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He’s quite strong, he’s willing to, you know, he’s trying his best. He’s fearless, he likes green.
—  Harry comparing Buzz Lightyear to his character Alex
Alter Egos (pt. 2)

The elevator doors open with a ding, and Chase Brody immediately gasps as a book flies past his face. “Where did he put it?” Another book goes soaring past the open doors and out of sight as Chase pokes his head out to find a man crouched by a bookshelf, tossing paperbacks left and right. “I swear, if I ever get my hands on that eyeliner loving son of a…” Host stops what he’s doing as he senses the new presence in the room. “Who’s there?” He grabs for his cane.

Chase bumps into one side of the elevator’s opening when he sees the bloodied bandage covering the man’s eyes. Flashes of blood and scalpels and syringes full of glowing green fluids tear through Chase’s mind like a stampede until he feels the other man’s feather-soft touch on his arm. Chase jumps in surprise but finally calms down. “I-I’m…”

“Chase Brody, founder of Bro Average. Recently divorced, in the middle of a custody battle for his two children, and an Ego of Jacksepticeye along with Antisepticeye and Dr. Schneeplestein. Both of whom have got quite a wall around them inside Chase’s mind,” Host narrates quickly, learning all this with a simple passing-over of the man’s thoughts. “Apologies,” he whispers and removes his fingers from Chase’s arm, “the Host was afraid Chase was some sort of intruder. The Egos get so many fans trying to break in, after all…” The blind man steps out of Chase’s way, cane resting loosely in one hand.

Chase steps out of the elevator finally and realizes only after it closes that Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein will now be able to use it. Back to the situation at hand, however, “Hey, you just read my mind!”

The Host nods and whistles softly, a long, drawn-out high note. A bird flutters through the bookshelves and lands sloppily on his shoulder, but the Host just smiles, retrieves a treat from the pocket of his coat, and holds it up for the little raven. “Excellent job, Annabel.” The crow squawks happily and nips at Host’s ear. Host laughs and turns back to Chase. “Oh, yes. The Host is able to do so through physical contact, though some thoughts can be guarded. Chase Brody, for instance, has blocked some of his memories regarding his fellow alter Egos. The Host can’t help but wonder why.”

Chase grips the hair at the nape of his neck and sighs. “I, uh, don’t really know myself. They’re kinda all jumbled up inside my head.” He takes off his hat and slings it around on his finger a bit, a nervous habit. “I just know I want to get away from them.”

“Well, Anti and the Doctor are currently in the elevator, checking each floor for Chase Brody. The Host suggests that Chase find a good place to hide and quickly.” The Host pets his raven and starts to walk away.

“Wh-where?” Chase follows the Host through the stacks that form a maze throughout the entire floor. Moving staircases branch from shelf to shelf, and Host takes one that leads to the tops of the bookshelves where a bedroom is nested above the rest of the floor. “Dude, this is awesome!”

Host smirks to himself and gestures with his cane to a trunk at the base of his bed. “This will be a good place for Chase to hide.” Host opens the trunk revealing that it is full of hand-bound manuscripts and broken pencils. “Oh, excuse the Host for a moment.” The Host closes the trunk, knocks three times on the lid, and opens it again. Now the trunk is seemingly bottomless with a little ladder leading down into the darkness. “Chase Brody will find a small room inside with tea and cakes if he would like a snack while he waits. The Host will come to retrieve him when the danger has passed.”

Chase looks from the Host to the trunk and back up. “Why are you doing this for me?”

The Host shrugs. “Maybe because the Host has experienced a similar fear towards his fellow Egos and sometimes wished someone had given him a place to hide away. Maybe because he simply dislikes Anti and would just like to make things difficult for him.” Host smiles and walks back towards the entrance of the library as the elevator sends out another ding, announcing the arrival of Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein. “Oh, and mind the dragon.”

Chase yelps a little but peers inside the box before descending down the ladder because, at this point, he’d rather get eaten alive by a dragon than face Anti and Schneep again.

Down below, the Host meets the other two Egos at the elevator door. “Anti, Dr. Schneeplestein, what a surprise.” There’s a grating edge to his voice, and Anti picks up on it quickly.

“Where’s Chase?” he asks with equally as much steel to his tone, only he also draws the knife from his pocket, flicking it open so the blind man can hear. “I’d hate ta ask twice.”

The Host smirks. “Antisepticeye would do well to mind his manners. The Host is not afraid of him and his little toy knife.”

Anti’s form glitches and buzzes with green electricity, but Dr. Schneeplestein steps in front of him in hopes of diffusing the situation a bit. “Ah, Host. Vhat a pleasure to finally meet you! I am Doctah Schneeplestein, and I am afraid zat a certain patient of mine has gone missing. You must understand my concerns in such a pressing situation.”

The Host lets his head tilt to the side with a soft smile and a whispered narration to, “Believe everything the Host says.” Neither Anti or the Doctor pick up on the Host’s trick as he continues, this time in a voice they can hear clearly. “The Host is very sorry to hear about that, but he’s afraid that he has not seen another person since this morning. Obviously, the missing patient is on another floor.” With that, Dr. Schneeplestein and Anti leave; however, the glitch still doesn’t seem very satisfied, tracing his thumb over the edge of his blade.

As the elevator doors slide shut behind them, Host breathes a sigh of relief. “Annabel, I’m afraid we’ve gotten ourselves into quite a bind this time.”


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Fandom: Marvel/MCU

Pairing: Unrequited!Tony/reader, Bucky/reader


Warnings: Kidnapping, assault, anxiety, swearing, etc.

Summary: [The actual request itself] “ Hello!I’d like to request an imagine where reader is an avenger(one really close to tony) and she helps bucky a lot,and they spent all the time together. And one day she got kidnaped by hydra,and she’s rescued days later but she’s almost dead,and everybody is at the hospital waiting for news. And Bucky is super miserable and crying and begging her to wake up,and everyone realizes how much she means to him and how much he needs her. It could end in fluff “ - Anonymous 

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You and Tony had been friends since you were in the womb, as he was a few years older, because your parents were close to his, making Howard and Maria your godparents. You were the only one who stuck by Tony, through his parents’ deaths, his alcohol problem, his stupid mistakes like Ultron, the whole she-bang; he was your best friend, and you were his; there was nothing the two of you didn’t know about the other, and when you became an Avenger, Tony grew overprotective - like a whiny brother. 
“Y/n, c’mon, Hydra’s out there! You can’t just go out unarmed” Tony whispered, trying to keep his voice hushed so that none of the others - Cap especially - would hear. It wasn’t uncommon for Tony to beg for you to not go outside or to just stay with him, but since the New York incident involving Loki, it had become a daily occurrence. 
“Tony, I’ll be fine” you patted his cheek and turned your back to him, not noticing the small flush of garnet that dusted across his cheeks; Tony loved you, more than a friend, and he couldn’t force himself to tell you for fear of all the negatives that flooded his mind every time he thought about it for so much as a second. 
“Let me come with” he urged, you shook your head and smiled softly at him before hugging him. 
“I’ll be okay” you reassured, Tony nodded with his forehead against your shoulder and his hands wrapped protectively around your torso - he could have stood there for days. 
“Okay” he mumbled, and you let go of the Stark before making your way out, not forgetting to say goodbye to your good friend Bucky. 

Walking down the New York city streets, you noticed how cold they had become despite the fact that it was Spring, but you kept your earphones in, listening to George Michael’s ‘Faith’ as your feet tapped along the asphalt. 
“Hey, ma’am?” you took your earphones out and turned to a small man, who had black hair that was trimmed neatly into a buzz cut, green eyes that were void of emotion, and crooked, almost black, teeth. 
“Yes?” you raised an eyebrow, your thumb hovering over the panic button on your phone that Tony had installed. 
“Are you y/n y/l/n?” the man asked, his German accent thick and sickly. 
“I’m sorry, you must have the wrong person, I really must be going” you pressed the panic button on your phone when the man grabbed your arm and stuck a needle into your neck. 

You blacked out. 

“Where’s y/n?” Bucky almost screamed, knowing that your walks didn’t last half as long as you had been gone; Tony was panicking too, his hands were shaking like grass blades in a storm, his hickory eyes filling with unshed tears that burned, and he could hardly form a sentence. Both men had heard F.R.I.D.A.Y’s alarm when you had pressed the panic button, and both were blaming themselves over the fact that they didn’t make it in time. 
“We got good news and bad news” Clint said, jumping onto the sofa and looking both Tony and Bucky in the eyes. The whole team had been searching for you. Tony and Bucky shared a look. 
“What’s the bad news?” Tony asked, swallowing the lump in his throat. 
“Hydra got y/n” Clint sighed, his eyes frantically searching Tony and Bucky’s lips with hope that he could read them fast enough. 
“Fuck” Bucky sighed, scratching his chin and slumping his shoulders with guilt. 
“Good news is that we know where” Clint announced, causing Tony and Bucky to look at the archer like puppy-dogs. 

Red. Sore. Broken. Your wrists were red from fighting against the binding that was tied around them. Your body was sore from what seemed like the weeks of torture but in reality wasn’t even a day. Your rib was broken from a steel rod being hit against it with surgical precision. Red. Sore. Broken. Your eyes were red from crying. Your head was sore from hitting it against the concrete wall behind you with frustration. Your spirit was broken from all the pain you had been subjected to. 
“Tony, Buck, if you guys can hear me, please, come get me” you prayed, red rimmed eyes closing, sore mouth whispering, broken spirit trying to fix itself. 

“She’s been missing for two days, Tony!” Bucky roared, taking his frustration out on the lonely Stark. 
“And I’m trying to find a way to get there without-”
“You’ve been at it for two days! Y/n’s probably dead” Bucky hissed, causing Tony to look up at him with pained oak eyes, as if he had just been stabbed in the chest. 
“Forget it. Let’s just go to the damn base and get y/n” Tony grumbled; he had wanted to find a way to get you out without alerting Hydra, but he had been unlucky in finding one. 

Red. Black. Red and black. That was all you saw. One minute, you were getting your stomach slashed open by Hydra. The next, everything was black. You could hear muffled voices, and felt yourself being carried away. You wondered if that was what dying felt like; you had always imagined your death, knowing that it would come eventually, so that you would come to peace with it, but no matter how hard you tried, you wanted to go out fighting - fighting to stay with your best friend to keep him on the ‘good’ path, and fighting to have one more minute with Bucky. 
“It’s ok, y/n, we’re gonna get you patched up” you heard it clear as a bell, Tony’s voice, laced with a sob he was holding back as his shaking hands carried you somewhere; you could hear the soft clang from Bucky’s metal arm as it tapped against Tony’s suit. Everything went quiet then. You couldn’t hear Tony. You couldn’t smell the metallic blood that spattered your abdomen. You couldn’t taste the blood on your lips. You couldn’t feel anything. 

Darkness consumed your senses. 

“She’s gonna be fine” Tony muttered over and over to himself as he rocked back and forth in the waiting room chair at the hospital, his eyes were focused on the pale grey tile floor in front of him and the inside of his lip was bleeding from how much he was biting down and chewing on it. 
“Jeez, Tony’s in a hell of a state” Clint observed, he was sat between Natasha and Steve. Sam, Scott, and the rest of the team had stayed behind at the facility to make sure everything was in place and in check. 
“I know” Natasha said simply, she was nowhere near as distraught as Bucky or Tony, but she was still melancholy. 
“Hey, Buck?” Steve attempted to get Bucky’s attention but failed; since they had rescued you, Bucky was silent, the only noise ever escaping him were sighs of grief and woe, as if he had trapped himself in mind-forged manacles made from a guilty burden he didn’t need to carry. Bucky gave Clint, Tony, Natasha and Steve a woeful, teary look before his chains dragged him back down to looking at the ghostly floor. 
“I take it you’re all here for y/n y/l/n?” the doctor asked, her hands stuffed in her glowing white lab coat, a sympathetic look on her kind features, she held a clipboard under one arm. 
“Is she breathing, is she going to survive this?” Tony shot up straight in his seat and gave the doctor an agonisingly plighting look. 
“Yes, and yes” the doctor smiled kindly, placing a kind hand on Tony’s shoulder. Tony couldn’t help the tear that escaped his hickory eyes. Bucky still had not said a word, or even looked at the doctor. 
“You can all see her in a few minutes, she should be awake by then” the doctor gave everyone a kind smile and left, giving everyone a final empathetic and maternal smile. 
“She was nice. And hey, we get to see y/n in a minute” Clint grinned, trying to lighten the mood, Natasha and Steve gave him gentle smiles before Natasha suggested they go outside for a few minutes. 

Walls of calming white surrounded you, a gentle yellow glow emitted from the L.E.D light on the pastel grey ceiling. You looked down; you were wearing blue hospital robes, were underneath a scratchy white blanket, and your stomach protested when you tried to sit up. 
“You’re awake” Tony sighed breathlessly, the doctor advised that only one person visited you at a time until you had had enough rest - of course Tony was the first to visit, he was sat on the uncomfortable dark navy chair that was slumped next to the hospital bed you were laid in. 
“Y-yeah” you coughed, your mouth wasn’t dry, but your voice was still cracked and unpolished from your injuries. 
“Feeling okay?” Tony asked, reaching out a hand toward you; he wanted to feel the warmth of your skin on his so that he could be sure that you were still there, that you had not left him and gone to a ‘better’ place - whatever that meant. 
“Yeah, I’m okay, bit sore, but okay” you smiled and took his hand in yours, rubbing soft circles across his knuckles to soothe him and attempt to wash away his fears. 
“Y/n, we’ve been friends for a while, right?” Tony swallowed thickly; in that moment, he was so unsure, so vulnerable, unlike the Tony he was in public and around everyone else. 
“Yeah” you nodded, attempting to sit up, but Tony placed a gentle hand on your calf to stop you. 
“Well, what if I say that I want to be… more?” he asked, his eyes like an injured wild animal. 
“Tony, I really don’t know about that. You’re my best friend, and plus, I gotta heal before I even think about anything else” you said, honestly. 
“Take all the time you need” he nodded, standing up and kissing your forehead before giving you an empathetic smile and leaving so that the next member of the team could see you. 

“Hey doll” Bucky smiled sadly, his eyes rimmed with scarlet that distracted from his usually beautiful cerulean irises. 
“Hi Buck” you smiled weakly, feeling tired but not tired enough to miss out on speaking to your friends and team. 
“How ya feeling?” he asked gently, taking careful steps to the chair that Tony had previously sat in before sitting down and taking a melancholy look at the shape you were in. He felt as if he had done it himself. 
“Not bad” you nodded at him and reached a hand out, knowing he blamed himself. 
“Y/n, if I were only a minute earlier, I could’ve-”
“Buck, it’s in the past, okay? I don’t blame you, I blame Hydra” you told him with a fiery honesty, Bucky only nodded and sighed. 
“Y/n, I just really care about you is all, and… I dunno, doll” he shrugged, you placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile. 
“Let me guess, Buck, are you gonna ask me out on a date or something?” you asked, a knot forming in your stomach as you didn’t know if you would be able to choose between Bucky or Tony. 
“If you want” he smiled shyly, you bit your lip and told him you would think about it. 

You were crushed by a bear hug from Thor the second you walked in the Avenger’s facility door, then Scott and Sam pretty much tackled you to the floor as they trapped you in a suffocating hug, Wanda gave you a gentle and kind hug, Vision gave you an awkward hug that you couldn’t help but to laugh at, Peter clung onto you like a child who had just been picked up from the first day of school, Bruce shyly hugged you with a soft smile, and soon you were all crowded in the living room with a few pizzas on the table in the middle. Tony and Bucky sat on either side of you on the sofa, Steve sat next to Bucky, and Bruce sat next to Tony; Clint, Natasha, Sam, Peter and Wanda sat on the sofa opposite whilst Thor, Scott, and Vision sat scattered on the floor - Scott sat a little close to Steve. 
“I’m gonna go to bed” Clint smiled lazily as he made his way to bed, and one by one the other Avengers left to retire as it was getting late; only you, Tony and Bucky were left. 
“Y/n, I don’t wanna pressure you into anything, but I just wanna know if you’ve thought about it” Tony said gently, you nodded at him and turned to face him when Bucky spoke up. 
“I wanna know what you think too, y/n” he said, and you turned to face the empty sofa in front of you, wishing that the rest of the team was there so you didn’t have to feel so unsure. 
“Bucky, we’re friends and all, but I don’t think it’d be good for us. I’m sorry. And, Tony? I’ll think a little bit more about it” you told them, and they nodded in unison. 

A Kiss (part 2!) 

Buzz Headcanon

Okay but, imagine colourblind Buzz. She has protanopia, which means the colours she sees are very limited. The only things she can really see are blues, yellows and browns. All her phones look those colours, instead of the rainbow they are meant to be. All of Spectrum looks gross and bland to her rather than the bright rainbow colours it’s supposed to be. It’s also why her clothing choices are off and don’t seem to match - the colours she picks match in her own eyes but look odd to everyone else.

Also this is kinda just because.. Spectrum is based about rainbows and the bad guy within it can’t see said rainbows. .. ‘cause irony.

Green Fairy

Drinking the absinthe
I sought solace in
Your absence, thought
I’d find it at the bottom
Of the bottle.
I was convinced it was working
When all the sharp
Edges turned fuzzy
And your name became
Thick on my tongue.
I tried to wash it down,
Burn it off with spirit,
Then the green fairy
Buzzed in, making me
Believe you missed me too.
So I called you and cried
When you answered drowsily,
Spilled out my feelings
Until you hung up on me.

I woke the next morning
And, through the pounding
In my head, remembered
The night before; every pained
Pulse of my heart told me
The green fairy lied:
You don’t love me anymore.

(July word prompt #9)

Falling For You (read on ao3)

It was a chilly Friday afternoon when Gansey announced that they would be going on a quest this  weekend.

Ronan, Adam and Noah were squished together on the old battered sofa at Monmouth while Gansey blabbered on about the magical artifacts he expected to find in a forest, just south of Henrietta. Gansey looked like a crazy professor with his leather bound journal, glasses and elaborate hand gestures. His eyes were shining with excitement but it wasn’t reflected back at him from his three students.

Ronan had long stopped listening to Gansey’s rambling, instead he focused on Parrish who was sitting next to him, so close that Ronan could feel his body pressing against his from head to toe.

Adam wasn’t clad in his usual coca cola shirt, instead he was wearing a washed-out light green one. It complimented his tanned skin and made the freckles on the bride of his nose and his cheeks stand out even more.

He looked nice. Friends can say that about each other, right? No big deal. Ronan can admit that Parrish has nice eyes or beautiful hands with long elegant fingers without it having to mean anything.

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Heathens | Part 2 | Tyler Joseph

A/N: I’m so happy about the reaction you guys gave Heathens! I’ll admit I was a little scared to post it, but.. I’m glad I did! Here’s part 2! Enjoy lovelies! |-/

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4465 words

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“Lovely,” A small voice whispers. “Wake up,” I hum in annoyance. Even behind my eyelids, the sun shines brightly through the sheer curtains. I bury my face into the pillow to hide from the morning rays. The familiar voice laughs, drifting closer to my ear before the feeling of soft lips is felt below it. “I don’t want to get up either, but we have to.” Showing half of my face, I peel open one eye to see him sitting up in bed now. The tan sheets and white comforter stop just below his belly button. I give him a lazy smile.

“M'so tired baby. Can’t you just lay with me some more?”

“It’s already two in the afternoon.” There’s a hint of humor in his voice. I gaze over his torso: so defined and toned, then drift up to his face that holds a soft closed mouth smile. Those pink lips were just begging to be smothered in good afternoon kisses. My hand wraps around the crook of his elbow and tugs him to move closer to me.

“Pretty please? Just a few more minutes?” He laughs and rolls his brown eyes, knowing that he’ll give into my innocent voice.

“Only a few more minutes, okay?” He says then lies back down facing me with a small smile.He grabs my left hand and brings it up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss on the back of it. Those chocolate eyes filled with nothing but kindness, one trait that caused me to fall in love with him. There are so many good qualities about him that I adore, but right now it’s the comfort of his touch. As his thumb fiddles with the ring that decorates my finger, he whispers. “I love you,” The sleepiness slowly creeping back into his voice.

Within minutes, his brown eyes fall shut once again with a firm grip on my hand. My eyelids are heavy, but I try and keep them open; I always enjoy the sight of him sleeping peacefully. His dark brown hair splayed across the top of the pillow; those pouty pink lips slightly agape, and his chest rising and falling at a steady pace. As my gaze drifts lower, I take in the toned muscles of his arms and torso; something I will never be able to resist. The fingers of my free hand rest at my side twitch, begging to run over each valley and hill of skin. However, I don’t want to disturb him, so I settle by rubbing my thumb over the back of his hand. Three small lines wrap around his wrist, and as my gaze drifts up, another thicker ring stops just before his elbow before two more appear just above it. Finally, on his shoulder resides two upside down exclamation marks. This end leads my gaze right back to his face which causes a small smile to appear. How did I ever get this lucky? What an honor it is to be loved by someone like him. Softly, I whisper those three words again before closing my own eyes.

The only thing I see is darkness and the feeling of something soft below me. My arms wrap around the same material that my cheek rests on. This newly found inkiness greets a new hue: a pale orange with hints a yellow. It’s start off vague, then grows at the same speed as the white cloud. An eye falls open, then the other revealing an empty side of the bed. I sit up in a rush scanning the entire sunlit room. Not another single soul present. That was all.. just a dream? A rosy tint spreads across my nose at the romantic thought of Tyler lying next to me. It’s happened again. That’s the fourth time this week that I’ve had a fantasy about the two of us belonging together.

Ever since the incident that occurred two weeks ago, Tyler is the only thing that is on my mind. How is he doing? Is he still in solitary? What are they going to do to him? All these questions are buzzing around in my brain non-stop, making it harder to concentrate on the other patients I attend. With the little free time I have, it’s hard to conduct my investigation especially with security that’s higher than ever. I wish I just had the answers to all these questions in the palm of my hands, but ever since the Captain halted Tyler’s treatment, that night in solitary is the last time we spoke.

After the final sentence fell from my lips, the look of hurt that formed in his eyes and the silence that enveloped the room afterward chilled me to the bone. I’ve never seen him in that state before. His gaze turned cold after a couple of minutes, something new and darker forming in those irises. As an explanation tumbled from my mouth, he only turned on his heel, cutting me off mid-sentence, and walked over to his cot with shoulders hunched. I rushed after him, gripping his bicep tight to stop him, but he shrugged it off before turning around to glare with florescent red eyes. “Don’t,” He warned through gritted teeth. I stumbled backward, appalled by this new sight and as he continued something else changed. “I love you with all that I’ve got, and that will never change.” When he took a step forward, I took one back at any inky blackness started painting the skin of his fingers and trailing up onto his hands. It’s not long before the same occurrence began to appear right below his jaw. The darkness faded downward almost like wispy clouds. “And if you can’t accept that.. then stay away from me!” And there he stood right before me for the first time, not Tyler, but Blurryface himself. In one swift movement, his entire body faded into a fog, almost disappearing completely before reappearing sitting atop of his cot facing the wall. I left that room without saying another word, but with tears sliding down my cheeks.

Stay away from me: a simple order that can so easily be broken with the right clearance. I just don’t know where I would even start. I can’t just go around Arkham shoving needles in people’s necks; I’m lucky that I didn’t get caught the first time. My eyes fall on my watch, 9:00 right one the nose. Forty-five minutes until I have to be at my next session. Sighing, I throw the covers off my bare legs then head over to my dresser, rifling through it until I find a pair of black slacks and a peachy blouse. Not even bothering with a full face of makeup, I swipe on some mascara then toss my hair into a bun. I gather my briefcase, lab coat, ID badge, then slip on a pair of kitten heels before heading out the door.

When I reach the doctor’s quarters, I greet the co-workers I’ve grown close to throughout my stay here, then head into the patient archives to exchange files for the who I’m working with today. Holding my badge up to the scanner, the familiar buzz, green light, and click grant my access into the room with hundreds of tall filing cabinets. Some doctors are pulling files like myself while other employees clean and organize what was left the day prior. Weaving through the aisles, I make it to the desired section and set my case on the cabinet then open up the metal drawer. My fingers scan through each name until I reach the missing place; I open up my case to grab the file. My eyes fill with tears when I find Tyler’s folder still hidden away inside. Even though his treatment stopped, I urged to the Captain to allow me to continue my research, so he let me keep his folder. In the meantime, the only visual I get to see in reality is his mugshot, but instead of brown eyes staring back, it’s those intense red ones. Quickly, I pull out the other folder and close the case before returning it to its place. My fingers scan each remaining name until I come to the one I need today, but instead of selecting that one, my eyes land on another: Harleen Quinzel. I gulp as his words echo in the back of my brain: “Kinda like this, huh? A psychiatrist and a sociopath..” Perhaps, she’s the starting point I need?

“Are you insane, Dr. (Y/L/N)? Asking a criminal for help?” I mutter lowly. Shaking my head quickly after the thought, I grab the other file then hesitantly begin to close the drawer. But what other choices do I have? All I want to do is see him again. With her knowledge of the facility, I’m sure she will be of some use. She, of course, helped Joker escape from here multiple times before finally getting caught. So I’m hoping all those tricks are still hidden around this place. I open the drawer back up and pull her file, sticking it inside with the two others then shut it. I walk out of the room, wondering what kind of mess I’m about to get myself into.

* * *

As the elevator passes each floor down, my hands grow more sweaty as I grip my case tighter. Trying to compose my nerves with all the guards surrounding me, their guns not helping matters at all. I can’t believe that my white lie worked. Speaking with the Captain prior, I explained that Harley could benefit from my research since Tyler had mentioned her on several accounts. He didn’t put up much of a fight, but that’s the benefit of having someone’s trust on your side. With a head nod, he dismissed me, and I headed to the elevator that I reside in now. It comes to a halt, and the doors slide open. My heels click against the concrete followed by the sound of leather boots. Within a few short minutes, I’m face to face with the same large metal door, only this time Tyler isn’t inside. I won’t be greeted by that charming smile or soft voice. "Ma'am, you alright?” A guard asks.

Shaking my head, I respond, “Oh! Um, yes sorry. Just a little nervous is all.” Pushing my glasses up on my nose bridge, I wave my badge over the scanner, and it lights up green.

“You have ever right to be. Good luck, Doctor.” Thanking him wearily, I push open the door and step inside. She’s sitting in the chair across from the table in orange jumpsuit and straitjacket. While she’s bound on her top half, she’s also got chains on her ankles that are bolted to the floor. The sight sends a chill down my spine, so much danger in a single person. Her platinum blonde hair is parted down the center as tied off in low pigtails. The pink and blue dye that was once there before has faded to almost nothing. The only thing that stands out on the white canvas is the black ink on her left cheek and jawline. Before I sit, she smiles widely and greets me in the most chipper voice.

“Hello, doctor! Harley Quinn, pleased to meet ya!” Nodding with a small smile, I set my case next to the chair I sit in, then pull out her file. “I know why you’re here sugar, and it’s not about talking about my messed up head.”

“You do?”

Her blue eyes are bright as she laughs. “O’course! We may be in cells here, but we got eyes and ears all over! It’s Puddin’s duty, ya see? He’s the king of this place.” She sighs at the last part as she looks up like she’s picturing her clown prince on the ceiling. “He keeps tabs on everyone that causes him problems, and that includes you.”

“What? How have I caused him problems? I’ve done nothing!”

“HA! Remember that murder that happened two weeks ago? Well, it’s because of ya that my Puddin’ is being investigated now! He was this close to busting us out of here and you and that Blurryface character come around and screw everything up!” Her cheeks are red like tomatoes as she spits her venom. “Why couldn’t have kept your trap shut, Doctor?”

“Harley, I’m sorry-”

“I’m done here. I’ve said everything I wanna say. Press that button so I can get out of here why don’t ya?” She gestures the bright red button on the corner of the table. The one that frightened Tyler so badly. My head falls in defeat, but my jaw clenches in anger. No. She was the only link I have to him, and she won’t even allow me a chance to explain myself. My eyes avert up, glaring at her with everything I have. “Oh, is someone angry?” She snickers then leans back in her chair when I spring up from mine.

“If you don’t help me, I’m going to misdiagnose you to the point where you never have the chance to see your lovely Puddin’ again, and since you’re so demented, no one is ever going to believe you.“

With a roll of her eyes, she laughs nervously. “Like he would ever-”

“It’s sad to think that he cares for you. I’m probably not the first person or the last to say it, but you don’t ever hurt the ones you care for. Everything is just a joke with him Harley, including you. All the physical and emotional abuse that you deal with is astonishing to all odds, and I’ll never understand why you put up with it. Even a sociopath like you deserves to be treated like a queen.”

She averts her now watery gaze to the table, then whispers, “I-I don’t know. Love just makes you do crazy things.” She chuckles lightly when she looks back up. “We both should know that. That why I’m in this dump, and you’re here asking a sociopath for help.” She sniffles, then lowers her voice to a whisper. “I want something in return.”

“Fair enough. I can allow you to return to be Joker’s toy, or if you would like to go back to the life you once had before him, I’ll gladly be your psychiatrist.”

She bites her lip then looks down at the jacket and shackles. “I don’t think I’ll leave just yet. Loose ends and all that, but when I’m ready though, I hope you’ll be around.”  

“I promise you, I will be.”

She smiles wide. “Alright, all you have to do is go to solitary at midnight. We’ll take care of the rest.” Without thinking, I hop out of my chair and wrap my arms around her in a hug. She flinches at the gesture but relaxes.

“Thank you so much, Harley!”

“Yeah, yeah. Can you stop hugging me now?” I apologize then release her from my grip before sitting back down in my chair. She lets out a giggle. “Are we done, doc? Gotta lot of business to take care of.”

* * *

The rest of the day proceeded as normal: saw a few more patients, had lunch, then clocked out at five o’ clock right on the dot. Throughout the work period, I kept glancing at my watch, hoping time would fly by. But it seemed that every minute would just drag on; that’s how it feels now as I wait on my bed with fifteen minutes to go; As the time ticked down, I changed into something a little more comfortable: a tee, some jeans, and sneakers. I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to say to him, that is if I even get to see him tonight. That’s all up to Harley.

Five more minutes go by before I decide that I’m fed up with waiting. Pushing myself off the bed and out the door, my sneakers crunch against the dirt road leading into the central part of the asylum. The ocean wind nips at the exposed skin on my arms and neck. It’s darker than usual, all of the spotlights are off, and there are no guards on duty anywhere. I exhale the breath I didn’t know I was holding. Harley is holding her end of the bargain.

I take the elevator down the ground floor, and on the way down, the air grows thicker, making it harder to breathe. The door open, revealing the hallway of metal rooms with padding all inside. I’m here, and just down the hall resides Tyler. With each step I take, it echoes off the concrete walls while my pounding heartbeat fills my ears. When I approach the door, there is a note folded in half taped across the scanner. I peel it off and open it then grin at the contents. It reads: It’s unlocked and I’ll see you very soon. Love, Harleen.

After tucking the note into my jeans, I sigh, trying to shake the nerves then push open the door. Inside, I find Tyler sitting in the same spot on the cot, facing the wall. It’s like all this time never passed except for a couple of minutes. As I open my mouth to speak his name, he cuts me off like he knew I was standing there the whole time. “I told you to stay away, (Y/N).” His tone is like ice.

Just hearing his voice again brings tears to my eyes, I don’t care what words he speaks. “I can’t,” My voice is barely above a whisper which causes him to turn his head, those red eyes visible from my place at the door. “I don’t want to be anywhere else, Tyler.”

He chuckles then averts his gaze to the wall. “Why? It’s clear that we don’t share the same feelings.”

“Don’t say that!” A few drops escape down onto my cheeks. “Why would I sneak over here in the middle of the night just to see you, or why would I keep that flower under my pillow if I didn’t care for you? Every single day, I’ve thought about you, even though sometimes I tried my damnedest not to, but I just couldn’t get you out of my head.” I wipe my cheeks with the back of my hand and let out a laugh. “I put my career on the line for you, breaking rule after rule, which is something I would never do because this job is my life. I’ve lied, snuck around, and hell, I even met with Harley Quinn to help me get in here. That’s how much I love you, Tyler.”

 He pushes himself off the cot in a huff. “Why did you say those words to me then, lovely? Do you know how much that broke me inside?”

“I know, I’m sorry. I was just… afraid.”  Within a blink of an eye, he’s standing right in front of me, the cloud of fog dispersing around him in seconds. His red eyes are like dying fire. 

“Are you.. afraid of me now?”

My gaze falls down his pink lips then back up to his burning irises. My thumb brushes his right cheek, then slides down back behind his dark neck pulling him for a tender kiss upon those lips that I’ve been craving for the longest time. He tastes like he does in my dreams, like a sweet poison that only makes me want more. His arms wrap around my waist, his fingers slightly drifting under the fabric of my shirt. The touch of those black fingertips is chilling to the bone, and I enjoy ever single second of it. He kisses me lightly on the lips one more time after he pulls away but still lingers close. His hot breath washes over my mouth. “You shouldn’t be afraid of the ones you love.”

He sighs as he closes his eyes, a single tear slipping from one of them. He takes a few steps away from me, and my brows come together in confusion. To my surprise, however, I notice that Blurryface’s elements are no longer present. His skin is back to the tanned tone, and his irises are the hue of chocolate. “Lovely.. tomorrow morning I’m..” He sniffles. “I’m getting lobotomized.”

“What?” My voice whispers, growing louder the more upset I become. “Why?”

“After they had found me guilty of Martin’s murder, they believed that this is the best option for me, and-” I gasp, cutting Tyler off when I spot Harley directly behind him, holding a gun to the side of his head. She pulls the hammer back with a click. Her blue eyes find me with a smile. Tyler jaw clenches at her presence, but remains expressionless like the weaponry held to his temple doesn’t phase him at all.

“Afternoon doc, did ya miss me?” Her chin rests on top of his shoulder. “Cause I certainly missed you!” 

“What do you want?” I hiss, then take a step forward, but she moves the barrel to point in my direction, causing me to halt. 

“I wouldn’t move if I were you, and I’m here for…” She moves closer to Tyler’s ear to purr the rest of her sentence. “loose ends.” Peering over to me, she smiles. “Remember how we talked about that? Didn’t think it would be this easy!” She pulls out a needle sealed with a protected cover; the contents inside are clear; the cap falls to the ground when she tugs it off with her teeth. “Of course, I’m not going to shoot you, that’s not very fun. I’m gonna have little Blurry here do it for me.”

“He won’t commit to that!”

She laughs. “I know, honey. That was this hallucinatory drug is for! I mean that’s how I got him to send his friends off to kill Martin and to even take the blame for it!” My jaw drops in shock. He didn’t do it. It was all the Joker’s doing! She squeals excitedly. “Oh, Puddin’ was so happy to hear that.” 

“Why the fuck are you doing this?” 

“He’s still angry about my attempt to steal back some of that profit I help him get.” Tyler throws in.

“That’s right! Puddin’ never forgets! And with your little lovely here dead, the Captain will forget about the lobotomy and promote you to the electric chair! It all works out nicely! Two deaths to make my Puddin’ smile even bigger!”

“You won’t get away with this!”

She rolls her eyes. “Blah, blah, blah.” Her hand drives the needle down towards Tyler’s neck, but he vanishes into fog causing her to growl in frustration. Bullets fly in the direction of the mist, but end up hitting the soft walls. "Stop moving! What fun is that?” I retreat back toward the door, but as my hand grips the handle, a spark from a bullet make me fall to the ground in terror. “Forget it! I’ll do it myself! Say goodni-” She cut herself off with a loud scream as Tyler guides the infected needle into her own neck, the button pressed down releasing all the liquid into her bloodstream. The gun clatters to the floor with Harley falling to her knees shortly after. I run over to Tyler who is squatted down in front of her. 

“Take that gun, this needle and go turn yourself in. Be sure to explain what the drug does, and don’t mention ever seeing us, okay?” Slowly, her head nods in response before she picks herself off of the ground and heads towards the doors. After the door closes behind us, I throw my arms around Tyler’s neck, peppering kisses all over his face. He chuckles, and his arms find their place around my waist. 

“You’re innocent!”

“Let’s just hope that the Captain sees it that way.”

“With Harley’s confession, I’m sure it’s an excellent head start." 

He smiles as those red eyes fade once again to that beautiful brown. He places a soft kiss on my lips, then asks in a soft voice. "May I ask again if I can have that normal future with you, lovely?”

“You don’t have to. My answer is yes, Tyler.”

* * *

It took about three weeks for the investigation to unfold, exposing ever plot that the demented duo has planned for their escape, and to clear Tyler’s name. Of course, during that period we kept our relationship a sworn secret, not wanting to risk anything that might tamper the case. With a clean slate, he resumed treatment, and in a month’s time, the three of us were sat together in the Captain’s office signing the release forms for a refurbished Tyler. He was no longer wearing that hideous jumpsuit, but some jeans and a t-shirt. That black jumpsuit I had gotten him was folded up on his lap. After the paperwork was finished, the Captained offered me a full-time position here on Arkham, but I politely declined, stating that I had other patients back on Gotham that required my attention. It’s of course, not a lie at all. That’s where I started before I came here for a few months. With a head nod, he shook both of our hands one final time then lead us out where we were met by guards who would escort us out to the docks. As the boat exits the waterfront, I look over at Tyler who smiles widely at the city in the distance, gripping his mark of sanity tight. My cheeks flush. I never thought I would be leaving Arkham Asylum with the newly reformed love of my life. 

And I’m forever grateful for it.

A/N: OMG, those twists though?