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I love your art so much and I want to draw like you someday!! Sorry to bother, but what did Veruca and Olly look as teenagers? Thank for taking time to read this!! I love you and your art just SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much you’re too sweet!! Olly and Ruca don’t look that much different from when they were teens but Olly had a 90′s hottopic goth look and  used to have his lip and nose pierced. I think Oliver has always dressed alternative, Ruca however wasn’t always very alternative her and her sister went to a school where they wore uniforms so she couldnt really dress how she wanted to all the time  but would dye her hair black and wore a LOT of eyeliner haha! It was only around the time she met Olly at 15 that she started dressing how she wanted. In the pic they’re probably hanging out before a Manson concert!

From Rivenbarrow Glass: Halloween Mood in mid summer 🦇🎃🦇 I’ll have a handful of these Conjoined Mütter Bats available in this Friday’s update! 7.14 5pm EST! They are half finished rn so it’ll take a couple weeks for them to ship but not the usual wait period. 😅 I don’t know when I’ll be getting more of this glass, it’s no longer discontinued but there’s no guarantee on when new production will start. 🤞 #halloweensummer #conjoinedtwins#graveyards #vampirestyle #gothdecor
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After Hal joins the justice league.
  • Barry: awesome, I got another cool friend well I guess I'll see you around,Hal.> (Leaves the room)
  • Hal: ( watches Barry leave the room)Yeah, I call dibs on the cute speedster.
  • Bruce: what are you five?,he's a person not the last piece of pie you can't call dibs on him.
  • Hal: Why not?!
  • Bruce: because this isn't a schoolyard and~
  • Victor: and because bats already called dibs on him at the first meeting.
Daddy Bats

Black Canary and Green Arrow are needed a few states over

Obviously, Dinah and Oliver cannot bring their baby

So Bruce offers to babysit

Not having enough time to question it, Dinah and Oliver accept. I mean, the man is Batman for fucks sakes they should be fine for a couple nights

Bruce walks through the manor door with a diaper bag over his shoulder and a newborn in his arms

Jason- “you’re fucking kidding me. This has gotta be the youngest Robin you’ve acquired yet”

Damian- “what’s this about a new Robin? Where does that leave me?!”

Jason- “you could pull a me and die so that you come back bigger, stronger, and less dependent on Daddy Bats here”

Damian glares

Bruce- “this is Dinah and Oliver’s baby, and I’m babysitting until Arrow and Canary get back”

Bruce looks down at the baby and readjusts the blankets around its precious face

Dick comes bounding down the stairs

Dick- “did I hear there’s a baby in the house?”

Jason- “yeah, Bruce brought home an infant. Speaking of babies, how’s Kory doing?”

Dick sighs

Dick- “Very pregnant, very moody, very much craving things I don’t care to make for her”

Tim pokes his head out from around the corner

Tim- “speaking of Kory, Dick, she asked me to ask- no, to TELL you to pick up pickles, peanut butter, an overripe lemon, two gallons of vinegar, a spaghetti squash, marshmallows, and, and I quote, ‘a lemon flavoured sheet of the dryer’ before you- oh my god Bruce is holding a small child”

Dick- “it’s looking like we have an unusually tiny house guest for the next few days”

Tim- “Dinah and Oliver’s?”

Jason- “how did you know?”

Tim emerges from his corner and shrugs

Tim- “who else do we know with a newborn?”

Jason- “fair point”

For the next few hours, the boys follow Bruce all over the mansion as he cares for this tiny child. All four of them are wearing identical expressions: open mouths, wide eyes, pink cheeks

When Bruce has to go answer a call about the Riddler and some petty crime he was attempting to commit (key word being 'attempting’ as its been a rough week for the Riddler), he leaves the boys to watch the baby in his absence

Dick, of course, is a natural. As a proud father-to-be, he’s the best of all of them at handling just about anything the cheeky little sweetheart could throw at them

Surprisingly, it’s Jason who is the runner up in the baby’s affections. As it turns out, he used to babysit the neighbourhood kids all the time to earn as much cash as he could, which was as much as the parents could spare. Babies are apparently a natural extension of Jason’s hip, and the big man bouncing the tiny human being looked as natural as spring

It is Jason who taught Tim and Damian how to change diapers and test bottles on their forearm and etc. Tim can’t believe how proficient Jason is in childcare. It’s kind of actually really attractive and Tim is blushing like crazy

Damian is too young to appreciate any baby for it’s own miracle, but he sure as hell is fascinated by this tiny squirming thing that makes happy squeaks and cries for seemingly no reason

Bruce comes home to Tim watching Jason in awe as he sings to the newborn in his arms

He gets out of the shower and enters the living room to find Damian watching Dick with the baby from across the room

The boys quickly fall back into the pattern of following Bruce around the house as he cares for the child

Dick- “I just can’t believe you’re so good with babies”

Jason- “and so fond of them”

Tim- “yeah, I never would have guessed”

Bruce gives the group an odd look as he bottle feeds the angry raisin in his arms

Bruce- “I have more than half a dozen kids, you know”

Dick- “yeah, but you never had any of us as babies”

Bruce- “I regret that every day. I really wish I had”

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