green button down

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🌲mayor ref🌲

🌱 lazy n tired
🌱 face gets red real easy *
🌱 likes dyeing her hair but hates taking care of it,,, 
🌱 a bit intimidating, according to others.


🌱 nasa shirt n skirt by @bramblescrossing
🌱 round glasses*
🌱 kiki n lala socks
🌱 cinnamon roll shoes
🌱 pins in X shape*

*not ingame / different from how it looks ingame

ref tutorial by @mayor-aby ; bless u


Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 2,373

Written For: @thetourguidebarbie [fic giveaway #3]

Pansy meets him on the very first day of junior high.

Her summer sunburn is peeling off the freckled tops of her shoulders, and her hair is freshly cut, sleek and slightly stiff with baby-pink glitter, and Draco Malfoy—who now smells like mocha Frappuccinos and the Hugo Boss counter at Nordstrom—is red-cheeked and haughty and furious as he calls Harry Potter ‘four-eyes’ in front of their entire morning-block math class.

And it isn’t a particularly funny, or witty, or clever insult, but Pansy still giggles like it’s the best thing she’s ever heard.

Draco smirks.

Potter glances at her like she’s an insect.


Draco breaks up with her at the eighth-grade dance.

It’s humiliating, and she’s shrill and breathless and a little hysterical as she pours most of a can of Diet Coke all over the front of his ugly mauve and green Express button-down; instantly, he’s pouting, glaring at her like she’s the one who’s betrayed him, and she spins on her too-high platform stilettos before stomping out of the badly lit assembly room and heading blindly for the very last place anyone would think to search for her.

The soccer field.

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Yesterday I had an assignment with D.C.’s WI Bridge (with the Washington Informer). I met a man named Clifton who lived on Hanover Place in Northwest.  My assignment was to photograph and briefly interview a man with his own business. I’m not going to lie, I automatically assumed I would be meeting a man in a sharp suit and tie, I guess it was because I had just spend 9 hours around men in suit and ties at work. I beat Clifton to our meeting place so when he walked up to me in a green button down, rope sandals, cameo pants, and a calm yet energetic vibe, I was immediately intrigued.

Clifton is a massage therapist of seven years and the founder of Coconut Grove, which is an up-and-coming community garden. As a natural green thumb, coming from a family of sharecroppers and gardeners, Clifton uses coconuts he gets from Florida to help grow plants in the garden. Hanover Place NW has a history of rampant drug dealing and Clifton believes a community garden is a great way for residents to beautify their community. For a community under served, Clifton believes that the Coconut Grove gives Hanover Place another representation of life. In his second growing season, Clifton has already seen a decrease in crime and more neighborhood participation and integration. I hope to continue to see the improvements in the Coconut Grove. The idea of using gardening and creation of other forms of life to bring people together is wonderful. Especially for a community that is often forgotten.

Clifton also wholesales yellow and white coconuts in Washington D.C. and specializes in Thai and acupressure massage.


Spike Slay (Spike Nelson Fashion)
DJH S3E11: Taking Off Part 1
Aired: 1989

First, Spike slays us all in this chunky white sweater, big belt, pleated skirt, and some spandex shorts.

And next, boy am I mad I couldn’t get more shots of Spike at the Scum concert. I mean, this is basically HER NIGHT. She is basically the QUEEN of all this but we only see her for a split second. She really went all out in this cropped green button down, crazy belty skirty thing, I can’t quite tell for sure, because the writers made a huge mistake in not including a LITTLE bit of Spike at the concert. ugh!

ninthnocturne  asked:

“What do you think of this shirt with the suit?" Myde blinked up at Carduus with a tilt of his head. He'd promised to take him clothes shopping and just couldn't resist trying on a few himself.

Peeking his head out from behind a rack of suits, Carduus looked the water mage up and down before giving him a grin. “Looks gorgeous babe, though you’d look gorgeous in almost anything, you know that. Did you try that green button down I handed you yet?”

“Is there really paint all over me? Oh, man.” Asa chuckled to himself, pulling his shirt out in front of him. The light green button down was speckled with many different colors of paint, as well the small flakes being in his frothy dark hair, the crinkles in his chocolate smiley eyes, and along his arms and well fitting jeans. “I apologize. I’m in the middle of this mural for the middle school down the way…I tend to forget my appearance.”

Been really enjoying drawing minimal circles so inspired by @szluu’s latest stunning pieces I decided to draw some under appreciated Dan and Phil shirts.  

Date night. (Ozona)

I step out of the shower and grab a towel. I had already dropped Chloe off with my mom for the evening, and Arizona was getting ready. We planned to go and have dinner and then walk around town. It had been awhile since we had been out.

I quickly dried myself before heading into the bedroom to change clothes. I pulled on fresh jeans and a green button down shirt.