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Albarrán Cabrera :: The Mouth of Krishna n. 520. Toned gelatin silver print.
“In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds.” Robert Green

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70,83,& 154 with Draco please !

A Taste of Liberation

Draco x Reader

Draco’s family shows up to a party your family is throwing and you make a connection. 

Prompts: “I almost lost you.”, “I can’t swim!” & “I’m freezing!” 

The sky was burning out a deep orange and pink, backlighting the green hills on a warm Summer’s evening. His lips were stretching over his straight white teeth as he followed you out onto the rolling lawn. You two were racing out of the back of the gothic mansion your Mother called home with a stolen champagne bottle and a lust for a story to tell. “Aren’t seekers supposed to be fast?”  You teased as you sped past him toward the trees. He laughed, and you spun around, skipping backward to see how that laugh touched his eyes. He didn’t take your comment lightly, he picked up speed and surpassed you with seemingly no effort. Eventually, at the tree line, you had to stop to catch your breath. You burst into laughter. “I almost lost you!” you said pretending to be angry. You were joking like you had been trying to run away and shake him off your trail the whole time. “Yeah right,” he chuckled. 

“I hate parties like that,” You admitted between ragged breaths. “I’ve always wanted to just run out like that” you said before a fit of giggles. 

 “Are you drunk?” Draco laughed, taking the champagne bottle from your hands. He’d never considered just leaving like that before. It was exhilarating. “Let’s see how much you shook this thing up on your way over here,” he smirked and popped the cork off. Foamy white liquid shot out and missed you by an inch. “Sorry!” He laughed. You’d never seen him laugh so much. He took a swig straight from the bottle and handed it to you. 

You’d never hung out with Draco Malfoy in your life, but when his family showed up to the party your Family was throwing, you were forced to play your stuffy, uncomfortable roles, until nobody was watching and you were able to talk freely. Freely enough to where you’d convinced him to follow you outside. 

“it’s my opinion that champagne tastes better straight from the bottle,” you noted. Your heels were sinking into the dirt as you sauntered into the trees. “C’mon, lemme show you something,” you smirked, whipping your shoes off and throwing them on the lawn behind him. He had to duck out of the way of your second shoe, “Watch where you throw those things! They look deadly,” he said as he followed you. 

“You know, I never painted you as a thief,” he said as he walked beside you. You both passed the bottle back and forth as you drank from it. 

“Well you’ve never taken the time to talk to me, you know,” you countered. 

“That can’t be true,” 

“I can promise you, this is the first time Draco Malfoy has stooped down to my level. And only because we were forced into the same room together. It’s sad really,” you said, taking another gulp from the bottle. 

“Well I’ve obviously been missing out. I’m terribly sorry,” his voice had that knowing cockiness about it, but it didn’t bother you, in fact, it was making you smile. He always sounded like he was challenging you. 

“So where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” 

Not long afterwards the trees parted to reveal a cliff. The property backed up onto the ocean and you were only feet from the small cliff that dropped down onto the foaming, crashing waves below. 

He looked impressed by the view. The sun was just about to disappear beyond the horizon. The waves were glittering gold and passing that same gold over his pale face. He didn’t notice you stirring next to him. His eyes watched as the last sliver of sun slipped down under the water. Suddenly, a shape whizzed by him on his right and he whipped around just in time you see you running straight toward the cliff. Only a pile of robes lay where you’d just been standing. 

“Hey!” He yelled, in a sudden panic, but before he could grab onto you, you jumped. You jumped and your body plummeted straight toward the water below. 

“Y/N!” He yelled, but watched your body unfurl into a perfect dive. He held his breath. You didn’t come up. Why weren’t you emerging from the water? Where were you? He drew his wand and just as he was about to run down there and part the waters to find you, your head bobbed up to the surface. He heard your high laugh and an relief took him over. 

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” He yelled, but was so relieved that you were okay that his outrage soon turned into laughter. 

“Come on!” You waved him down as you tread water. 

“No way!” He said, backing away from the edge. 

“Draco!” You whined. “It’s fun, come on, you’re already all the way out here,”

“No! Nope! Not doing it,” 

“Why not?”

“Because!” He yelled down to you. He could see you were still wearing a dark slip. “Just come back up here,” 

“Fine, but you have to jump first,” 


“I can stay here alllllll night,” you said, filling up your lungs so you could float on your back. “Come on Draco,” 

“I can’t swim!” He yelled. 

“Liar!” You called and he laughed knowing it was worth a shot. 

“Come on, Draco! You’re gonna regret not  doing it more than you’ll regret doing it. It’s perfectly safe, I do it all the time!” you insisted. 

“Fine, fine,” he said, throwing his hands up. He began to take off his belt and you smiled as you watched him from below and began to swim backwards to give him landing room. You watched him take off his shoes, socks, shirt, and pants until he was just in his boxers. 

 You put your fingers between your teeth and whistled loudly. “Shut up!” He laughed and you saw him draw backward, probably about to run and jump. 

Draco’s heart was hammering against his chest. He had never done anything like this. Maybe it was the alcohol lighting up his veins, or maybe it was your influence. He wasn’t sure, but he knew that in the moment his feet lifted high off the ground and he began to plummet toward the water, that moment was the most free he’d ever felt in his life. It felt like it took ten minutes for him to finally hit the surface. 

It was like being pricked with a thousand needles it was so cold. Under the water his body plunged and he could only hear the deep gurgles of the waves above his head. He opened his eyes and saw the last rays of daylight streaming above him and he swam for them. “Merlin’s beard! I’m freezing,” he said as he shivered and wiped water from his face. You were beaming at him and you dove underneath the waves, despite your own goosebumps, and resurfaced in front of him. “You did it! I didn’t think you would!” You laughed and threw your arms around him in excitement. 

“That was probably the stupidest, craziest thing I’ve ever done,” he said, you weren’t sure if he was annoyed or not, but as he treaded water he licked some of it off his lips as he registered how close you were to him. “Was it worth it?” You smiled and he felt your warm hand graze his under water. Both your chests were rising and falling heavily. 

“Yeah,” he laughed, staring at your lips, like you were staring at his. The moment swelled beneath you until you finally, achingly snaked your hands behind his back and gave into the kiss your body was begging for. His lips were soft on yours but his hands found the back of your neck and held you with strength. He hungered for you and that little taste of freedom you gave him. He was right to think that too, because that was only a taste of the liberation you could open up to him. If he would let you. 

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Hey Scout, what's the weirdest dream you ever had?

because it’s fresh on my brain, i’ll tell you about the one i had night before last

ok so, just to give a little backstory: i’m in my early 20′s but i’ve still never driven a vehicle–i couldn’t afford the classes in high school, and even though it’s half a decade later, i just can’t afford a car. but i REALLY want to drive

so i had a dream i had to drive by myself to mississippi. no clue why. i think i’ve been there exactly once 10 years ago. but it was urgent, so i went. however, i had no GPS or map so i had to guess how to get there

i decided best decision was to go through missouri first, since i know my way around that state a decent amount. however, when i got about 1/3 of the way, i ended up parking by..i don’t know, a parking garage and a warehouse

and i went into the garage, which was teal in tint and had stairs that kept leading down and it was partially caved in

this woman met me and tried to get me to join her strange dystopian underground society that lived in this parking garage. i started getting anxious and climbed my way out, and had another anxiety attack because i couldn’t find the suburban i’d been driving. after what felt like 5 minutes of pure frustration, i realized that the keys had a button on them that would make the vehicle make a noise lol

so i got back in and ended up driving back home because it was taking way too long and i had no idea where to go. once i got home i got really upset because i realized i should be driving to arizona

and then i realized i was going the right way and was relieved. i had no reason to go to arizona

but the weirdest i’ve ever had was where i lived as an outcast in a jungle, wherein my home was with a man who survived a plane crash and we lived in rundown mayan ruins. the jungle was filled with terrifying humanoid monsters that constantly terrorized us, and on the outskirts of the jungle there was a small village that hunted the monsters

they were also hunting me tho idk why

but at the very end we ended up finding a country road out of the jungle and escaped so, at least it was a happy ending



只今僕が所属する金沢写真部FOCUS 写真展が行われています

今回、初の共同テーマ「=HUMAN(イコール ヒューマン)」の作品展MAHK(マーク)で写真部初の写真展という形になりました!部員から作品を集い展示してあります。5月14日まで展示してありま すのでぜひ時間のある時などぜひ足を運んでみてください

〒921-8051 石川県 金沢市石川県金沢市黒田一丁目198



Hangzhou- by Marie Lalanne Manzor
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