green arrowhead

One small perk of having a loved one die is you get plants. So meet my new arrowhead vine plant. Welcome to the coven


Spring is here in southern NY! Duncan built this plant stand on our deck one day while I was at work. It’s a model for a group of them that we’ll be putting in our community garden this year –we’ll be switching to buckets. It has clear acrylic panels and an automatic solar-powered watering system. We have lots of microgreens going and brought them out into this beautiful 70 degree day to get some sun- happiness! From the top: arugula and mustard greens, bronze arrowhead and purple lettuces, dill, fennel, red winter kale, and deer tongue lettuce.

mnemehoshiko  asked:

'i don’t know who you are but we keep running into each other on the street and getting into screaming arguments over the stupidest things and i’m actually looking forward to our next meeting bc you’re annoying as hell but gdi you’re hot as fuck and its kind of fun to argue with you’ au REYLO!!!

A gold star I tried modern AU, combined with “i’ve had a really awful day so i started kicking a car out of frustration and it turned out to be your car i’m so sorry” requested by several anons (I love that you were all on the same wavelength here) and “why are you dancing in your underwear to kelly clarkson in a public bathroom while brushing your teeth“ requested by @starssight​!


“Overall,” she tells him, “moody existentialism doesn’t quite feel like the right tone for what is essentially a swashbuckler.”

He manages a curt nod. “I know many critics who would agree with you.”

“Then they’ll probably also join me in bemoaning the fact that you killed your protagonist,” she chides.

“It comes with the job, unfortunately.”

“What— people taking issue with your narrative choices?”

“No.” He flashes a self-deprecating smirk. “Killing your darlings.”

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I went for a little walk earlier this evening through Paradise and Newnham, and then out towards Lark Rise. Along the new boardwalk in Paradise I was surrounded by singing robins and shafts of light that gilded the dark ivy. In Newnham, for the first time this year I saw magnolias and Ceanothus in flower, as well as stripes in the lawns and cars being washed. One garden was filled with blooming hyacinths; their perfume hung in an invisible cloud right across the street. And then out on the rise, there were green arrowheads of Naked Boys below sprays of baby hawthorn leaves, which I nibbled on with pleasure. All the delights of springtime foraging await.