green characters

tea witch.

Imagine this:

every single character in your room. All of them. Every single one you have ever read about, watched, imagined, created. All of them putting you to sleep. All of them surrounding your bed and protecting you from all harm with whatever kind of weapon or defense technique they have. They are all there for you. You are safe. And I think that is very very comforting to think about.


The Anne and Gilbert rivalry is near and dear to fans of Anne of Green Gables.  Here’s a little taste of the texture and tone of how this plays out in Anne the Series.  Mild episode 5 spoilers, ahead…

Anne and Gilbert are up against one another in a Spelling Bee and are the final two contestants.  The charming thing is when it’s Anne’s turn, Gilbert doesn’t look as though he’s hoping for her to fail.  Instead, he’s quietly rooting for her to succeed.  And when she indeed earns a genuine win, he’s sweet and gracious about it.  Yet more layered acting from the young cast.

November 17th marks the day that the Justice League (2001) animated series first aired, sixteen years ago. 👌🏼


my friend @nocturnalvisionary​ ‘s d&d half-dryad druid character, Cedar!!! she was really fun to draw!!!!! we basically sat around and dug up refs for her all day hahaha it was cool drawin a full d&d portrait :)