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Yes, I’ve met the Justice League and I think they’re all very nice~ I especially like the Flash! He’s a very nice person and a very sociable one as well!

Wonder Woman is a very skilled, yet kind person! She taught me how to use the a lasso the other day and I’m very thankful of her for that~

Superman has this very.. endearing personality. I really wish I could fly like him someday!

Then there’s Green Lantern. He saved me from Dex-Starr a couple of times, so I was really excited to finally meet to him personally and not in the middle of a fight between me and that Red Lantern!

I don’t like him too much though..

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I love your art so much and I want to draw like you someday!! Sorry to bother, but what did Veruca and Olly look as teenagers? Thank for taking time to read this!! I love you and your art just SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much you’re too sweet!! Olly and Ruca don’t look that much different from when they were teens but Olly had a 90′s hottopic goth look and  used to have his lip and nose pierced. I think Oliver has always dressed alternative, Ruca however wasn’t always very alternative her and her sister went to a school where they wore uniforms so she couldnt really dress how she wanted to all the time  but would dye her hair black and wore a LOT of eyeliner haha! It was only around the time she met Olly at 15 that she started dressing how she wanted. In the pic they’re probably hanging out before a Manson concert!

I never got the chance to meet Ace… I’ve heard of so many stories about the kinds of adventures he’s been in and based on those stories… I really wish I could have met him.

In fact, a big part of me actually looks up to him.  Nobody knows what happened, but one day..

He just disappeared.

And that brings us to where we are today.

 Ace, if there’s even a chance you can hear me right now…

I hope I’m doing your legacy justice.

Is it strange that a small part of me, still believes you’re out there somewhere?

Maybe it is, but I’d like to hold onto it and meet you one day.

After Hal joins the justice league.
  • Barry: awesome, I got another cool friend well I guess I'll see you around,Hal.> (Leaves the room)
  • Hal: ( watches Barry leave the room)Yeah, I call dibs on the cute speedster.
  • Bruce: what are you five?,he's a person not the last piece of pie you can't call dibs on him.
  • Hal: Why not?!
  • Bruce: because this isn't a schoolyard and~
  • Victor: and because bats already called dibs on him at the first meeting.

From Rivenbarrow Glass: Halloween Mood in mid summer 🦇🎃🦇 I’ll have a handful of these Conjoined Mütter Bats available in this Friday’s update! 7.14 5pm EST! They are half finished rn so it’ll take a couple weeks for them to ship but not the usual wait period. 😅 I don’t know when I’ll be getting more of this glass, it’s no longer discontinued but there’s no guarantee on when new production will start. 🤞 #halloweensummer #conjoinedtwins#graveyards #vampirestyle #gothdecor
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Not a confession but do you know any artist similar to Nicole? And not like the typical "Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Rey" but maybe someone more underground? Lol thank you!

Sorry it took me FOREVER to answer this!! No excuse for it!

And oooh this was hard! There’s so many but part of it depends what exactly about Nicole’s music you dig :O So, I compiled a list but keep in mind:

1) that every artist is unique so none of them are just like Nicole. You may not like some of the bands/artists I recommend below.

2) I haven’t heard a lot by some of these bands, only like 1 or 2 songs, so the rest of their stuff could be different. Legit, for some of them I am only offering one song but at least it has some resemblance to Nicole’s sytle, right?

3) I have biases because some of these are bands I really like so you may not see the same appeal

4) When I say you’ll probably like ___ if you like these songs it can mean by sound or lyrical content

5) Trigger Warning beside songs with an *** this means the song mentions eating disorders, suicide, abuse, or rape. ^^ for NSFW (as in sex). There is a thin line because violet imagery is common and doesn’t count, only if it is definitely about the above things is it tagged as such. Though, I won’t do this for the Nicole songs listed

I did my best!! Hope you enjoy <<33 {huge post below) 

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