green bean noodles

Thursday lunch is a bowl full of goodies! Roast sweet potato chips, roast brocolli, zuchinni noodles, green beans, tuna and avocado! Taught 2 classes at southport sharks gym and one at world gym this morning, trained my mum and tested out another recipe for the ebook! Coming soon!!! I’m off to go get a massage in an hour… And I don’t mean a relaxing one, I mean a more painful one using pressure points and other techniques to reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injury! Wish me luck! 😂😂😂 hope you’re all having a great day x


Green goodness for lunch 💚 I’ve been eating more (healthy) fats than I usually do lately and have been feeling less energetic (may also be due to my current lack of sleep), more bloated and I overall personally feel best eating high carb low fat so I made a big plate of green peas, fava beans, soba noodles and bell pepper seasoned with soy sauce and sesame seeds 🥗

How to Not Suck at College

I’ve gotten a few asks about what good studying habits are, what are good schedules to have, etc. And I wanted to make an all in one guide that might be helpful to you guys! This is especially relevant if you’re living on campus.

  • Don’t take 3 hour classes, especially if you have problems sitting still for that long.
  • If you eat alone that’s okay because everyone’s too stressed/tired to notice.
  • Textbooks are almost always cheaper on Amazon, but you can pay with your student account in the bookstore (good if you have trust funds or scholarships). Pick your poison.
  • Most times freshmen have to live on campus, but I would recommend an apartment. It’s almost always cheaper. 
  • If it’s possibile, audio record your classes. ESPECIALLY LECTURES. 
  • Take notes. Don’t worry if they’re sloppy or partially illegible. It’s a GREAT study method to rewrite your notes all fancy-like after class. You get sharable notes out of it, plus the ability to explain the content in your own words.
  • Take all of your classes in one time block. No one wants to get out of bed 4 hours after a class to go back to another class. 
  • Try not to take evening classes. Especially if you’re in a residence hall. It’ll free up your afternoon for other things.
  • Try to set a 8-3 schedule. You get to sleep in later than you did in high school, and you’ll be done around the same time.
  • Get to know the people on your floor. This will come in handy when you need cheap textbooks. Trust me.
  • Most universities track your browser history (with programs, don’t worry, there isn’t a person sitting around just waiting for you to visit a porn site). BUT you will probably be flagged for using pirating sites. Get smart about proxies or don’t use them at all.
  • Do you only have 1 umbrella? Get another umbrella. 
  • Waterproof boots.
  • Don’t get addicted to something stupid like drugs or cigarettes, you’re too poor. 
  • Put things like hotdogs and green beans in your ramen noodles for a square meal. 
  • Find roommates with the same/similar major so you can cry study together.
  • If you’re having problems sleeping in a new environment, Benadryl. You can buy generic on amazon for real cheap. It’ll put you to sleep. Use responsibly or I’ll come fight you myself.
  • For the love of god be nice to each other we’re all dead inside.

Soba Noodle Bowl🍜 

Dressing Ingredients: 
Sesame oil, soy sauce, fresh lime juice, crushes garlic, diced onion, coriander chopped finely, salt, pepper, minced chili, grated ginger

Other ingredients:
Soba noodles, green beans, other mixed green veggies if you wish, mushrooms, cooking oils, pickled ginger and sesame seeds to garnish

Cook some green beans in sesame oil, garlic and a little soy sauce until they’re coated in the sauce and it becomes a little sticky but the beans are still crunchy. 
Dice some mushroom caps and cook in a small amount of coconut oil and garlic.

Once soba noodles are cooked, drain and run cold water over them. Toss the dressing together with the noodles in a bowl then add your veggies on top and garnish with sesame seeds and pickled ginger.