grayson is on tour and (Y/N) comes to surprise him” imagine and wanted to do another one. Enjoy :)


“Gray, I miss you so much.” You said to Grayson over the phone.

“I know, I miss you too. But, we have a couple more shows left, and I promise, as soon as I get home, I will spend every single second of my free time with you.” He said. 

“Awe, you don’t have to do that.” You said.

“No, I do. And I want to.” He said. You spent about an hour on the phone, before Grayson had to go to get ready for the show.

“Okay, I gotta go. I will call you after the show. I love you babe.” He said.

“Okay. Tell Ethan I said hi. Good luck tonight baby. I love you too. Bye.” You said, hanging up.

Just as you hung up with Grayson, you finished packing your suitcase and called a cab to head to the airport. Grayson had no idea, but you were actually flying out to their next city, the night before the twins were supposed to get there, to surprise him. You and Ethan formed this plan to fly you out, and you were so excited to see them both. You loaded all your bags into your cab and rode to the airport. Once you got your bags checked and made it through security, you grabbed a bite to eat and headed to your departure gate. You sat there, waiting for boarding calls, and you got a text from Ethan.

“Hey (Y/N), super stoked to see you tomorrow. Grayson is going to lose his mind when he sees you.” The text read.

“Awe, I’m excited to see you both too. You know, it’s really sweet of you to do this for Grayson. And for me, so thank you.” You replied.

“It’s no problem. I know how much you two missed each other. I can be nice sometimes. 😂 Well, the show is starting soon, so I gotta go. See you tomorrow. 😊” He said.

“Alright, good luck. See you tomorrow. 😊“ You replied. You put your phone in your purse and sat there reading a magazine until you were able to board the plane. Once you finally got on, and found your seat. You had a ten hour flight ahead of you, so you figured that you would try and get in some sleep.

* * *

Once you landed, you text Ethan and updated him on your location.

“Landed about an hour ago. Just checked into the hotel and got to room.” You replied.

“Okay, great. Our flight gets in tomorrow morning at around 10:30, so we’ll see you tomorrow, ready to greet us at the airport amidst a million fans.” He said.

“Boy am I excited. Well, I’ll let you get some sleep. See you tomorrow.” You replied. You put your phone on the charger, showered on got ready for bed. You tossed and turned all nigh, too anxious and excited about seeing Grayson to actually sleep.

The next morning, you made got up and put on a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. It was chilly outside, so you threw on Grayson’s black Obey hoodie that he left with you before going on tour. Once you got to the airport, you found a huge group of people waiting one of the gates, so it was safe to assume that was the gate the twins would be coming out of. You tried to push your way towards the front of the crowd so you would be one of the first people he saw.

While you stood there waiting, a few people recognized you and asked to get pictures with you, which made you feel a bit weird, but you obliged. After a while, you heard everyone start screaming and you turned around to see the twins coming through the doors.

“Here girl, go get your man.” One fan joked as she helped push you to the front of the crowd. Grayson was on the opposite side of the crowd, but Ethan redirected his attention towards you.

“Hey Gray, that girl over there looks really familiar.” Ethan said. Grayson turned towards your direction, locked eyes with you and the widest smile spread across his face.

“(Y/N)!” He cheered.

“Hey baby!” You smiled as he pulled you into his arms, giving you the biggest and tightest hug he’d ever given you in the eleven months that you’d been dating. He smiled at you and gave you the sweetest kiss, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy. You saw camera flashes going off around you, but you didn’t care. You were so excited to finally see Grayson and be in his arms again.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” He said, hugging you again, rocking you back and forth.

“Well believe it baby, because I am. Now, go take pictures with your fans, I’ll be waiting outside and we’ll head to the hotel.” You said, kissing him again.

You made your way through the crowd and waited outside for the twins to finish taking pictures and meeting fans. Once they finally made their way outside, you called a cab and headed to the hotel.

“So, we have two rooms, (Y/N) is in one already from last night, and I’m assuming that you two will share the room tonight, so I guess I’ll get a room to myself tonight.” Ethan explained as you walked into the lobby of the hotel. He checked in to get the keys for his room and you made your way upstairs.

“I’ll give you some time to settle in, and for you two to catch up, then we can go get some lunch later.” Ethan said as he walked down to his room, which ended up being a bit down the hall from yours.

“Alright, see you later.” Grayson said as he followed you into the room. He set his bags down and pulled you into his arms, kissing you softly.

“So, are you gonna tell me what the heck you’re doing here?” He asked.

“Ethan had this idea, that since we missed each other so dearly, he wanted to do something for us. We planned this out about a month ago for me to come surprise you.” You said.

“How did I get lucky to have two very great people in my life, always looking out for me.” He smiled, kissing you again. “When did you get in?” He asked.

“Last night, I got here just in time to come meet you at the airport today. I’m so glad to be here, I really did miss you.” You said.

“I missed you too. But, things like this do have to end. When are you going back home?” He asked.

“I’m here as long as you are. Except I’ll go home when you two head to the next city.” You said.

“And then it’s only a couple more weeks until I’ll be back home to see you again.” He smiled. 

“Exactly.” You said, kissing him.

“Well, I’m gonna get out of this airplane clothes and change for lunch.” He said, walking to the bathroom. You nodded and lied on the bed, opening up twitter.

“Y’know, being the girlfriend of a famous boy is rather interesting.” You said, scrolling through your notifications, noticing how many followers you’d gained in the last couple of hours, how many people were tagging you in photos, calling you “queen” and complimenting you, saying how cute and Grayson were.

“Oh yeah? What makes you say that?” Grayson asked from the bathroom.

“It’s just, your fans are wild. They recognized and noticed me as your girlfriend at the airport today, and they came up to me, asking me for pictures and whatnot. It took me aback. I mean, of course I love being recognized as your girlfriend, I just wasn’t expecting it.” You said, following a few people back.

“A girl as beautiful as you deserves to be recognized.” He said. He came out of the bathroom and stood in front of his bag, shirtless, trying to decide what to wear. You snuck a candid of him and let out a small giggle. “Looks like I got a room with a view. 😍😍“ You tweeted, along with the picture.

“Did you just take a picture of me?” He asked.

“Nope.” You laughed, causing Grayson to roll his eyes. “Hey, you should wear this sweater, it looks good on you.” You said, pulling his green crewneck out of his suitcase.

“Well, since you’re wearing my favorite sweater, I guess this one will do.” He said as he slipped it over his head.

“Hey, that’s not fair. You gave this to me four months ago, before you even went on tour.”

“I know , baby. I’m just kidding.” He laughed.

“Besides, you told me you loved me in this sweater.” You said, sitting up on your knees, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Well, it’s true.” He said, placing his hand on your hips, kissing you softly.

“I love you.” You said.

“I love you too.” He said, kissing you again. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Grayson went to answer it.

“Are you two done catching up and sucking face? I’m starving.” You heard Ethan say.

“Yes, we are too. (Y/N), you ready to go?” Grayson asked.

“As ready as ever.” You smiled.

The three of you headed out to lunch, and you spent the time catching up with Ethan as well as more with Grayson. Granted their stories weren’t much different than each other, you still enjoyed hearing their different interpretations of the same situations because they were always hilarious and entertaining. Being with the twins again made you feel at ease and as if you hadn’t spent three months apart. Picking up exactly where you left off, as if there was no time between the last time you’d seen each other.

After you finished eating, you spent a few hours out on the town, going to all the tourist spots in the city. It was a perfect afternoon with the twins, and you were so happy to be with them. You ended up being out for a long while, and started to get hungry again, so you grabbed a bite to eat for dinner, then headed back to the hotel.

“It’s getting late, and I’m super jet lagged, so I’m gonna head to bed.” Ethan said as he walked down to his room. “I’ll see you two in the morning.” He added.

“Alright, good night Ethan.” You and Grayson said in unison. You and Grayson headed back into the room and changed into your pajamas and snuggled in bed.

“Mmm, I’ve missed this so much.” Grayson said as he wrapped his arms around your waist, lying his head on your chest.

“Me too.” You said, running your fingers through his hair. You lied there in a comfortable silence, scrolling through your pictures from the day, as Grayson did the same. 

“Awe, baby, look at this picture I took at the airport when you first came out. It’s so cute.” You smiled.

“I know I can always count on you for good candids.” He smiled, looking at the picture you took of him earlier in the hotel.

“And I can count on you for always looking pretty for candids.” You said. After a while of going through pictures, posting some on instagram and twitter, Grayson started to fall asleep.

“Baby, come up here and go to sleep.” You said, patting the pillows next to you and pushing him off of you.

“No, no. I’m still awake.” He mumbled, his eyes closed.

“Gray, you were snoring. You need to sleep, you do have a show to put on tomorrow.” You said.

“But I’m not tired.” He whined, rolling onto the pillows and starting to fall asleep.

“Okay, sure you aren’t.” You laughed. You put your phones on the chargers and turned the light out. “Good night Grayson.” You said, kissing his temple.

“Mmm, good night baby.” He said. You lied down next to him and rubbed his back to help him fall asleep.


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the plant mama | 12.3.16

rad green cactus sweatshirt by nicandthenewfie

cactus lovers and plant lovers alike would dig this cool pullover sweatshirt … and this lover of all things green digs it too. i heart the slouchy fit and front kangaroo pocket. nice packaging as well, nicandthenewfie!!