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At first I didn’t want to be in this house. Because of everything they say about evil witches and wizards coming from slytherin… I did the Pottermore test like 100 times deleting my account and creating it again… Always Slytherin… I guess that’s what I am. So I read about the house and discovered that it was more me than I thought. All the values, ambition, greatness, the friendship. People don’t seem to know that in this house we can be good or evil or whatever we want. What make us slytherin are the things we admire the most… so where are my slytherins?

“I am a Fucking Joy and Light to Behold” Tea

In honor of Father’s Day, so I don’t cause a riot over dinner

You will need:
-Rose (I am so fucking Lovely)
-Lavender (to Calm down that attitude)
-Green Tea (cleanse all that negativity)
-Orange zest (I am a Fucking Joy, dammit)

“By the heat of fire, by the resolve of water, by the resolution of air and the strengths of earth” (touch the hot water, the steam, and the loose tea) “I will be a Fucking Joy today, and cause no problems, and shut down the Attitude. So I speak, it shall be.”

Chug it.

Where Flowers Grow [Lay x Reader] [pt.2]

theme: yixing x reader
genre: lucky one! au, angst, fluff
warnings: captivity
word count: 2.4k
a/n: I hope this is a suitable follow up to the first part. I feel like it was a bit boring, but hopefully not. ~ Juni

[pt.1] [pt.2]  [pt.3 coming soon]

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PEARL CUBED, MY VERSION! Seafoam Pearl^3! (White+blue+yellow=light green!) I love her attitude. It seems that in my vision, she forms for the purpose of chewing out YD (YP: AT LAST!!), poofing, and bubbling her. 

Our Pearl loves Steven so much that even with Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl in there, Seafoam Pearl loves Steven just the same. And it spreads to the other two pearls even after disbanding. 

(YD may have taken Seafoam’s rainbow bow/crest, but Seaform got the Clod’s gem! And a seat on the throne.)