green clovers

its Saint Patrick day, and every SMH (including shitty and jack??!?) is wearing a kiss me i’m Irish t-shirt, there is green decorations everywhere and Bitty even made some (hopefully) classic Irish home cooked meals (he googled).

Nursey organised it all because he knows Dex misses his family a lot as only his parents and siblings live in Maine.

Dex walks into the haus after skyping with his cousin back home (they both like coding) and has to hold back is laughter.

There is four-leaf clover bunting, green fairy lights, irish flags, cans of both unopened and opened guinness everywhere, and SMH (including shitty and jack - seriously guys what are you doing here) and they’re all dressed in everything green (including the shirts) with Nursey standing front and centre.

“So I thought I would arrange a lil’ something something because I know you miss your fa- why are you laughing?”

“You do realise I’m Scottish right?”

Increase Your Luck Candle Spell

You will need:

  • Green candles
  • Boline
  • Fresh clover
  • Fire safe bowl or cauldron

Place the clover in the bowl, and shave some green wax from the candle on top of it. A small amount is fine. Place the candle down in the center of all this and light it. The idea is to incorporate the clover, shavings, and fresh candle wax into one. Be very careful while doing this that you don’t catch anything on fire.

Chant the following: from fire I summon luck and good fortune to come to me. I summon the spirits to guide my fate. So I say, so mote it be. Repeat this seven times while watching the three elements in the bowl become one. After chanting, spend a few minutes meditating on bringing positive energy towards you. As this spell is most effective the first day it’s cast, it is best done early in the morning.“

(Source: Wicca Candle Spells by Milla Walsh)

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I have to say, the fact that you’ve learned Anthy’s name so soon makes your already amazing nicknames for everyone else even better